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February 18, 2010     N. Warren Town and County News
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February 18, 2010

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Page Ten N/Warren Town and County News Thursday, February 18, 2010 MUSIC BOOSTERS Concluded from p. 8 the new auditorium and music department. They are exploring opportuni- ties for community mem- bers to purchase engraved bricks in an auditorium wall and nameplates on the seats. A proposal will be presented to the school board this month. A chairperson is needed to head up concert pro- gram advertising for the next school year. The goal is to have the program cov- ers ready for the first con- certs. Website update: Ken Henke has renewed the URL for our current website, www.norwalk musicboosters.com. Scholarship Commit- tee: Josie Innis will chair. Boosters will give out two $500 music scholarships next year. A matrix needs to be set up for judging cri- teria. Jolene Huen will as- sist. Auditorium Update: Budget was set at $8.5 mil- lion, but the planning com- mittee found the total cost estimate to be about $1.5 million over budget. Com- mittee members made cuts, mostly cosmetic exte- rior changes. One more meeting will be held. Con- struction bid day for the project is in early March with groundbreaking scheduled for this spring. Treasurers Reports: Once final bills are re- ceived and paid, treasurer will disperse this year's Booster profits to Norwalk band and vocal depart- ments for all grade levels. Next Meeting: Tuesdajfi April 6, 7 p.m. high school band room. All are wel- come! Respectfully submitted, /s/Jodi Henke, 2009/2010 Secretary IDJd You Know?J (NAPS)--Making healthy eating choices is only one of the steps that could help manage type 2 diabetes. Medications to help control blood sugar could make a difference, too. -. ,elll The National Campaign to Stop Violence recently asked middle-school stu- dents to express their views on factors affecting youth violence, as part of its Do the Write Thing initiative. For more information on pro- grams to curb youth vio- lence, visit www.dtwt.org. Call 911 for emergencies! OVIATT Concluded from p. 9 family reading time and forget the comparisons (especially to brothers and sisters). My child can't answer questions about what he's read. How can I help him under- stand? Some children think that reading is being able to say all the words. But if they don't understand what they've just read, they're not really reading! If he's reading aloud, listen and ask questions about the story. If he's reading si- lently, read the story yourself, so you can discuss it with him. Ask him to retell the story in his own words and tell you what happened first, next and last. See if he can recall some of the interesting details. If he's having trouble answering your questions, it might be that he's trying to read too fast. He may also be concentrating so hard on figuring out what each word is that he's forgetting to think about the story itself. Take turns reading a paragraph at a time out loud to each other, for a while. Talk about what happened in the last paragraph before you move on to the next one. And keep in mind that every child learns to read at his own speed. What should I do when my child makes a mistake when she's reading? First, remember that all readers make mistakes. If she still understands the mean- ing of what she's reading you don't need to be concerned. But if she is missing the meaning of the sentence or the story, she needs your help. Wait a few seconds before jumping in -- give her time to correct it on her own. If she doesn't notice the mistake, have her re-read the sentence out loud. Ask her to listen to herself to hear whether every word fits. If she's having trouble with a specific word, suggest that she look at it to see if it is similar to a word she does know. You might also want to see if she can figure it out by its context -- by looking at the rest of the sentence and seeing what word would make sense. If she's still puzzled, don't make her struggle. Tell her what it is. It's important to keep her from acquiring the habit of skipping over words she doesn't know. Could there be physical problems causing my child to have trouble reading? Sometimes there are medical or physical reasons: Hearing or Eyesight: Has your child had his hearing and vision checked? Both these senses are vital in the classroom. Even a simple ear infection can interfere with learning. You might want to schedule a check-up. Lifestyle: Children can't concentrate if they're low on sleep or short on energy. Make sure they have a good night's sleep and a nutritious, balanced diet every day (including a complete breakfast). Learning Disabilities: If you're concerned about the possibility of a learning problem, talk to your child's teacher, principal, school counselor, or psychologist. Your child's doctor may have to be consulted as well. I had a hard time learning to read and now my children are running into the same problem. Could it be hereditary,? Some reading disorders can be inherited. For others, it may just be a lack of expo- sure to reading. The good news is that, with some outside assistance, virtually every- one can eventually become a successful reader. My child is reading far beyond his grade level. Should I push to have him pro- moted to a higher grade? Although many children read above their grade level schools don't usually rec- ommend moving children up to higher grades, even just for reading classes, because of the social adjustment. Work with his teacher to supplement his classroom reading with a higher level of literature and allow plenty of opportunities for recreational reading at home. Is there any way to make TV less of a brain-drain? While quality TV programs can help your child understand new words and ideas, our children watch way too much television -- and most of it is not high quality. Students who watch at least four hours of TV daily have lower average reading scores than those who watch less television. Watch programs with your child, when possible. Discuss the sto135 the charac- ters, the plot -- or even some of the commercials. When the characters on a program face an unusual situation or dilemma, use it as an opportunity for family members to discuss how they would handle it. Look for high quality specials and other programs that will enlighten and edu- cate your children, as well as entertain them. My child doesn't like to read. How can I help him learn to enjoy it? Don't give up! Try some of these suggestions: Find the right level: If your child is being asked to read books above his reading level, he's going to get frustrated. Remember -- reading for fun doesn't have to be as challenging as classroom reading. Grab his interest: Read to him every night from the type of book or magazine he really likes - even if it's a sports magazine or a joke book: Be kind: Never criticize your child if he has trouble reading. It can turn him off to reading for life. Go high-tech: Some kids think it's more fun to read from a computer screen than from a book. Get a CD-ROM encyclopedia or look for reading-oriented computer games and programs. Follow-up on flicks: Many movies are based on great books. Get a copy of the book and let him discover all the wonderful details the m version left out. Build on hobbies: Seek out children's books and magazines that show how to make things, or that relate to family hobbies or collections. Where can I get a list of books that would be good for my child's reading level? Public libraries and school libraries are the best sources. Most have printed lists, arranged by age, subject or reading ability. If you're online, you can download read- ing lists from several education-oriented websites. Reading is the single most important skill children need to succeed in school. That's why it's helpful to make reading part of your children's home life every day. The more children read -- and are read to - the better readers they'll become. Samuel Sava, Ed.D., Executive Director, National Association of Elementary School Principals. Parents ask, "How can we help our children succeed in school?" The answer: Raise them to love reading. Read to them and with them. Support and praise them as they learn to read. Show them that reading is a wonderful way to get their questions answered, their curiosity satisfied and their days brightened. Alvin Granowsky, Vice President, School and Library Services, World Book Educational Products. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING 2/4/10 The Regular City Council Meeting of the Norwalk City Council was held at the Norwalk Easter Public Library, 1051 North Avenue, on Thursday, February 4, 2010. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M. by Mayor, Doug Pierce. Those present at roll call were Dave Murillo, John Putbrese, Frank Curtis, Eric Delker and Mike Leto. 10-018 Motion by Delker and seconded by Putbrese to approve the Agenda. Approved 5-0. Ayes: Muriilo, Putbrese, Curtis, Delker and Leto. Nayes: none. 10-019 Motion by Curtis and seconded by Leto to approve the Minutes of the January 21, 2010 Regular Council Meeting. Approved 5-0. Ayes: Murillo, Putbrese, Curtis, Delker and Leto. Nayes: none. The mayor welcomed those guests present. The public portion of the meeting was opened with no one wishing to speak. With none forthcoming, the business portion of the meeting was op0ned. The Consent Agenda includes LIQUOR LICENSE RENEWAL- Fareway Stores, Inc. #077; tax abatements; and expenditures: ADVENTURES IN AD ALLOWANCE $142.50 ALL MED MED SUPPLIES $2,928.65 AM PLANNING ASSOC MEMBERSHIP $51.00 BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD REFUND $33.75 BUS PUBL SUBSCRIPTIONS $69.95 CAP SAN SUP SUPPLIES $654.38 CASH SUPPLIES $50.80 CITY OF WDM TRANSPORT $200.00 COMMONWEALTH ELEC MAINTENANCE $150.07 CONTROL INSTALLATIONS MAINTENANCE $300.00 CRESCENT ELEC SUP MAINTENANCE $110.46 DM WATER WORKS SERVICE $36,932.87 DON HYDE DON HYDE $858.00 ELEC ENG SERVICES $91.95 FEH ASSOC CONCEPT DESIGN $840.00 FREESE-NOTIS DIALUP $19.95 HARLAND TECH REPAIR $90.58 INDOFF SUPPLIES $66.00 INTL CODE COUNCIL EDU/TRNG $521.75 IA ASSOC OF REG LAW HANDBOOK $125.00 IA DEPT OF TRANS DOT CERT $20.00 IA TITLE CO NBC PLAT 4 $70.00 N. KUEHL REIMBURSE $92.89 LEYDENS & ASSOC FIRE EXTING $391.40 MEDiACOM TELECOM $257.08 MERCY SCHOOL OF EMERG PROV CARDS $174.00 MIKE WAGENKNECHT TAEKWONDO $475.20 N & D DISTRIB VEHICLE OPER $238.64 N WAR TOWN & CTY PUBLICATIONS $241.57 NORWALK CHAMBER AWARD BANQUET $40.00 P. CROAT REIMBURSE $200.00 PITNEY BOWES RENTAL $660.0( S. PALMER REIMBURSE $81.50 TERMINIX INTL PEST CONTROL $56.00 TREAS, CITY HALL CIP $38,502.60 VEENSTRA & KiMM ENG SVCS $6,594.50 WADES AUTO GLASS VEH REPAIR $181.00 WALSH DOOR & HDWR BLDG MAINT $154.84 WARREN CO ABSTRACT ABSTRACT $1,500.00 WE FLEET FUEL $487.95 K. WESTVOLD REIMBURSE $399.57 WPS MEDICARE PART B REFUND $27.76 ZIEGLER BLDG MAINT $2,253.84 10-020 Motion by Putbrese and seconded by Delker to approve the Consent Agenda. Approved 5-0. Ayes: Murillo, Putbrese, Curtis, Delker and Leto. Nayes:y none. 10-021 Motion by Delker and seconded by Leto to pass proposed Ordinance amending the City of Norwalk Municipal Code by repealing Chap- ter 26 pertaining to the position of Public Safety Coordinator. (2  reading) Approved 5-0. Ayes: Murillo, Putbrese, Curtis, Delker and Leto. Nayes: none. 10-022 Motion by Curtis and seconded by Putbrese to adopt a Resolution to receive the bids and award the contract for the Hwy 28 / Colonial Pkwy intersectin improvemnts project to CoreU Contractor, Inc. for $300,245.80. Approved 5-0. Ayes: Murillo, Putbrese, Curtis, Delker and Leto. Nayes: none. (Resolution #0204-10-06} 10-023 Motion by Delker and seconded by Murillo to adopt a Resolution to award the construction management contract for the City of Norwalk Pub- licWorks Building project to Story Construction. Approved 5-0. Ayes: Murillo, Putbrese, Curtis, Delker and L etc. Nayes: none. (Resolution #0204-10-07) 10-024 Motion by Curtis and seconded by Putbrese to table until February 18, 2010 Regular City Council meeting the Resolution adopting a cluster box unit (CBU) maintenance policy for the City of Norwalk, lows. Approved 5-0. Ayes: Murillo, Putbrese, Curtis, Delker and Leto. Nayes: none. The next item on the Agenda is a Public Hearing for the Norwalk Business Cen- ter Plat 5 project. Mayor Pierce opened.the 'Public Hearing concerning the Norwalk Business Center Plat 5 project. No public comment was offered. Mayor, Pierce closed the Public Hearing. i 10-025 Motion by Curtis and seconded by Leto to adopt a Resolution ordering ! construction of public improvements for the project known as Norwalk Business Park Plat 5, fixing a date for the taking of bids therefore, and adopting plans, specifications, form of contract and estimate of costs. Approved 5-0. Ayes: Murillo, Putbrese, Curtis, Delker and Leto. Nayes: none. (Resolution #0204-10-08) 10-026 Motion by Putbrese and seconded by Murillo to adopt a Resolution establishing February 18, 2010 as the Public Hearing date for the convey- ance of City owned property to the Wastewater Reclamation Authority (WRA) for the Southwest area diversion facility. Approved 5-0. Ayes: Murillo, Putbrese, Curtis, Delker and Leto. Nayes: none. (Resolution #0204-10-09) 10-027 Motion by Putbrese and seconded by Delker to accept the City of Norwalk planning report from Iowa Institute of Public Affairs. Approved 5- 0. Ayes: Murillo, Putbrese, Curtis, Delker and Leto. Nayes: none. 10-028 Motion by Putbrese and seconded by Curtis to approve the 28E Agree- ment between the City of Norwalk and Bravo, Inc. Approved 5-0. Ayes: Murillo, Putbrese, Curtis, Delker and Leto. Nayes: none. The next item on the Agenda is discussion / review of the proposed 2010-2011 fiscal year budget. Department heads presented their proposed budgets to the Council. After a lengthy discussion and review, the Council directed staff to bring proposals to reduce the proposed budget by $155,000 to the February 6, 2010 Work Session. 10-029 Motion by Putbrese and seconded by Delker to adjourn the meeting. Approved 5-0. Ayes: Murillo, Putbrese, Curtis, Delker and Leto. Nayes: none. Doug Pierce, Mayor Jeff Rosien, City Clerk -X- =6 I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat. -Edgar Allan Poe