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April 1, 2010     N. Warren Town and County News
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April 1, 2010

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Page Twelve N/Warren Town and County News Thursday, April 1, 2010 Norwalk School District Budget Update Last October following the State of Iowa's across- the-board 10% budget cut, I submitted an article about the District's finan- cial situation which in- cluded my hope and ex- pectation there would not be any drastic cuts for this (2009-10) budget year and it would not be necessary to increase property taxes to cover the cut. During the October 12 th Board meeting, after the state cut NORWALK SCHOOL BOARD By Katherine Schmidt, President was announce the Board administration to develop $20.17 which is 38 cents requested a revmw of the a budget reduction plan lo3Ker than for the current 2009-2010 budget to be that would include up to year. sure the District did not $450,000 in cuts. To reduce The reduced expenses have any "fat" to cut. I the budget beyond include: having allbut the would not say any "fat" $150,000 would have re- summer newsletter in was found but a total of sulted in educational pro- electronic form, Superin- nearly $150,000 worth of gram cuts and a reduction tendent salary freeze (at cuts (that are as far from in staff. The Board opted Dr. Wulf's insistence), the classroom as possible) to use cash reserves to making student hand- and additional revenue, maintain current pro- books available on line, have been identified and grams. In addition, the reduction of building bud- approved by the Board at proposed budget for 2010- gets, elimination of new the Monday, March 22 11, which will open for landscaping, extending meeting for the 2010-11 public hearing Monday, the technology replace- schoolbudget. InNovem- April 12 at 6 pm, will re- ment cycle by one year, ber, the Board requested sult in a school tax levy of and minimizing transpor- OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Department of Management - Form S-PB-6 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PROPOSED NORWALK SCHOOL BUDGET SUMMARY FISCAL YEAR 2010-2011 Location of Public Hearing: Date of Hearing: Time of Hearing: Eastview 8-9 School, 1600 North Avenue, Norwalk, Iowa April 12th, 2010 6:00 PM iThe Board of Directors will conduct a public hearing on the proposed 2010/1 I school budget at the above-noted location and time. At the hearing, any resident or taxpayer may present objections to, or argumem= in favor of, any part of the proposed budget. This notice represents a summary of the supporting detail of revenues and expenditures on file with the district secretary. A copy ofthe details will be furnished upon request. Ite-ttimate d . Budget 2011 2010 Actuol 2009 Taxes Levied on Property I 6,7'75,O81 6,634.490 6,583,844 ' Utility Replacement Excise Tax 2 498,098 474,354 468,862 Income Surtaxes 3 0 0 0 tation expenses. Revenue includes collection of past due fees to the District. You may be wondering why Norwalk is not join- ing surrounding districts who are cutting teaching staff, increasing the num- ber of students in each class, raising property taxes and making more drastic cuts. Since 2002, the Board has had a finan- Avg "/. o9-. cial goal to move the Dis- 14% trict from a negative cash 3.1% balance to a 15-20% cash Tuition\\;Transportation Received 4 883,943 Earnings'on lnv6stments 5 220,350 Nutrition Program Sales 6 590,450- Student Ac0vities and Sales 7 " 677,979 Other Revenues from Local Sources 8 | .019,133 g.ev6nue from Intermediary Sources 9 2,016 State Foundation Ad 10 14.793.868 Instructional Support State Aid I 1 121.656 Other State Sources 12 " 983.473 ARRA Educ Fiscal Stabilization (in formula) 13 0 Title I Grants 14 83,293 Other Federal Sources 15 496.936 Total Revenues 16 27,146,276 General Long-Term Debt Proceeds 17 0 .Operating Transfers In 18 ' '|',521.416 Pros of Fixed Asset Dispositions 19 0 Total Revenues & Other Sources 2( 28,667,692 780,505 929,940 ::: 230.834 381,865 .... 567.740 " 591,526 636,368 597,588 869,45 1,134,011 2,016 12,092 I 11,484,779 " 11,528,582 0 ' 126,860' 1,237733 2.064,400 1.063.775 r 188,867 83,293 83,623 621,325 607,447 24.686.707 25,299,507 ' 18,389,528 0 1.373,729 1,915,866 8.9OI I 1,642 : 44,458.865 27.227,015 .... ! Beginning Fund Balance 21 22.167.718 i Toto Resources 22 50,835.410 14.839.314 16,334,502 : 59,298,179 43,561,517 14,697,219 14,040,324 4.3% 773,764 682,263 869.253 739.246 351.753 308,800 1,237,719 1,185.572 574.999 554,234 2.010.247 1.935.454 601,544 689,629 0 0 6.419.279 ,6.095,198 6.1 /6 1,014,816 755,057 18.2% 10,230,808 2,963,964 i ' 2.522,358 2,149,818 872,252 801,976 : 13.625'.418 5,915,758[ r.46/6 35,756,732 26.806,337 1,373,729 1,915,,866 37,130,461 28,722,203 22,167,71.8 14,839,314 ,' 59,298,179" 43,561,517 , * Instruction 23 [ 5,277,043 ' Student Support Services 24 820,821 "'Instructional Staff Support Serwces 25 778,277 General Administration 2e 365,150 I Building Administration 23 1,284,114 Business Administration 28 583,793 Plant Operation and Maintenance 2S 2,210,952 Student Translortalion 3 816,413 This row is intentionally left blank 31 0 mTotoI Support Services (linen 24-31) 31. 6.859,520 Noniilstructionol Programs 3 1,055,409 Facilities Acquisition and Construction 33 12,501,438 Debt Service 3, 2,963,702 AEA Support - Direct to AEA 35! 915.988 ToIol Other Expenditures (lines 33-35) 35/ 16,381,128 Fetal Expenditures 361 39,573,100 Other Financing Uses: Operating Transfers Out 3T, 1,521,416 Total Exp(nditures & Other Uses 38 i 41.O94,516 : Pnding Fand Balance 39 9.740.894 Toted Requirements 40 50,835.410 Proposed Property Tax Rate (per $1,0OO taxable valuation) [ 20.178651 reserve. For various rea- sons the cash reserve had exceeded the goal and was just over 30% prior to the fall 10% budget cut. The Board had begun to dis- cuss ways of lowering the reserve closer to the goal but the budget cut has taken care of that issue. The purposes for the re- serve are: (1) to allow the District to weather a mid- year state cut without as- sessing additional prop- erty taxes or terminating employee contracts [mid- year cuts have occurred in five of the last nine years]; and, (2) to prevent the Dis- trict from borrowing money to make necessary payments when funds have not yet been received from the state or county. In the previous article I indicated approximately 80% of the General Fund is used to pay employee salaries and benefits (ad- ministrators, teachers and staff). The remaining 20% goes for all other educa- tional expenses (curricu- lum, technology, student transportation, paper clips, copy paper, & every- thing else needed to sup- ply a school). Most school employees are under con- tracts and cannot be laid off until contracts are of- fered for the following school year so midyear layoffs are not an option. Looking forward to the 2010-2011 budget year, the District has the class sizes as well as the number of teachers, administrators and staff identified as nec- essary to deliver education to Norwalk students so cutting positions would hurt the delivery of educa- tion programs or increase class sizes. The Board is using the cash reserve to maintain the current class- room conditions for Norwalk students. This use fulfills the purpose of the cash reserve to protect students from program cuts and property tax pay- ers from midyear budget cuts by the state. In future years, if fund- ing continues to be re- duced by the state and as the cash reserve is reduced (to maintain teachers, staff, class sizes and programs), there may come a point in time where Norwalk will face the same painful de- cisions as surrounding dis- tricts. Then the choices will be cut positions, in- crease class sizes and/or raise property taxes. In the meantime, the Board will continue to keep a tight watch on the cash reserve level and educational needs of the District. We will also join all of you in hoping the economy im- proves in the near future. Sorenson Supports Guard Project Representative Kent Sorenson has announced he is encouraging Iowans to participate in the Iowa National Guard Officers Auxiliary's (INGO Aux) "Bear Hug" project. Since 2001 the INGO Aux has been assembling and distributing custom- made Teddy Bears for each child, under the age of 12, of a deployed Iowa soldier or airman. The Teddy Bear serves as a source of com- fort and as a link to the sol- dier. In the. fall of 2010, the Iowa National Guard faces the largest deployment since World War II. The INGO Aux has set the goal of raising $30,000 to help provide a Teddy Bear for the 5,000 children who will be affected. "Iowa's brave soldiers and their families make sacrifices every day;" said Representative Sorenson. "This project is just a small way we can support the families and children of those deployed." According to Sorenson, a check can be mailed to the INGO Aux at Polk County Bank, PC Box 79, Polk City, IA 50226. For more information go to www.iowaofficers.org. Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 21. Garage Door Safety (NAPS)--Teaching young children how to spell the word "dOor" may offer an additional lesson about garage door safety. www.GarageDoolare.com, a site sponsored by the In- ternational Door Association (IDA), spells safety this way: Doors are heavy--never stand, run or play under or near any garage door, espe- b00RW00Ag TIREeAUIO CENTER Norwalk I& .J,J,J,J,J,J,J,J,J,l 1 (515) 981-4522 Be Aware of Copy Cats! When it comes to Auto Repair, Norwalk Tire & Auto IS the Real Deal! 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