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January 31, 2013     N. Warren Town and County News
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January 31, 2013

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Thursda) anuary 31, 2013 ' i OFFICIAL PUBLICATION NORWALK COMMUNITY SCHOOLS Regular Session January 14, 2013 The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. Directors Present-Katherine Schmidt, George Meinecke, and Tom Phillips. Directors Absent-Deb Hobbs and Rick Kaul. The following motions were made, secondedl and approved: Tabled the item "Memorandum of Understanding between Norwalk Schools and Drake Head Start" and approved the remainder of the consent agenda. Approved Final Payment for Contractor Work Performed by Daktronics for the Exterior Scoreboard, Sound System, and Video Board Bid Package of the Fine Arts and Stadium Building Project. Approved application to the Iowa Arts Council to receive an Arts in Educe- lion Mini Grant. Approved the agreement with Google to provide backup and storage of backed up electronic data. Approved the "Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the Delivery of Iowa's STEM Scale-Up Programs" with Grant Wood AEA. Approved the First Addendum of the 28E Agreement with the City of Norwalk for Sharing Fiber Optic Cable. " -Approved application to the School Budget Review Committee (SBRC) for Modified Allowable Growth for the following: 2012-2013 Advance for Increasing Enrollment 48.2 Students- $289,248 2012-2013 Limited English Proficiency Beyond 4 Years of Instruc- tion-1 Student-S1,320 The meeting was adjourned at 8:36 p,m. Official minutes will be available following board approval. Kate Baldwin, Board Secretary PHOTO PRINTING is a full commercial printer. Call us for your flyers, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, magazines, Free Estimates. newsletters, books, etc. Photo Printing, Inc. 210 S. 1st St., Carlisle, IA 50047 I 515-989-3251 t , N/Warren Town and County News OFFICIAL PUBLICATION PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Norwalk Planning & Zoning Commission and Norwalk City Council Will hold public hearings to consider a resolution adopt- mg a now Comprehensive Plan for the City of Norwalk, iowa. The Norwalk Planning & Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing to dis- cuss this matter at its Special Meeting on February 6, 2013 at Norwalk City Hall, 705 North Avenue, Norwalk, Iowa 50211 commencing at 5:45 p.m. CDT. The Norwalk City Council will make a final determination on the proposed Plan adoption during a public hearing at its regularly scheduled meeting on February 21, 2013 at Norwalk City Hall, 705 North Avenue, Norwalk, Iowa 50211 com- mencing at 6:30 p.m. CDT. A copy of the proposed Comprehensive Plan is on file at Norwalk City Hall, 705 North Ave., Norwalk, iowa 50211. It is the responsibility of the individual with a disability that requiras accommoda- tions to inform the City Clerks office, at least 48 hours in advance, that certain accommodations are requested in order to allow full participation in Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council meetings. Please call 515-981-0228 to have accommodations provided. DATED this 31st day of January, 2013 Mike Johnson, Director of Planning & Building 00asj (NAPS)--Solutions for Caregivers provides care planning and care coordina- tion services designed to sup- tort the overall well-being of the person receiving care and help alleviate stress for the family. Services can be tai- lored to your needs. Learn more at www.WhatIsSohons ForCaregivers.com and (877) 765-4473. Onions: Yellow, Red, White (NAPS)---Onions--they're used in a wide range of recipes, from breakfast to supper and nearly every eth- nic cuisine. To help you get the best results, here are a few facts about each type and how to decide which onions to use; s Yellow onions are all purpose, used every way from raw to roasted. They are the most abundant type of onion. When raw, their flavor can range from sweet to pungent, depending on the variety and thne of year. Cooking brings out their nutty, mellow flavor---espe- cially when caramelized. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION FormES11-t , iowa  or ? ....... ;..,.. : .G,b ]Irne: Ir,. 9 [,.... -- ---- . ..... !yzot3 .... ! p. I - ., ._-,__--_., . lz% - | 515-1-f ,5 [ ___ m=. A O C D FUN0 End Fen egttt  Fld  1 Te (Use Whole Oolars) P'E6-30-1Z FYE6-30-13 FYEG-3G-14 "rrlsferl SalMnce Samc  Tranfem BeRimedBy ACll Re4Eilnlted Fropmd Out Jlme 30, 2014 Jl/1, 2013 pw-Tm= In -G,&, S i,c,a,-qca Fun4 72130 2t7 223,521 47.49; 38.72( n . 152.N'- . G,,.-':-=v Fund 4 '- - $ TOTAL 7211:6 21.=75 22"J.SZ O 47. 3S, n  0 "1 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION FilK: Yam" July '1.20 3 * Jur, 30, 2014 I W=mm C-'-.''- B,m=v  *,,,.. I ,n me wm me  r.Je'm.  of the mll  .,a,_dml wi be lumlM open r,,,-,-, ;anal C,--,,,r T' "=,-,a lumlm. I Cmr.'_ _ tr_. kme. ---- S15-;1 -I 15 J Mahskl Revem=tm FYE 1 . _,__ 2 128,001;I 3 ,427 4 2oo,427 16 4'11 ' 2nS.Ts FYE JUne  Z13 201,06 1o 1,0 194r 229,7-f Jane 301 2014 .... 22S: 128t_M'_ ts  OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Form E911-3.1 1. E9'11 SURCHARGE FUND -- RESOURCES: BEGINniNG FUND BALANCE and RECEIPTS BEGINNING FUND BALANCE: Reserved(N o nspenRestricto. ,=td A?jned Furl Selance Una,ned Fund Balance Total B'ginning Fund Balance TELEPHONE SURCSARGE DTHER REVENUE  Interest 'Mmc. Refunds & Reim0ursements Wireless E911 Surchsr.o/e "',ubtotal Other Revenues 3UFILr-M:N I AL I..TAIL lWorren Count 7 E9"11 Service Board J (A) (s) I (c) / Actual FYE I Eatirrte FYEI Budget FYE ILmune 30. 2012June 30. 201une 30:2014 1 423,492 2 190000 1[}0,00( 3 6.47 = 38721 4 613.492 10647 =, 3872( 5 167,540 152.00C 152.00( 6 2037 152 30( 7 40 1 r47 44.75: 60.00 8000{ 9 10 12 13 14 15: 16 17 19 ! 20 , 211 23 i 4.S. ,3 62,99 80r 3OC )EaT SERVICE: Iowa Finance Autor I 24 Other ! 25 25 Subtotal Debt Service 271 " i Subtotal (Lines 4, 5; & 23) : 28  527 7J 3'I 47 27!.02 RANSFERS iN . i2il i , OTAL ESOURCES {Lines 28 & 29) i 30 i 27 571; 321 47 27 020 Street :,ddress Gue -bSA! "Publc Safe Answerin Front tDtNG FUND BALA;CE P.ESER'._3 AND ASSHED M'Zt, qONS A tasty bt Know your onions and when to use them. Reserve F'/E 2013: tsshne FYE 2013: ResePed FVE 2014: ,ssned FYE 2014: Red oions are increas- ingly popular, especially raw in salads and sandwiches. Their wonderful color also makes them perfect for grilling, charbroiling and roasting. White onions are com- monly used in Mexican, Southwest and BBQ dishes They are also used in sauces and potato and pasta salads. When sauteed, they turn a golden color and have a mild flavor. With so many ways in which they can be used, it's. easy to see why the National Onion Association says onions are among the most versatile vegetables. For tips on how to cara- melize onions and recipe ideas, visit www.onions-usa. org. REQUIREMENTS: I ] ,,'A) I (B) I (C) / EXPENDITURE S and / . Actuol FYE. Etinte FYE B et FYE ENDING FUND BALANCE p.in elpune , zg1June 30 ZO`13pune 30. 201 EXPENDITURES: Adminia|.ol0tn: Personne Costa Database MnAddremng [ 31 69,695 75,10, 76,17; Offce uppe 32 400 35( 1 201 Postage 33 83 15( 20 Ao'vertBino & Promotion 34 144 20( 201 Insurance 35 TrailQ Expense 3 305 1 50( 3.00 Other 37 31,23. 5,50( 6.901 C omm un__ _ _,Jn s: Other Teiolone Expense 39 10201 2.00( 2.00l Data Processing: E911 Data Bsse%tSAG" (Telephone C01} 4 O " ' 1439! E911 Data Bese,,SAG* (Other) 41 Other Data Proces 42 2600f Addressing: Mappinl Expense 43 2,50{ 2,25 3,00; Sign Expense 44 t rg0, 17.00(] !8.00( Equipment Repair & Maintenance: Telephone Equipment Repair & f,taintenance 45 15 4,700 27.00[ Radio Equipment Repair & f,laintenance 48 1.703 3.500 3.50! Other Equipment Repair & Uemtenence 4 1,27 ! .00O !00r Contracted Services: Consultant Fees 48 C Governments " 49 County Governments 50 Telephone Compn:es 51 20.897 31 500 3! 35C Capital Expenditures: ! Cornnnications Towers & Equment 52 I 171 I000 500( Vesicle & Perte Radios 53 PSAP  Telephone E::luipment 54 I PSAP'* Oer qument ' 55 564.OTE 120 000 ; "ddressin9 signs) 5 i Other 57 Debt Service: i i bws Fnance Authority 3ther ;. t" !' i! " Subtotal x nditures TRA;SFE RS OUT ENDING FUND BALANCE; ReserveN o nspena bleSesir rct e0/Eemm,tted 62 i AssigneOFund Balance  100,00 Unassigned Fund Balance 6fiT5 3872 4A49; Total Endin Fund Balance 65 106.475 38,72 47.49; TOTAL REQglREMENTS (Lines 60, 61 & 65l 66 71671 321 4741 271 nTl Page Elerln OFFICIAL PUBLICATION ....... CITY OF CUMMING Regular Council Meeting 111412013 To be Approved at 1/28/2013 Meeting The Regular City Council Meeting of the City of Cumming was held at Cumming City Hall 649 N. 44 = St. on Monday, January 14, 2013. The Meeting was called to Order at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Tom Becker. Present at Roll Call: Dave Chelsvig, Ed Harkin, Peggy Koch. Absent: Anita Enos, Jean Lare. Mot on made by Chelsvig, Seconded by Harkin to Approve the Agenda. Approved 3-0. Presentation: Amy Kahler from Des Moines Water Works presented informa- tion on the extra water capacity the city has purchased since 1996 and what would occur if it was sold. Consent Items Motion made by Harkin, Seconded by Koch to approve Consent Items: 12/10/12 Resignation of Kathie Hungerford as Treasurer, 12/10/12 Council Meeting Min- utes, 1/4/13 Special Council Meeting Minutes, 11/13/12 & 11/20/12 & 1/8/13 Park & Rec Meeting Minutes, November 2012 Warren Co Sheriff's Report, De- cember 2012 IPERS Report, 12/27112 Accts Payable Acct Ledger. 1110113 Accts Payable Acct Ledger. Approved 3-0. ExpendItures: Cardmember Service Office Supplies 37.27 Clerk Wages 12/17/12-12/30/12 663.00 Data Technologies W2/W3/1099 Forms 65.36 IMFOA Membership Dues 40.00 I PERS December 2012 302.89 Isley Enterprises Snow Removal 5698.75 Mosquito Control of IA Spraying in 2012 1080.00 N/Warren News Publishing 74.40 Rachelle Swisher Mileage Reimburse 152.45 Safe Bldg Compliance Building Permits 250.00 Tom Becker Mileage Reimburse 141.19 Veenstra & Kimm Phase II Sewer Design 1446.00 Warren Co Auditor 11/4/12 Special Election 1283.05 Warren Co Sheriff FY13 Police Protection 3640.00 Total $14,874.36 Reports: Park & Rec: Officers were voted on at the last meeting, Ragbrai might be com- ing through Norwalk this summer and could the Council look at a date for clean up days so Park & Rec can have theirs the same weekend. Planning & Zoning: The land use map is updated and will be brought before the P&Z at their meeting on 1/15/13. Also discussion will be held on SUDAS design standards and the Deimerly Plats of Survey. Action Items A. Motion made by Harkin, Seconded by Koch to approve selling the City's 65,000 gallon purchased capacity. The City Attorney will take the next steps in the process for Council. Approved 3-0. B. Motion made by Harkin, Seconded by Chelsvig to approve the Second Reading of Ordinance No. 2012-07 Amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of Cumming, iowa, By Amending Provisions Pertaining to the Manner of Publication. Approved 3-0. Minutes will now include a brief explanation of each ordinance passed. This will be placed at the bottom of the minutes for publication in the newspaper. C. Motion made by Koch, Seconded by Chelsvig to approve removing Kathie Hungerford from the bank accounts at City State Bank. Approved 3-0. D. Motion made by Harkin, Seconded by Chelsvig approve the hauling per- mit for Wiegert Disposal for 2013. Approved 3-0: E. Motion made by Harkin, Seconded by Koch to approve the Mosquito Con- trol contract for 2013. Motion was defeated 3-0. F. Motion made by Chelsvig, Seconded by Koch to approve Resolution 2013- 01 Authorizing Disposal of City Property. Approved 3-0. G. Motion made by Harkin, Seconded by Chelsvig to approve Resolution 2013-02 Appoint Central iowa Regional Drinking Water Commission Represen- tative. Approved 3-0. H. Motion made by Harkin, Seconded by Chelsvig to approve Resolution 2013- 03 Appoint Iowa Communities Assurance Pool Representative. Approved 3-0. I. Motion made by Chelsvig, Seconded by Koch to approve Resolution 2013- 04 Appoint Iowa Municipalities Workers Compensation Association Agent and Representative. Approved 3-0. J. Motion made by Harkin, Seconded by Koch to approve Resolution 2013- 05 Appoint Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Representa- tives. Approved 3-0. K. Motion made by Koch, Seconded by Harkin to approve Resolution 20i3- 06 Appoint Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority Repre- sentative. Approved 3-0. L. Motion made by Chelsvig, Seconded by Harkin to approve an up-front cash payment of $5801 to the WRA for our share of upcoming SRF Bonds. Approved 3-0. M. Motion made by Harkin, Seconded by Koch to approve Red Rock Area Community Action Program Payment of $98. Approved 3-0. N. Motion made by Chelsvig, Seconded by Harkin to approve the placing permit for Century Link. Approved 3-0. O. Motion made by Harkin, Seconded by Koch to approve attending the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce Business Expo on 2/28/13. Approved 3-0. Discussion Items Comprehensive Plan Land Use mapped was discussed Fiscal Year 2014 Budget information was discussed The Snow Ordinance was discussed, along with a signed complaint that came in regarding sidewalks that were not cleared in the last storm The Clerk will bring to the next regular Council meeting the ordinances of surrounding communities so we can update our ordinance Informational Items -The I RS Mileage Rate for 2013 is 56.5 cents per mile. A grant of $250 was given to the city by MidAmerican Energy to be applied towards the electrical boxes being added to light poles for Christmas lights. This will be available to us every year. The City Attorney, in February, will start providing Council with Overview Sheets which will contain answers to any questions asked of her during meet- ings. UPCOMING CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS: January 21,2013, 6:30 pm at City Hall- Work Session on Budget; January 28, 2013, 7:00 pm tit City Hall - Regular Meeting Motion made by Harkin, Seconded by Chelsvig to Adjourn at 8:28 pro. Approved 3-0. Tom Becker, Mayor; Rachelle Swisher, City Clerk OFFICIAL PUBLICATION City of Cumming City Council Work Session Minutes 01/21/2013 To be approved at 01/28/2013 Meeting The Cumming City Council Work Session was held at City Hall, 649 N 44 T St Cumming IA 50061 on Monday January 21 2013 The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p m by Mayor Tom Becker Present were Council Members Ed Harkin AnitaEnos Peggy Koch and Dave Chelsvig, Absent was Jean Lare Fiscal Year 2014 Budget A The 2014 budget was discussed at length A final dratt of the budget will be presented to Counc I at the January 28" 2013 regular Council meeting Motion by Chetsvig Seconded by Harkin to Adjourn at 8:42 p m No Action Was Taken DuringThis Planning Meeting Only General Discus- sions Were Held T..m Becker, Mayor: RceUe Swisrter. City Clerk SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Send 1, check or money order for a one year subscription to PO Box 325, Norwalk, IA 502111 I