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April 18, 2013     N. Warren Town and County News
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April 18, 2013

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Page Twelve N/Warren Town and County NEws Thursday, April 18, 2013 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION MINUTES TO BE APPROVED ATTHE APRIL 15, 2013 MEETING April 2, 2013 Warren County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, April 2nd, 20131 at 9:30 a.m. with all Supervisors' present. The following business was had t0-wit: SIMPLE MOTION by Steve Wilson, second by Dean Yordi to approve the con- sent agenda, 3/19/2013 Regular Session Minutes, 3/18/2013 Special Meeting Minutes, and claims WARREN COUNTY CLAIMS REGISTER REPORT Apdl 2. 2013 21ST CENTURY REHAB PC SERVICES $100.00 A AVENUE PHARMACY CLIENT RX $138.84 A.C.K. ENTERPRISES PARTS $290.86 ABBE CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CARE FEB 2013 CUENT CHGS $3,929.15 ADAMS, MADELINE MLG & SUPPUES REIMB $198.73 ADVANCED INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGI FEB 2013 MTHLY CHGS $598.40 AGRILAND FS INC CLIENT PROPANE/ ACCT 2524333 $362.50 ALL-AMERICAN PUBLISHING SUPPLIES $268.99 ALUANT ENERGY LACONNFI45 HWY G76 SRVC $125.46 ALLIED OIL & SUPPLY INC TIRES $727.75 AMERICAN LEGION POST 165 JAN-FEB-MAR 2013 RENT $750.00 AOSNC LLC PH SFTWR MNT/SRVCS $6,699.43 ARNOLD, BRIAN POSTAGE REIMB $12.35 ARNOLD, KRISTAN NOTARY RENEWAL $30.00 BATES, CHERYL MLG REIMB $89.00 BENTLEY SYSTEMS INC 3-GPCK SELECT SUBS/SFTWR $6,450.00 BOB'S CUSTOM TROPHIES NAME PLATE & ENGRAVING$20.00 BOLTON & HAY INC PRODUCTS $9,500.00 BOWUN, EMMALEE MLG REIMB $36.00 BRANGERS, DANIEL WORK CLOTHES REIMB $67.81 BROADLAWNS MEDICAL CNTR JULY 20t 2/JAN 2013 CLNT SVCS $465.00 BURKE, JOSEPH P. MLG REtMB " $316.68 CAMPBELL, SUSAN M SHIPPING RE1MB $12.77 CAPtTAL SANITARY SUPPLY CO INC SUPPLIES $1,849.32 CAPSTONE BEHAVIORAL MARCH CLIENT CHGS ~ $55.00 CARLISLE PARK APARTMENTS LP MARCH CLNT RNT ASSTNC $411.00 CARPENTER UNIFORM SUPPUES $1,425.86 CCMS SERVICES $1,034.00 CEDAR RAPIDS, CITY OF CLIENT SVCS/CUST # 208060 $24.00 CENTRAL IOWA CHAPTER APA APRIL MTNG FEES/ PEG & KATHY $30.00 CENTURYUNK MO CHRGS $1,591.57 CHANDLER LAW OFFICE GUARDIAN AD UTEM SVCS $300.00 CHILDREN & FAMILIES OF IOWA FEB 2013 CLIENT CHGS $96.82 CHRISTIAN OPP CENTER CUENTFEB2013CUENTCHGS $868.16 CITY STATE BANK APRIL 2013 LSE AGREE PMT $1,221.88 CLARKE COUNTY PUBUC HEALTH JAN 20t 3 SERVICES $536.38 CLARKE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE IN CLIENT UTILITIES $205.83 COBURN, RYAN MED EXMNR CHGS $195.13 COLLINS, SHAWN SAFETY SHOES/BIBS $150.00 COOK, DEBBIE MATRON DUTY SVCS $6526 COPY PLUS SUPPLIES $121,07 COUNTRY PROPANE HEATING & COOL CLIENT EMERGENCY PROPANE $524.90 COUNTRY VIEW ESTATES INC FEBWORKSVCSOUTOFCO $1,088.00 CR SERVICES SUPPLIES $70.17 CURTIS, BETTY FEB/MARCH RENT $t,050.00 DANIELS FILTER SERVICE INC. SUPPLIES $358.44 DAVID G. LAUNSPACH TRANSCRIPTS $27.00 BAVIDSON BRAD PARTIALCUENTMARCH RENT $525.00 DEVAULT, JODENE CONF IN ATLANTA EXP REIMB $943.33 DIERKING, KRISTI PARKING & MLG REIMB $118.00 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING & GENERATOR INSPECTION $t25.00 ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING MTHLY MICRN RENTAL CHGS$64.00 EMBARK IT INC CL RKOFCTPHONF JINSCLAIM $466.00 ETCHER, DALE REISSUE OF CHECK 00420519 $61.08 FAST, MINDY FEB 2013 EXPENSES REIMB$46.25 FIFIELD PHARMACY FEB 2013 CLIENT CHGS $250.24 FRASER TRANSPORTATION LLC TRANSPORT SVCS $220.00 GENESIS DEVELOPMENT MARCH 2013 CLIENTCHGS $1,582.67 GLASCOCK, LLOYD C. PRTL CLNT APRIL RNT ASST $500.00 GLASCOCK, POLLY MLG & PARKING REIMB $53.75 GRAINGER SRV/SUPPUES $789.35 GRATIAS INVESTIGATIONS INC SERVICE/JVJV004385/4389 $150.00 GRX HOLDINGS LLC MULTIPLE CLIENT RX'S $2 4,00.12 HANDICAP VILLAGE CLIENT FEB 2013 CHGS $983.20 HARMONY HOUSE HC CENTER FEB 2013 CLIENT CHGS $4,185.00 HARRIS, JULIE PARKING REIMB $11.00 HEADSETS DIRECT INC SUPPLIES $425.18 HEALTHCARE FIRST SERVICES " $89.00 HERBERGER CONST COMPANY L-C4234S6~73-91 $59,424.33 HOHANSHELT, SARAH MLG & PARKING REIMB $133.83 HONEYWELL HOM MED LLC MTHLY COMM FEE $150.00 HOPKINS & HUEBNER PC PROF SERVICES $1,576.38 HOULE, JILL MLG REIMB $123.50 HUSSMAN CORPORATION~ . MTRLS & LABOR $877.06 HY-VEE ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE SUPPLIES/RX'S $2,803.63 IDVILLE SUPPLIES $.934.20 ILLOWA COMMUNICATIONS SRV/SUPPLIES $455.50 INDIANOLA, CITY OF SHOP ELEC $1,817.23 INDOFF INC. SUPPLIES $288.53 INFOMAX OFFICE SYSTEMS COPIER SERVICE $192.63 INFOMAX OFFICE SYSTEMS INC BASE RATE CHGS $374.25 IOWA CHAPTER OF APCO APCO CONF/DOUG MCCASLAND $85.00 IOWA COUNW A~S ASSOC 2013-2014 DUES $888.00 IOWA NATIONAL EMERGENCY NENA~FEE/DMCC~D $100.00 IOWA~TEMED~ SERVICES X 3 $5,081.20 IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES SIGN MATERIALS $9,574.30 ISACA MEMBERSHIP DUES FOR 2013 $225.00 JEFFERSON PLAZA MO RENT $4,495.60 JESS' LOCK & KEY SERVICES $77.45 JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL PARTS/TOOLS $575.69 JOHNSON, DAN . MARCH 2013 MLG REIMB $90.00 JOHNSON, STEVE MLG REIMB $32.00 JOY RIDE TRANSPORT LLC " CUENTS SVCS . $100.00 KELLOW, MARCI MLG REIMB $86.00 KIMBALL MIDWEST SUPPLIES $231.88 KONE INC. MARCH 2013 MAINT COV $208.00 K REISERS INC MEDICAL SUPPLIES $219.22 KRUSE, JENNIFER CUENT SVCS FOR FEB 2013 $120.00 LABORATORY CORPORATION TESTING $66.00 LANDUYT, DARCEY MARCH MLG REIMB $275.50 LAW ENFORCEMENTTARGErS INC SUPPLIES $209.50 LIBERTY CENTER IOOF CEMETF I:~GRAVE CARE $232.50 LIBERTY ]'IRE RECYCLING LLC TIRE RECYCLING $138.00 LINN GROVE CEMETERY GRAVE CARE $152.50 LOGAN, LISA AMT OWED AFTER OVERPMT $3.27 M & M SALES COMPANY MTHLY CONT CHGS $190.96 MADISON COUNTY PUBUC HEALTH JAN 2013 SERVICES $685.46 MAIL SERVICES LLC SERVICES $1,362.45 MARION COUNTY AUDITOR CLIENT MEDICATION $117.99 MARK PUTNEY ENTERPRISES FEB & MARCH 2013 SERVICES $150.00 MAI-r PARROTI'/STOREY KENWORTHY LASER CHECKS - $1,079.30 MCCOY TRUE VALUE SUPPLIES $319.74 MED ASSURE SUPPLIES $47.69 MENARDS - DES MOINES SUPPLIES $187.92 MERCY CLINICS INC PRE-EMPLOY PHYSICAL $242.00 MIDAMERICAN ENERGY MTHLY LIB CNTR UTILITIES $1,837.31 MIDDLE RIVER CEMETERY GRAVE CARE $32.50 MIDWEST BEARING & SUPPLY LLC PARTS $37.59 MIDWEST K-9 DETECTION K-9 DOWNPAYMENT $2,000.00 MILLER, BOBEI-FE REISSUE OF LOST CKS $73.25 MILD IOOF CEMETERY GRAVE CARE $135.00 MODERN MARKETING INC SUPPLIES $8,470.30 MORRISON, PAMELA ANN MED EXMNR CHGS $188.00 NATIONAL ELEVATOR INSPECTION SERVICES $40.00 NELSON. ANGEL FEB 2013 EXP REIMB $51.70 NEW VIRGINIA CEMETERY GRAVE CARE $432.50 NEWBURN CEMETERY ASSN GRAVE CARE $92.50 NORTH RIVER CEMETERY ASN GRAVE CARE $90.00 NORWALK CEMETERY ASSN GRAVE CARE $287.50 OBERBILLIG, ROBERT C. ATTORNEY FEES $600.00 OFFICEMAX INC SUPPLIES $1,035.45 PALMYRA CEMETERY GRAVE CARE $202.50 PERU QUARRY INC ROCK $7,814.01 PHILLIPS, AMANDA MLG REIMB $44.50 PINE REST CHRISTIAN CLIENTS MEDICAL SVCS $198.00 PITNEY BOWES INC.* MTHLY RENTAL CHGS $584.00 PLEASANT RIDGE CEMETERY GRAVE CARE $160.00 POINDEXTER FLOORING INC MTRLS/LBR/CLERK OF CT OFFICE $13,248.00 POLK CO SHERIFF'S OFFICE FEES $24.44 POLK COUNTY AUDITOR FEB 2013 CLIENT SVCS X 2 $1,420.95 POLK COUNTY TREASURER SERVICES $350.00 POSTMASTER 4 BOOKS OF .46 STAMPS$36.80 QUALITY SUPER LUBE SERVICE $46.85 QUILL CORPORATION SUPPUES $420.99 RDJ SPECIALITIES INC SUPPLIES $888.00 RECORD HERALD & INDIANOLA TRIB, THE PUBLICATIONS $1,215.49 RED ROCK AREA COMM ACTION FEB 2013 CLIENTS SVCS $466.00 RED ROCK AREA COMM. ACTION PRO - SEPT& OCT 2012 CHORE SVC $3,958.75 RESERVE ACCOUNT PSTG USED 2-2THRU 2-28-13 $2,348.87 RICOH USA INC MTHLY CHGS PER CONTRACT $427.97 ROSEMOUNT CEMETERY GRAVE CARE $42.50 SAN DYVILLE CEMETERY G RAVE CARE $210.00 SCOTCH RIDGE CEMETERY GRAVE CARE $177.50 SHAVER CEMETERY GRAVE CARE $67.50 SMITH, DAN MLG REIMB $4.50 SOUTHERN COMPUTER WAREHOUSE SUPPLIES $09.09 SOUTHERN IOWA TROLLEY FEB 2013 SVCS $66.00 SOUTI-WVEST IOWA PLANNING COUNCI FEB 2013 CLIENT CHGS $84.80 SPENCER PROPERTY MGMT LLC CLIENT RENT $460.00 SPIN ART USA SUPPLIES $742.66 ST JOHNTHE APOSTLE GRAVE CARE $115.00 ST MARYS CEMETERY GRAVE CARE $197.50 SWEENEY COURT REPORTING SERVICES/SRCR027191 $31.23 THOMAS, DIANE SERVICES $337.50 THOMSON REUTERS - WEST SUBSCRIPTIONS $956.75 TOMIN TOWING & AUTOMOTIVE LLC JAN/FEB/MAR 2013 EXP $1,499.31 TOWNSEND, JENNIFER FEB/MAR 2013 MLG REIMB $290.50 TRAINING RESOURCES FEES/C COGHLAN/S JENSEN $100.00 TRANS IOWA LC FEB 2013 CHGS $227.80 TREASURER STATE OF IOWA MTPLEASANTMLTCLNTCHGS $2,61 2.50 ULTRAMAX SUPPLIES $2,112.00 US CELLULAR SERVICE $207.70 US.FOODS SUPPLIES/ACCT 018154 $1,654.98 VERIZON WIRELESS CHGS $3,010.77 WALLACE CEMETERY GRAVE CARE $152.50 WARREN COUNTY HEALTH SERVICES CLIENT CHGS $40.00 WARREN COUNTY OIL CLIENT EMERG PROPANE $365.00 WARREN COUNTY TREAS/LD LD PH,CHGS $163.73 WARREN COUNTY TREASURER FEB BASIC PH CHGS $1,050.00 WARREN WATER DISTRICT SERVICE 7494 R57 HWY $40.00 WEBB CEMETERY GRAVE CARE $122.50 WElL, TIM CLNT PRTL APRIL RNT ASSIST $525.00 WESLEY UFE COMMUNITY SVCS FEB 2013 CLIENT SERVICES$120.00 WIEGERT DISPOSAL INC SERVICES FOR MAR 2013 $638.00 WILSON, STEVE MLG & I-PAD REIMB $175.00 WINDSTREAM ~UNICATIONS TEL LINES-RADIO $761.55 WlNDSTREAM IOWA-COMM INC MTHLY 911/ALl DATABASE CHGS $182 05 WINGSPAN LLC AUS PALS TRAINING $650.00 WOUN & ASSOCIATES INC ADMN BLDG & C.H. CHGS $2,909.26 YORDI, DEAN C MARCH 2013 MLG REIMB $87.00 RESOLUTION 13-72A APPROVE FIREWORKS PERMITS" BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the WarrenCounty Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves to grant a Fireworks Permit to Reynolds South View Farms, Mike D. Reynolds, Operator, with the display location being 7541 $23 Hwy, Carlisle, IA on July 3'd and July 4th, 2013. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13-72B APPROVE FIREWORKS PERMITS BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves to grant a Fireworks Permit to Viking Pyrotechnics, Inc Ed Cook, Opera- tor, with the display location being 50~ Avenue and 4698 Nixon St St. Marys, IA on July 6, 2013 with a rain date of July 13, 20t3. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13-72(3 DESTROY OLD RECORDS BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors h(~reby alp proves the request from the Auditor's Office to destroy the following old records that have been kept the appropriate amount of time necessary according to law: FY 2006 Claims Carded unanimously RESOLUTION 13-72D HAVA ELECTION EQUIPMENT BE iT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby certi- ties that the total quantity of election equipment purchased solely or partially with funds received from the Federal Government or State of Iowa in order to comply with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002 has been disposed of as reported in the detailed election equipment record maintained by the County Auditor and filed with the Secretary of State's office. Carded unanimously RESOLUTION 13-72E CHANGE IN STATUS FOR SHERIFF'S EMPLOYEE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby alp proves the change in status for Eldon Emmick from Deputy to Sergeant with an houdy pay rate of $26.86 effective Apdl 1,2013. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13-72F NEW HIRE SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves that,Derek M. Konrad be hired as a full-time deputy sheriff assigned to the jail, at an hourly rate of $19.97 effective April 15, 2013, and is eligibte for all full-time benefits according to the employee policy. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13-72G NEW HIRE SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors h'*ereby ap- proves that Jamie A. Aiken be hired as a full-time deputy sheriff assigned to the jail, at an hourly rate of $19.97 effective Apnl 1,2013, and is eligible for all full- time~enefits according to the employee policy. Carded unanimously RESOLUTION 13-72 H IDOT ADDENDUM TO AGREEMENT HWY 92 PROJECT BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves to accept the Iowa Department of Transportation Addendum to Agree- ment No. 20t 3-16-033A regarding Iowa Hwy 92 project. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13-73 NEW MENTAL HEALTH PROVIDER BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves using Team Restoration Ministries, a mental health provider, through June 30, 2013 providing services rendered do not exceed our approved contract rates with Eyedy Ball. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13-74 M/H EMPLOYEE SIX MONTH EVALUATION BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves a 3% increase in salary for Cheryl Bates in Mental Health Services as her~ month probationary penod ends April 15, 2013. Carded unanimously RESOLUTION 13-75 M/H EMPLOYEE SIX MONTH EVALUATION BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves a 3% increase in salary for Jill Houle in Mental Health Services as her 6 month probationary period ends April 15, 2013. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13-76 SIX MONTH PAY INCREASE ENGINEERS OFFICE BE IT RESOLVED, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby move to approve the six month pay increase for Ashley Thompson, Office Manager in the Engineer's Office effective April 1, 2013, Grade 12, Step 9 at $21.68 per hour, due to a satisfactory six month review. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13-77 SET PUBLIC HEARING BE IT RESOLVED THAT a public hearing be scheduled for Apn115, 2013, 10:00 a.m in the Board Room of the Administration Building, 301 N. Buxton, Indianola, Iowa. " The public meeting is to review Warren County Secondary Road's 5-Year Con- struction Program. Comments may also be submitted by phone or in writing to the Warren County Engineer's Office. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13-78 LIST REAL ESTATE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby move to approve to list the County owned parcel for sale at 7494 R57 Hwy with a realtor. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13-79 TEMPORARY HIRE BE IT RESOLVED, that Mary Lynn Keeney be hired for temporary office help in the Engineer's Department, effective April 15,2013 for no more than six months, at $18.00 per hour. Due to the nature of the temporary employment, she will not be eligible for any benefits. Carded unanimously The Supervisors gave reports of their previous week's activities. The Assistant County Attorney gave the County Attorney's Reports.The next regular meeting will he held on Monday, April 15, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. Upon proper motion the meeting was adjourned at 9:50 a.m. ATTEST: AUDITOR, Traci VanderLinden CHAIR, Doug Shul~ Legislative News By State Representative Julian B. Garrett Education Reform Compromise As you know, the House and Senate have passed dif- ferent education reform proposals. In an effort to move forward, House Republicans and the Governor have made a compromise offer. We have offered to provide additional funding if Senate Democrats will agree to restore the provisions that they deleted from the bill, House File 215, that we passed in the House last Febru- ary. Ouroriginal proposal included a 2% supplemental appropriation for each of the next two fiscal years. The new proposal would add to that, an additional one time O 2 Yo increase for fiscal 2014 and an additional 2% increase for fiscal 2015. The Senate bill provided for 4% "allow- able growth" for each year. Among the provisions that would be restored are: 1. A statewide program for the evaluation of teach- ers and administrators. 2. Starting pay for teachers would be raised to $32,000 per year. (The Senate figure is $35,000.) 3. A teacher leadership program, with additional funding for teacher leadership positions: Model- $2,000i Mentor- $5,000; and Lead- $10,000. This program would be voluntary and phased in between fiscal 2015 an i 2017. Participating schools would receive additional funding estimated at $305 per pupil. 4. A program where the Department of Education will develop performance goals and evaluate and report on each school's level of achievement. 5. Grant of home rule to school districts. 6. Accreditation of nonpublic schools by an approved independent accrediting agency. 7. Certificate of Distinction confirming that a high school graduate has passed a test showing that the stu- dent is ready for college, or a particular occupation. 8. Year-long pilot student teaching program, in con- junction with one public or private institution of higher learning. 9. Allows a teaching parent to teach driver's educa- tion to the student. As I write this column, the Senate leaders have not given us a response. It would be great if they would agree to this compromise and give us the opportunity to improve our educational system. As I have often pointed out, though over the years we have spent more and more money for education, we have basically stag- nated here in Iowa and other states have moved ahead of us. We used to be number 1. We should settle for noth- ing less. As always, feel free to contact me with your ideas or concerns at 515-281-3221 or Julian.Garrett@legis. iowa.gov. clip and save Norwalk Schools Phone Directory Central OfficeAdministration 981-0676 High School (Grades 10-12) 981-4201 High School Activities 981-4204 Eastview 8/9 School 981-9655 Middle 6/7 School 981-0435 Lakewood Elementary (Grades 3-5) 981-1850 Oviatt Elementary (Grades PreK-2) 981-1005 Transportation Office (Bus Barn) 981-0016 Food Service/Nutrition Office 981-9876 Building & Grouncls Office 981-0917