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May 16, 2013     N. Warren Town and County News
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May 16, 2013

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, May 16, 2013 n n WAX,, by Ann Young Gregory v ~r RelSrinted from May 9, 1974 :: There are quite a number of you who read the Valley Times even though you live away from t'he St. Paul-Castlewood-Dante-Coeburn area, and this editorial is partly for you. In ;ecriting it, I am assuming that most of you have lived in this area, or have at "least visited here;and so are interested in how things tre. -' The point ot':it all is to tell you that spring is again proving that this is indeed one of God's favored restore growth, the fresh green of spring does show, and proves that strip-mining is not the total evil that some would have us believe. seems to me that the wealth of beauty with which God has blessed us need not be destroyed by the wealth of our minerals. Strip-mined areas can be restored, and the beauty of the mountains need not be lost. The coal is needed, but we need the beauty and security of restored land, too. Most people who talk about strip-mining seem to be radical about it, one way or the other. Some would places. The hills,which have been dotted with masses completely ban the procedure, on- the grounds of of redbud, are how splashed with white where the environmental protection, while others, just as dogwood trees(areblooming. The redbud is fading militant, demand that strip-mining be allowed to now, and its fuchsia is now dim against the green of flourish, with no mention at all of restoration. its leaves. Scattered among the dogwood and Why can't there be a middle ground? Why can't blooming fruit trees you can see all the shades of we have legislation that allows the coal to be taken green in the wottd as the trees, no longer just naked from the surface mines with the provision that the branches, are ali e with tiny leaves, mined areas be replanted when the coal has been Wildflowers are already blooming along thetaken? Harry Caudill, in Night Comes to the roadsides, and :tia Virginia creeper and newly planted Cumberlands, suggested that our only salvation might vines thrive alrhg fresh cuts. In gardens and fields, lie in the replanting and redevelopment of our strip- the first shoots 6f'the summer's harvest are beginning mined areas. Mr. Caudill is certainly militant about to show. retaining the beauty and safety of our mountain The beauty-;Au remember is here. Of course, not country, but he's always seemed to me to be one of all the scenery:,is beautiful. Because of the energy the few who offered a practical solution to the crisis, strip-mining is being done even more than before, and in.too many cases, the land is left bleak 'and bare 4vhen thee coal is gone, and is blooming with nothing except-gullies where the rains have eroded away chunks of unprotected earth. On the other hand, on strip-mined.{i.tes where an effort has been made to problem areas devastated by strip-mining. In any case, we have many hills and mountains which are not touched by the strip-miners, and those places are full of beauty as spring takes over. How nice it would be if, one year soon, ALL the hillsides showed fresh green leaves and blooming dogwood. Walk for memory by Mark Underwood Neuroscience researcher Quincy Bioscience www.q uincybioscience.com If you have found it chal- lgnging to stick to an exercise plan this past year, listen up! Routine exercise isn't just good for your physical health, new research has found when you ride a bike, hike, walk outdoors or do laps around an indoor walking track, you're also help-~ ing your memory. The takeaway message from new research is this? If you are over 50 and are having trouble sticking to a regular walking regimen, you may want to focus on committing to your walking schedule Changes in patterns of walking less frequently, walking with different gaits as you age, and walking slower and less steadily on even paths can indicate cognitive problems later on in life. What's more, new research from various institutes including the Beckman Institute for Ad- vanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois walking or riding a bike for six months or up to a year can help improve memory as well as problem solving skills in older adults by up to 20 percent. The new research also points out that adults over 50 who take regular walks are more likely to great. So don't blame all the distraction in your life on not making walking a priority. Instead, blame it on poor executive decision, a term well- known by scientists who refer to our ability to multi-task, make good decisions, plan ahead, prioritize and weigh options. Evidence has shown that those who fine-tune their execu- tive function can have stronger willpower Tips to increase your walk- ing schedule Commit to doing it. Just like any new lifestyle activity, you'll want to make sure you practice what you preach. Every person reacts to different motivators. Start by simply making a commitment to walking more frequently. Put a plan together that you can realistically follow. Write down your goals such as walking two city blocks a day. Write down increments of how many blocks you want to accomplish by when such as after 30 days you want to get up to a mile 5 days a week. The purpose of goal setting is to give you something to work toward. If the goal isn't working, fine- tune it to fit your lifestyle. Just keep walking on a N dy Warth improve their memory than a a en-Gibson featured artist for Take your po.o of the same age with sedentary lifestyles. :Clinch Ri:ver Days Festival camera fishing links between walking, exercise and better memory are There's a lot to pack before based on research that shows This years featqred Clinch you head out for the spring that staying fit through ongoing Ri~,ef Days artist will ~" Nadya : fishing season. Just don't forget Warthen-Gibson. I II the camera to take shots of your walking can increase the size of catch to submit to the BoatUS crucial parts of the brain. As Nadya was born..in the w ~ Angler 'Catch of the Month' human brains age they typically sub~bs of Moscow, Kus~ia, and photo contest at grow smaller, one reason for a at thle age of 12 rr/ov'ed' to the www.BoatUS.com/angler/contest shrinking memory. United States with tier family, which kicks off now and runs A large study at the Mayo S~e lived primari!y' in the through October31. Clinic which involved basic Midwestem states~: ~~cluding Monthly winners, one flesh- walking, also found that walking Illinois, Iowa and: Indiana. During her stay in Illinois, she obtained a Bachelor of Pine Arts in Crafts (Metalsmitking and Jewelry) and Master. of Arts in Education at the' Uni vetsity of water and open saltwater, will receive a one-year BoatUS Angler membership with basic on water towing and Trailer Assist a $50 Visa gift card and a 'prize pack' filled with fishing and BoatUS Angler gear. In was linked to cognitive abilities. This study found a strong con- nection between declines in executive function, the ability to plan and organize activities, and slower walking. consistent basis. Sign up for reminders. Use whatever reminders you' need to tell yourself it's time to get out and walk. It might be memos on your computer or notes on a bulletin board. If the weather is bad, walk around a room. A small amount of exercise is better than none at all. Share your goals with family and friends. Tell people what you are doing. They may want to join you on your walks which will extend the possibility for making walking more fun. Don't be too hard on yourself. Keep in mind that you need good executive Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. addition, winning photos will New evidence from several function to keep on top of As of 2009, her home fins been appear in Boat'JS Angler research universities has said your goals. If you use the town ofAbingddn'inOae blue Magazine and Tacklebox that Cognitive skills like memory willpower as a tool to get mountains of southwesl' Virginia. monthly fishing e-newsletter, and the ability to process infor- something you want, that's Monthly winners will be mat|on, parallels the ability to the prize and ultimately the '- .From an early ;:ag$,- Nadya Nadya Warthen-Gi, bson automatically entered to win the w/is fascinated with art;both two and three dimensional, and 2013 Virginia Highlands -outsider s experience inupgradegrand priZeof the|Tin BoatusNvember:Anglertan keePover time.UP a steady walking pace morePleasurefrequentYUwalking.ll get from p~imfe, especially atl-~hings that Festival. American society and resulting membership to include Unlimited Why your willpower may Dante Community ~rept and skittered. Having been Russian folk art is incredibly in images unlike anything seen on w~iier towing and on road= need tweaking ...... tailed in a family with, strong diverse, and Nadya is honored to in the region previously. ' towing assistance from Trailer So why do many people have Center meetings yaditions of camping, gardening draw upon several of its styles in Nadya's work will be on Assist, a high-quality,fish replica trouble sticking to an exercise The Dante Community ~ad encouragement of lifelong her work. The resulting acrylic display at the St. Paul Railroad of their winning catch from routine, even when it may Center will have meetings teaming, she takes a holistic paintings combine the plants and Museum during the Clinch River FishReplicas.com ard a $50 gift involve low impact walking? every third Thursday of the certfficate from Boat Name ' month at :3pproach to art, "~ti~g her animals met locally with tradi- Dasys Festival reception on May ,," - Many people think they 11 6 p.m. Everyone is Llear on om ex enences influence tlonal s hzed fo d 30 t g " g P " ." " ty" rms an fan- beginning at 6:00 pm and - ~'. .... B t'' find the willpower to get off the welcome to attend. For more both,the medium and the subject tastical elaborations, throwing in, again on Saturday from 10:00 lrauer ,assist, oa u~ .... h o,,a ..... tsiae and walk a information call 495-12,17. Angler's roadside assistance ".,~ ...... ~ .... . .... - .... matter of her paintings, bits of narrative regarding an amuntilS:00pm, service for boat trailers and tow mile or so every,any, uut in [ ~trt-:_.._ ~_.._t,., .... "~. ~Since moving "io*Virginia, ' vehicles and the BoatUS on reality they don t have the[ GVII~O$??aQIIlI.0S: [ Naaya has been art'i~;e in the " " " 11 y "" fi hie "p e to resist the comforts ] t:altorlat copy 1 water towing sen-vice helps will owr Editorial co a~ oommuni~: pa.ioi- Southwest Virginia a outh anglers, le spendtimemOrewo hmein aboutS g of sitting in an easy chair [(birthdays, anniversari'es, press[ patirtg in such juriedlbxJa. |bits as ~ _ _ itching TV breakdowns. Visit . . . ]'- ..... ~'-o-"d-ar ~"--- I the Appalachian ~ Show in /4-H hl')r,q{~ ,qh{"~w anu ss rrry g w " Did you know that wdlpower Kingsport and Virgirlia High- " ......... wwwBoatUSAngler.com for [ items, we(~dings, etc.) [ ,9 =1 ! ch k out is a source of mental energy If lands Festival Juried i:ine Arts Saturday, June 22 is the date states who are at least 9 years of more. Anglers can also ec " I .... ~ .... ,---.w~ ..... ~ I -- , 4 p m Monaay Show She has beet j ried into that has been set aside for the age by October 1, 2012 and no all of the photos submitted at you don t have sharp cognitive I 2 Pim:ay [ He'rood and the Appalachian Southwest Virginia Open Youth more than 19 years of age by www.BoatUS.com/angler/contest skills often referred to as [ Aclvertlslng [ Art Center, accepted into 4-H Horse Show. This event will September 30, 2013. Youth do__A__ __A._ executivel decisions you may[ (cl(classifieda "ssified anddispand display)lay) I Mallory Fine Arts g tl ry, and be held at the Southwest Virginia not have to belong to 4-H in have difficulty getting up and ' 12noonTuesda, ' has . shown her w~rk~at the 4-H Educational Center, 25236 order to participate. Designed to ~,~ "~ going outdoors to walk around l Z noon luesaay Appalachian Spirit 'G=gery in Hillman Highway, Abingdon. It be both a family recreational ' the block when the weather isn't Iv~ionOneofaKindoallervin_ is one of the most unique all- weekend and an educational [Vacat,on P '/ 1Jill 1 i[ 2inch [ Bristol 'and the Ab~lgZ~pn Juts breed events held in the United development opportunity for , ~ : Depot_ . Nadya also~ntributed,, States. It features classes and youth,, this event is also. the. r~-~,~,~,'~ .4/~,~.~,~gt~s.~.. two pieces to the Who'is Afraid events to match the varied horse official Southwest Dlstrmt | You'll have plenly of renters when you / Valley Jt' : i of Viroinia's Wolves-? "-'a nublic interests in The Great Southwest. Qualifying 4-H Horse Show that | advertise through Virginia Press Senfices" i ~ ![;~" [ art oro~ect in Abinzdon, an~! was The show is open to all youth allows participants to qualify for ] Statewide Display AdYerti,ing Networkl / | j mes \ I ick'ed'as the si ha-triTe'artist for from Virginia and surrounding the Virginia State 4-H Horse P g | Place your business card-size ad | 1. MEMBER . [ -- - , ~ Show. | in more than 65 newspapers and your message J J "VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION I -~,_~_- .- Lodgipg, camping, and recre- / will reach more than 800,000 Vkginians. / I, I ational fa cilities are open to all ............. | CONTACT THIS NEWSPAPER / ~d wee_~y in,.St.Paui, I " 't-~ ~ participants and their families at / orAdriane Long, Virginia Press Services, ] '|~zv~' Y.~,~:~ I ,'J"""~ ~ a reasonable charge. Stabling and ring facilities are available. ; ",.~__~/'"~''" The show will be on a post entry = - -- --- " ! i- ........... [ basis. A current negative Cog- q'he Clinch Valley Times #2 Prize Winning Recipe Julie Fi'ame, Chester, Virginia .. Chesterfield County Fair ~-~z. can of Beets w/juice ~.~,~ cup Cider vinegar .~'~.".. ~ eup Sugar 6 la~gs, hard boiled* and peeled .,~..: 2 T. Mayonnaise .~.~* ~ 2 T. Mustard "~ ~'~2~F. and 2 tea*. Sugar gins test must be presented on each animal. Information on lodging and camping fees can be obtained by calling the South- west Virginia 4-H Educational Center at (276) 676-6180 bet- ween the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, Monday-Friday. Additional information and programs are available from all Virginia Cooperati-e Extension Offices in Southwest Virginia (Dickenson County 926-4605; Lee County 346-1522; Russell County 889-8056; Scott County 452-2772, Wise County 328- ::~[tmspoon Cider vinegar . .~hlall jar of Green olives Paprika ~ ~asaucepanbringt~e~s, vinegar and sugar to a boil. Pourintoacanningjar 6194), or from the Southwest ,..t-~nd add 6 hard boded~.e~,..Screw hd on and refrigerate 3 - 5 days District Extension Office at b't,~emove eggs from j~q~cg in half lengthwise and remove yolks. Place yolks in (276) 619-4332. Anyone with an '..~'~'~ small bowl and ma~:: interest in horses and ,~ai'~n another bowl com~nuyonnaise, mustard, sugar and vinegar. Mix just q~nough of the mayo iaift~ into the yolks to get the desired consistency. Do horsemanship is encouraged to .~-~aot add all at once, B'~at~a, medmm speed for I - 2 minutes untd smOoth, attend and support the youth of "~'ilt egg halves with l~iXtlw~and top wRh a shee of green ohve. Spnnkle with The Great Southwest. You are ~aprika. Chillat-lea~t~,~e~purbefbreserving. Use extra olives and beets for guaranteed to find both fun and .garnish around eggs....~.. Makes 12 appetizer servings excitement. Io hardbod eggs: Place egg~ saucepan large enough to hold them m a single boiling. Remove from burne~l,t~eggs stand in hot water about l 2 mmutes. Dram; Your ad , . . ,P cool ~town m tee water; anat~'e~f shells. :" '-'-~ could .. ,,"girginia Egg Council . sty, gsg - be h e re l ". " ' -: ~ ~,virotnia~nemlncil.ar~ The Clinch River Days Festival cordially invites you to a reception at the St. Paul Railroad Museum iserves the four-county area Wise, Russell, Dickenson and Scott, with offices and plant located in the CLINCH' VALLEY TIMES ~lding, '16541 Russell Street. Perio- dicals postage is paid at the Post Office in St. Paul, VA 24283, in St. Paul, Virginia on Thursday, the 3orh day of Ann Young Gregory Allen Gregory St=san Trent ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: May, 2o 3 at six o'clock in the evening. ~,In advance: $28.50 in Wise and :Russell counties; $30.00 in other Our gallery will feature the work 124- zip codes; elsewhea'e, $32.50, of renowned local artist Nadya Warthen-Gibson Local wines and refreshments will be served. The Heart of Appalachia Community Orchestra will perform on the lawn. Casual A 're I !POS%'MASTER: send address to: Clinch Valley Times, Box 817, St. Paul, VA SINGLE COPY - 50e Classified Advertising: Minimum i charge, $6.00 for up to 20 words, iin advance; 25e per word after 20 ~:words, Display Advertising rates on application. Periodicals publication Postal ISSN: 767600