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May 13, 2010     N. Warren Town and County News
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May 13, 2010

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Thursday, May 13, 2010 N/Warren Town and County News Page Fifteen - WARREN COUNTY SUPERVISORS Concluded from p.6 following policy be adopted for the placing of dust control material on the local secondary road system in the 2010 calendar year: 1. Dust control placed on any local secondary road shall be at thepmperty owner's expense. 2. Information for a permit for the application of any dust control material to any local secondary road shall be obtained from the Office of the County Engineer. The type of dust control material hust be approved by the County Engineer. 3. A permit holder shall be responsible for the maintenance of any potholes, washouts, secondary ditches, etc., which develop in the treated surface. Failure of the permit holder to perform the said maintenance will result in Warren County scarifying and blading the entire surface without notice to the permit holder. 4. If the area to be treated does not have adequate drainage, in the opinion of the County Engineer, the permit will be denied until such time as the drainage problem can be corrected by the maintenance personnel. 5. The permit holder shall be responsible for the placement and maintenance of necessary signs and flags designating the outer limits of where the dust con- trol material is placed. Failure to do so can result in Warren County blading the area stabilized, for which Warren County assumes no liability. And that the Secondary Road Department be authorized to place dust control material on the following road which is carrying other than normal traffic: North Street in the Village of Churchville. Grace-Aye, ShulI-Aye, Middleswart-Absent. RESOLUTION 10-103 READY MIX CONTRACT WHEREAS, quotations were requested for the furnishing and delivery of ready mix concrete to any location in Warren County for the period of April 1 through December 31,2010, and the following quotations were received: Cemen Tech. Indianola, Iowa C-4 Class II Gravel C-4 Class II Limestone M-4 Class II Gravel M-4 Class III Limestone load 2% Calcium what you use only Norwalk-lndianola Ready Mix Concrete, Inc., Norwalk. Indianola. Iowa C-4-WR-C20 Class II Gravel $ 93.00/CY C-4-WR-C20 Class III Limestone $ 94.00/CY M-4 C10 Gravel $106.00/CY M-4 C10 Limestone $107.00/CY 1% Calcium $ 2.50/CY 2% Calcium $ 5.00/CY Bag of Calcium $ 24.00 Heated Concrete $ 5.00/CY American Concrete Products. Inc.. Johnston, Iowa C-4-WRC Class III Limestone $ 88.00/CY M-4 Class III Limestone $102.00/CY Winter Heat (Nov. 1-Mar.31) $ 5.00/CY $26.00/CY now; Short Load Charges $100.00 1 yard=S75100 $100.00 2 yards=S50.00 $105.00 3 yards=S25.00 $105.00 4 yards=no short $ 13.00 no waste-pay for Charg.es 1.00-1.75=$70.00 2.00-2.75=$60.00 3.00-3.75=$50.00 4.00-4.75=$30.00 5.00-5,75=$20.00 Short Load Charges Lessthan 5.0(O$75.00 No Fly Ash $5.50/CY Imported Sand Add BE IT RESOLVED on a motion by Doug Shull, second by Marvin Grace, based on quotations received, that ready mix concrete for the period of April 1 through December 31, 2010 be awarded to Cemen Tech, Indianola, Iowa. Grace-Aye, ShulI-Aye, Middieswart-Absent. RESOLUTION 10 - 104 HWY 65/69 & SCOTCHRIDGE INTERSECTION BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Board of Supervisors hereby authorizes the County Engineer to submit a letter and an alternative design to the Iowa Department of Transportation regarding the preliminary design of the Highway 65/69 and Scotch Ridge Road intersection. Grace-Aye, ShulI-Aye, Middleswart-Absent. RESOLUTION 10 - 105 TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURES BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the following roads be temporarily closed: Elk Horn from Hwy 28 to 5918 Elk Horn, effective March 12, 2010 due to water over the road; and, 140 t" Ave from Briggs St to County Line Road, effective March 12, 2010 due to water over the road; and, Adams St over the bridge on 1-35, effective March 17, 2010 due to bridge repair; and, Wyoming Street between 50 t' Ave and 60  Ave, effective March 26, 2010 due to road culvert failure; and, Nevada between 220 t' and 21174 Nevada, effective April 1,2010 due to pipe washed out and a hole in the road. Grace-Aye, ShulI-Aye, Middleswart-Absent. RESOLUTION 10-106 ENGINEERING SOFTWARE WHEREAS, Warren County Engineering Office is currently in need of new engi- neering software for the design and preparation of plans and plats for County projects; Bentley Systems - Geopak Suite, Microstation and Bentley MAP for GIS Map- ping plus upgrades and tech support for one year. $7,951.19. BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Beard of Supervisors hereby ap- prove the purchase of the Bentley Systems Software. Grace-Aye, ShulI-Aye, Middleswart-Absent. RESOLUTION 10 - 107 BANK BUILDING RENOVATION PAYMENT APPLICATION NO.3 WHEREAS, Brothers Construction, submitted Payment Application No.4 for the renovation of the building at 111 -I 13 North Buxton Street, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Board of Supervisors of Warren County shall ap- prove Payment Application No.4 in the amount of $31,072.00 for the building construction at 111-I 13 North Buxton St., Indianola, IA, and authorize payment to Brothers Construction. Grace-Aye, Shull-Aye, Middleswart-Absent. RESOLUTION 10 - 108 TEMPORARY HIRE BE IT RESOLVED, to hire Richard E. Aderson, effective Monday April 12, 2010 for six months, at $10.00 per hour in the Secondary Road Department. Dud to the nature of the temporary employment, he will not be eligible for any benefits. Grace-Aye, ShulI-Aye, Middleswart-Absent. RESOLUTION 10 - 108 USE OF COURTHOUSE LAWN FOR BLUEGRASS TUESDAY'S BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- prove the use of the courthouse lawn for Bluegrass Tuesday's subject to avail- ability on the following nights: June 1,8,15,22,29 and July 5, 12, 19. And to pay up to $200 for plaques for the 9-11 ten year tribute to be held Saturday, September 11, 2010. Grace-Aye, ShulI-Aye, Middleswart-Absent. The Supervisors gave reports of their previous week's activities. The next regular meeting will be held on April 20, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. Upon proper motion the meeting was adjourned at 11:33 a.m. ATrEST: Traci VanderLinden, AUDITOR G. Kevin Middleswart, CHAIR clip and save Norwalk Schools Phone Directory Central OfficeAdministration High School (Grades 10-12) High School Activities Eastview 8/9 School Middle 6/7 School Lakewood Elementary (Grades 4-5) Oviatt Elementary (Grades PreK-3) Transportation Office (Bus Barn) Food Service/Nutrition Office Building & Grounds Office 981-0676 981-4201 981-4204 981-9655 981-0435 981-1850 981-1005 981-0016 981-9876 981-0917 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION WARREN CO. SUPERVISORS Motion by Marvin Grace, second by Doug Shull, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF WARREN COUNTY THAT PURSUANT TO THE PROVISIONS OF CHAPTER 317, CODE OF IOWA, IT IS ORDERED That each owner and each person in the possession or control of any lands in Warren County, shall cut, burn, or otherwise destroy all Noxious Weeds thereon, as defined in this Chapter, at such time in each year and in such manner as shall prevent said weeds from blooming or coming to maturity, and shall keep said lands free from such growth as shall render the streets or highway adjoining said lands unsafe for public travel. Noxious Weeds shall be cut or otherwise destroyed on or before the following dates and as often hereafter as is necessary to prevent seed production: June 1, 2010 Primary and secondary noxious weeds listed below, with the exception of Canada thistle August 1, 2010 Canada thistle Primary noxious weeds: Quack grass, perennial sow thistle, Canada thistle, bull thistle, European morning glory or field bindweed, horse nettle, leafy spurge, perennial pepper grass, Russian knapweed, buckthorn, and all other species of thistles belonging in the genera of Cirsium and Carduus. Secondary noxious weeds: butterprint, cocklebur, wild mustard, wild carrot, buckhorn, sheep sorrel, sour dock, smooth dock, poison hemlock, multiflora rose, wild sunflower, puncture vine, teasel and shattercane. The multiflora rose shall not be considered a secondary noxious weed when cultivated for or used as understock for cultivated roses or as ornamental shrubs in gardens, or in any county whose board of supervisors has by resolution declared it not to be a noxious weed. Shattercane shall not be considered a secondary noxious weed when cultivated or in any county whose board of supervisors has by resolution declared it not to be a noxious weed. That if the owners or person in possession or control of any land in Warren County fail to comply with the foregoing orders, the Weed Commissioner shall cause this to be done and the expense of said work, including costs of serving notice and other costs, if any, to be assessed against the real estate. WARREN COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS WEED COMMISSIONER G. Kevin Middleswart, Chairman Ron Tumer Marvin Grace, Vice Chairman (515) 961-1050 Doug Shull, Member OFFICIAL PUBLICATION NOTICE OF APPUCATION TO ESTABLISH A BANK OFFICE City State Bank, Norwalk, will sub- mit an application to the appropriate Regional Director of the Federal De- posit Insurance Corporation for Autho- rization to establish a bank branch of- rice at 368 N Hwy 28, Martensdale, Iowa within 5 days of this publication. Any person wishing to comment on this application may also file his or her comments in writing with the Re- gional Director of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation at the FDIC Regional office located at 2345 Grand Blvd., Ste 1200, Kansas City, MO 64108 not later than May 27, 2010. The non-confidential portions of the appli- cation are on file at the appropriate FDIC office and are available for pub- lic inspection during regular business hours. Photocopies of the non-confi- dential portion of the application file will be made available upon request. City State Bank Steve Albrecht, President i LIBRARY HOURS Monday - Thursday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Friday & Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday, 1-5 p.m. Closed Sundays (Memorial Day-Lab Day.) Nov-07 Form 653.C1 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION NOTICE OFPUBLICHEARING AMENDMENT OFCURRENTCITYBUDGET The City Council of Norwalk in WARREN & POLK County, Iowa Will meet at Norwatk Easter Pubtic Library at 6:00 P.M. on 5-27-2010 (hour) (Date) ,for the purpose of amending the current budget of the city for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010 (ve) by changing estimates of revenue and expenditure appropriations in the following functions for the reasons given. Additional detail is available at the city clerk's office showing revenues and expenditures by fund type and by activity. Revenues & Other Financin So rc Taxes Levied on Property Less: Uncollectted Property Taxes-Levy Year Net Current PrOperty Taxes Delinquent Property Taxes TIF Revenues Other City Taxes Licenses & Permits Use of Money and Property Intergovemmental Charges for Services Special Assessments Miscellaneous Other Financing Sources Total Revenues and Other Sources Ex endltures & Other Fin ncin U Public Safety Public Works Health end Social Services Culture and Recreation Community and Economic Development General Government Debt Service Capital Projects Total Government Activities Expenditures Business Type / Enterprises Total Gov Activities & Business Expenditures Transfers Out Total Expendlturesrrransfers Out Excess Revenues & Other Sources Over (Under) Expenditures/Transfers Out Fiscal Year Continuing Appropriation Beginning Fund Balance July 1 Ending Fund Balance June 30 Total Budget as certified or last amended 1 3,075,598 2 3 3,075,598 4 0 5 1,100,000 6 282,662 7 104,600 8 ' 231,800 9 813,000 lO 3,259,712 11! 0 1 218,300 13 1,288,027 14 10,373,699, 15 1,905,588 16 1,289,837 17 3,150 1 912,040 1 857,636 2(3 465,934, 21 684,421 I 2 - 0 23 6,118,606 24 2,591,464 25 8,710,070 2(5 1,284,0271 27 9,994,097 28 379,602 29 0 3o 7,699,250 31 8,078,852 Explanation of increases or decreases in revenue estimates, appropriations, Current Amendment 475,000 475,000 315,000 40,000 70,000 50,000 475,000 475,000 475,000 N/A Total Budget after Current Amendment 3,075,598 0 0 3,075,598 0 1,100,000 282,662 104,600 231,800 813,000 3,259,712 0 218,300 1,763,027 10,848,699 2,220,588 1,289,837 3,150 952,040 927,636 515,934 684,421 0 6,593,606 2,591,464 9,185,070 1,284,027 10,469,097 0 379,602 0 7,699,250 0 8,078,852 or available cash: Revenues & expenses will each increase $475,000. The budgeted revenue increase is from a general obligation bond issued during the fiscal year. The budgeted expenses will increase to offset the revenue in various departments for equipment and vehicle purchases. There will be no increase in tax levies to be paid in the current fiscal year named above. Any increase in expenditures set out above will be met from the increased non-property tax revenues and cash balances not budgeted or considered in this current budget. This will provide for a balanced budget. Jeff Rosien city Clerk/Finance Officer Name