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April 18, 2019     N. Warren Town and County News
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April 18, 2019

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Page Ten N/Warren Town and County News Thursday, April 18, 2019 Legislative Newsletter Stan Gustafson Iowa House Representative District 25 stan.gustafson@legis.iowa.gov HSB165: I have been receiving lots of e-mails and phone calls about HSB165. When talking with Iowans, we frequently hear concerns and frustrations about the growth of their local property taxes. Just recently, Iowa taxpayers began receiving new property assessments with many seeing increases of 10% or more. Residential property taxes have increased by 19.01% since FY15 while the Midwest Consumer Price Index has increased by 3.72% over the same time. In short, HSB 165 establishes strong taxpayer protections and transparency measures while also ensuring local governments can continue to meet the critical needs of their citizens. HSB 165 will stow the dramatic growth of property taxes while also providing local property taxpayers with more transparency in how they are taxed and how their tax dollars are used. Oftentimes, local governments ride a wave of increased property valuations without reducing the tax rate levies accordingly. This means that when assessments go up 10%, but the levy is unchanged, property owners are faced with a 10% tax increase. HSB165 allows local governments to balance the budgetary needs by adjusting the levies. This bill puts a soft cap of 2% on annual budget growth for local governments. This is a reasonable limit that takes into account the needs of cities and counties with both growing and declining populations. HSB 165 empowers taxpayers to reverse excessive budget increases that aren't supported by local residents through a vote of the public. Local governments can still increase their budget by more than 2%, if necessary. However, a city council or county board of supervisors must take a public vote to do so. If taxpayers see the need for the increase and support it, nothing happens and the increase goes into effect. If taxpayers don't support this increase, they can collect signatures and call a referendum to reduce the increase to 2%. If the local residents see the need for a higher budget increase, they will support it at the ballot box. HSB 165 will not hamstring local governments from providing core services that citizens depend on or from meeting obligations. If you want a more in-depth analysis of this bill, please e-mail me at stan.gustafson@legis.iowa.gov BUDGET: This week the House passed three important budget bills and sent them to the Senate: RIIF, Admin/Reg, and HHS. Here are some highlights from each of those budgets: Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund (RIIF): $200M invested in FY20 to improve infrastructure at state facilities and Regent universities, $24M invested in major and routine maintenance to ensure safe state buildings and facilities, $17.5M to make technology upgrades at state departments to ensure modern and efficient government, $5M for the Broadband Grant Program to increase access to high-speed internet in rural Iowa, $2M invested in recreational trails to improve quality of life for Iowans and attract new residents, and $1M to study the possibility of moving the State Historical Museum to the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Administration & Regulation: $2M to update and improve the Dept. of Revenue's systems to ensure efficiency and security for taxpayers, $4.7M to ensure safe health facilities like hospitals and nursing homes through inspections and licensing, $575,000 to fund food safety inspections at restaurants and grocery stores to protect consumers, $2.6M to fund the Child Advocacy Board which represents the interests of abused and neglected children, S75,000 funding increase to support the Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program to protect survivors of abuse, and $18M to fund IPERS administration which provides retirements benefits to hundreds of thousands of Iowans. HF766 the Health and Human Services Budget is being debated today. Here are some highlights of the plan: it funds the Medicaid program which provides health coverage to thousands of low-income and disabled Iowans, invests significant resources in mental health services and provider training, makes child care more affordable for low-income families, and reduces caseloads for DHS social workers. Once it is passed by the House, it goes to the Senate for debate and approval. HF 647, now HF768, was passed out of the House Ways & Means Committee and is awaiting full consideration by the House in thefinal days of session. HF 768 restructures/reinstates the beginning farmer tax credit program that was originally created in 2007 and significantly amended in 2013 with provisions that included automatic sunset of some provisions added in 2013. It was then modified by 2014 legislation with the automatic repeal occurring on January 1, 2018. This legislation reinstates a restructured form of the ag asset transfer tax credits program, but renames it the 'Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Program'. However, it does not reestablish the custom farming contract tax credits that expired on January 1, 2018. Soil Temperature: Here is the website for soil temperature: extension.agron.iastate.edu/NPKnowledge/soiltemphistory.html Form 653.C1 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION NOTICe OI~ PUBLIC HE:ARING AMENDMENT OF FY2018-2019 CITY BUDGET The City Council of Norwalk in WARREN & POLK will meet at 705 North Avenue, Norwalk, IA at 6 p.m. on 5/212019 (hour) (Date) ,for the purpose of amending the current budget of the city for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019 (year) by changing estimates of revenue and expenditure appropriations in the following programs for the reasons given. Additional detail is available at the city clerk's office showing revenues and expenditures by fund type and by activity. County, Iowa Revenues & Other Financing Sources ]-axes Levied on Property 1 Less: Uncollected Property Taxes-Levy Year Total Budget as certified or last amended 51657,138 2 0 Net Current Property Taxes 3 Delinquent Property Taxes 4 I-IF Revenues 5 Charges for Services 5,857,136 Current Amendment 0 0 0 0 0 3,190,300 0 Total Budget after Current Amendment 0 5,857,136 0 3,190,300 Other City Taxes 6 985,367 0 985,367 Licenses & Permi~ 7 346,400 90,000 436,400 Use of Money and Property 8 90,700 185,000 275,700 Inte~ovemmental 9 2,236,830 0 2,236,830 10 5,967,000 290,000 6,257,000 Special Assessments 11 Miscellaneous 12 Other Financing Sources 13 Tranfers In 14 Total Revenues and Other Sources 15 Expenditures & Other Financing Uses Public Safety 35,000 20,000 55,000 416,200 220,000 636,20fl 8,278,000 1,093,000 9,371,000 2,791,700 784,090 3,575,790 30,194,633 2,562,0g0 32,876,723 4,150,100 104,500 4,2 ,60C 2,007,200 165,000 2,172,206 15,000 0 15,000 1,412,000 56,000 1,468,00 2,040,006 26,300 2,066,30 915,900! 143,700 1,059,60 2,906,600 173,500 3,080,10 6,929,000 341,300 7,270,30 20,375,600 1,010,300 21,366,10E 8,613,600 1,393,000 10,006,60 26,969,400 2,403,300 31,392,70 2,791,700 784,090 3,575,79 16 Public Works 17 Health and Social Services 18 Culture and Recreation 19 Community and Economic Development 26 General Government 21 Debt Service 22 Capital Projects 23 Total Government Activities Expenditures 24 Business Type / Enterprises 25 Total Gov ACtWitles & Business Expenditures 2E Transfers Out 271 Total Expenditures/Transfers Out 28 Excess Revenues & Other Sources Over (Under) Expenditures/Transfers Out for Fiscal Year 29 Beginning Fund Balance July 1 30 31,781,100 3,187,390 34,988,49 -1,586,467 -505,300 -2,091,76~ 11,647,276 0 11,647,27E Ending Fund Balance June 30 31 10,060,809 -505,300 9,555,50 Explanation of increases or decreases in revenue estimates, appropriations, or available cash: : = : i ; Revenue increases mainly due to building permits, special assessments & charges for services. Increases in expenditures mainly due to; 1 ) Public safety training & wage expenses and transport vehicle, 2) Public Works street construction, 3) General Gov't IT equipment & services, 4) Debt Service due to issuance of 2018A & 2018B bonds 6) Capital Projects-library HVAC and community improvement programs, 7) WRA surcharge payoff, storm water detention and DMWW fees. There will be no increase in tax levies to be paid in the current fiscal year named above. Any increase in expenditures set out above will be met from the increased non-property tax revenues and cash balances not budgeted or considered in this current budget. This will provide for a balanced budget. Jean Furler, Finance Director City Clerk/Finance Officer 2019 Congressional Art Competition Each Spring the Congressional Art Institute sponsors the Artistic Discovery Contest to recognize and encourage the artistic talent across the nation. High school students throughout the Third District are invited to submit original pieces of art to Rep. Axne's office. The final day to submit artwork is April 30th. The first-place winner will receive two round-trip tickets to Washington, D.C. to attend a reception held in their honor on June 24th. Additionally, the first- place winner's artwork will be displayed in the U.S. Capitol for one year. Each Third District high school student may submit one piece of artwork. There is no limit to the number of submissions per school. The artwork must be an original piece no more than 28 inches by 28 inches, 4 inches in depth, andS' may not weigh more than 15 pounds. ': Submissions should be sent Rep. Axne's Des Moines District Office (400 East. Court Avenue, Suite 346, Des Moines, IA 50309). Or, participants can take a photo of their artwork and email it to IA03.ArtContest@mail.house.gov. Included r with the artwork submission must be a Student Information & Release Form and a 100-200 word summary of your piece. This must be attached to the email or printed and sent with the artwork to the Des Moines Office. More information can be found online at https://axne.house.gov/services/art- competition. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Notice of Shedfrs Levy and Sale WARREN COUm S.EmR S O RCE- Po Box =z, (m) IN STATE OF IOWA ) ) WARREN COUNTY ) THE IOWA D~STRICT COURT FOR WARREN COUNTY SS Docket No. No.) } NOTICE OF LEVY PLAINTIFF : WELLS FARGO BANK, NA V$ DEFENDANT: BENDER, ROBERT DEFENDANT: REVERE BANK DEFENDANT : INDIANOLA. CITY OF DEFENDANT : PARTIES IN POSSESSION As a restdt of the judgwmcd rendered in the above mf~enced x~Jtt sase, an axeoJtiefl was issued bY the court to ttm Sheriff of this co~'dy. The e0mcuf~n ordered the Sate of defendant(s) dghts, tlt~, and intere~ in Rea~ Estate Property to satisfy the judgment. The property to be sdd is: LOT 45 EXCEPT THE SOUTH 15 FEET THEREOF. AND THE SOUTH 30 FEET OF LOT 44. WHITTIER ADOmON. CITY OF INDIANOLA. WARREN COUNTY, IOWA Street ~ldress ~ L ST INl:)l,ed~.JL.: IOWA 50125 The desc~)ed p~ty wit be ~Te~d fo~ sa)e a~ p~ic e~c~n fo~ cash ontY as ~k)ws: ! 0~16/2019 I 10:00AM .J!~)'l W2NDAVE,; ~rE2 Th~ sale not sui~ct to mdempt~n. Property e=~rnl~0n: C,e~in mo.ey o~ Wope~ ma~ be exempt. Contac~ your attorney promlX~y to review =pedro ~,s of the law and 1~ aplxQpdme nofice, If ~e. : $14~,476.26 i ~;~.~.00 ~ PLUS ]4.6~%of$144,176.~'6m~ 01~19= !~ ~oNTHONYCRN~C (:~Ie)234- ,082.~6 04~ 1/2019 !B~m S. Yes !