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April 17, 2014     N. Warren Town and County News
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April 17, 2014

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/ Thursda3 April 17, 2014 N/Warren Town and County News Page Eleven ESSAYS Concluded from p. 10 black perspn offending or hurting a white person. The black families did not have as nice of clothes. They only wore shoes for special occasions. "Little Man turned around and watched saucer-eyed as a bus bore down on him spewing clouds of red dust like a huge yellow dragon breathing fire" (Taylor, p 13). The black schools did not even have school buses, so the black children had to walk every day, and some of them lived miles from their school. Black people were basically slaves. "All ditches, turn-rows, bridges, fences, etc. on said land shall be kept in proper condition by said Dawson, or at his expense" (Knopf, p 1). The sharecroppers who agree to a contract often cannot read, so they have to trust the landlord to be honest. Some contracts are not specific enough. What defines "proper condition?" It could from be anywhere from terrible to flawless. With impossible expectations, the sharecropper will not be able to meet the goal. They would then receive the punis .hment for failure to reach the goal. Black people are equal to white people now, but the Emancipation Proclamation and the Reconstruction Era failed to completely end segregation because the white people disagreed with the new laws. Mildred D. Taylor accurafely depicted the time period of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Black people were treated poorly in the time period of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. History vs. Reality - Reconstruction Era By Pauline Scribano What wasthe purpose of the Emancipation Procla- mation? What happened to the freed slaves in the South during the Reconstruction Era? How did their lives change after they were offered freedom? Blacks who were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation had hopes for the way life would be, were faced with the misery of reality, and were accurately portrayed in Mildred D. Taylor's novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Through- out this paper, you will read about what was intended croppers and black families following Reconstruction. The story takes place in the 1930s, when sharecropping was very common. Many of the families in the story were sharecroppers of the Granger Plantation. Mr. Granger pressured his sharecroppers to do what he wanted, like shopping at the Wallace Store which was run by a nasty white family. The black families were definitely not treated equally or fairly to the whites. An example of this is seen with the school kids. When the students of the black school found out that they would be getting textbooks to read from, they were very excited. How- ever, much to their surprise, "... the covers of the books, a motley red, were badly worn and.., the gray edges of the pages had been marred by pencils, crayons, and ink" (Taylor, p 21). The books had once belonged to the white kids' school, but got passed down to the black school because they didn't want them anymore. Also, the white kids had a bus, but the black kids did not. The bus often tried to spray the Logan kids with muddy water for entertainment while on its way to school. This infuri- ated the Logans, especially Little Man, who was always meticulously neat. Another way the novel was accurate was because the author wrote about these white men who were called the night riders. If a black person tried to stand up for their rights or argue with their land- (NAPS)--In the 1940s, Don Miguel Gasc6n Winery became the first winery in Argentina to bottle a pure Malbec varietal wine. Since that time, it has been instru- mental in bringing Argentine Malbec to worldwide promi- nence. To learn more, visit the website at www.gascon by historical events for the slaves, what actually hap- wine.com. pened" and hw Mildred Taylr depicted life in theII South during this time." President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Emancipa- tion Proclamation in 1863 during the Civil War. The original purpose of this document was to keep the United States together, although it also ended up being about freeing the slaves. Several states were threaten- ing to leave the Union, so LinColn freed their slaves in The Pampered Chef is the largest direct seller of kitchen tools. At its in-home cooking shows, you can see and try products and learn quick and easy food preparation tech- niques. Learn more at www. pamperedchef.com, www. facebook.com/ThePampered Chef, www.pamperedchef. com/mealtimeminutes or (800) 266-5562. IDid You (NAPS)--For information on basic budgeting guidelines or to take a free online bud- geting course, visit Ally Bank's financial education website, Wallet Wise, at www.AllyWalletWise.com. the proclamation as a punishment for their rebellion. When Abraham Lincoln created the Emancipation Proc- lamation, he wanted to inspire blacks and slaves to join the Union Army by setting them free. He wanted them "... to support the Union cause and to keep England and France from giving political recognition and military aid to the Confederacy" (Lincoln, p 1). In other words, Lincoln didn't want England and France to recognize the Confederacy, or southern states, as powerful and want to support them. If they realized this, then they might have sent over weapons that could help them wiri the war. By creating the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln hoped that the freed slaves would come to the North and help guarantee that the Union Army would win. The newly freed slaves envisioned a freedom where they could have their own homes and better jobs that paid fair wages so they could afford things they needed. Unfortunately, for many former slaves, the Reconstruc- tion Era after the war did not guarantee a wonderful owner, then the night riders would come after them. They hurt and sometimes killed black people. Mildred Taylor did a good job of describing the fear they brought into black peoples' lives. In the story, they came after several families. The Berrys were one of these families. The night riders "... pouted kerosene over Mr. Berry and his nephews and lit ther0 afire" (Taylor, p 98). Taylor also shows the unfairness of the justice system when we find out that TJ will be killed, even though the Simms brothers were the ones responsible for Mr. Barnett's death. As you can see, the Reconstruction Era and freedom was not at all like what the freed slaves had hoped it would be. Blacks living during the Reconstruction Era had hopes for a better way of life, were faced with the rfiisery of reality, and were accurately portrayed in Mildred D. Taylor's novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. The novel showed how much the black people valued their freedom, but also showed how difficult it was to get through each day and survive. The attitudes of many whites in the South during Reconstruction did not change and the whites still wanted power and control over blacks. Even though President Lincoln freed the slaves, it would be a long time before they ever truly felt free. Healthier And Tastier Meat-Free Meals (NAPS)--Reducing the amount of meat your family eats and creating healthier, tastier, protein-rich meals are easier than you might imagine. One delicious way to do so is to use easy-to-prepare, pro- tein-rich products such as those from Quorn. "The products are made from mycoprotein, which is a member of the fungi fam- ily," said Chef Lilia Temple. "In addition to being really tasty, they are all low in fat but high in fiber, and soy- free. I love the soy-free part. Something like Quorn comes in so many different varieties, too--burgers, pat- ties, tenders, grounds-- there's something for every dish. Making just one change to your family meal- time--reducing meat intake --can make such a differ- ence to overall health. And your family won't even notice." Here are two recipes that may soon become family favorites: life. The Reconstruction Era was not what it seemed like it would be for the black people because the Emancipa- tion Proclamation was limited in severaf ways. First, the Emancipation Proclamation was limited because it de- pended on the Union winning the war. If the Confed- eracy won, then they would have formed their own government and would have kept their slaves. Also, "It applied only to states that had seceded from the Union, leaving slavery untouched in the loyal border states" (Lincoln, p 1). This means that the states that had tried to pull away from the United States because they had wanted slavery were the only ones whose slaves would be free. Several other states were allowed to keep their slaves. Attitudes of white people towards the black people did not change just because they became free. There was a lot of hatred and mistreatment of them and it was difficult for those who tried to start a new life. Many freed slaves had no money and nowhere to go and ended up as sharecroppers, tending land that be- longed to white people. The sharecroppers made very little money because most of their profit went to the landowners, who often overcharged them. "Landown- ers could keep the sharecroppers in debt, and thereby control them" (p 11). In the novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Mildred D. Taylor depicted an accurate portrayal of life for share- Quorn Spinach & Mushroom Pizza This delicious, veggie-ful pizza is a healthy, better- for-you alternative to the typical meatball pizza! Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: 15 minutes Makes one I2" pizza (6 servings) '~*: .... 2 tsp. olive oil -. ~ ~ 1 small onion, thinly 6"J sliced (about 1 cup) ..... 1 pkg. 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