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May 16, 2019     N. Warren Town and County News
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May 16, 2019

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Thursday, May 16, 2019 N/Warren Town and County News Page Nine OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Norwalk Community School District April 2019 Paid Invoices Report Vendor Name Des~ 1ST INTERIORS, INC CONSTRUCTION ACCELERATE LEARNING, INC SUPPLIES ADVENTURE LIGHTING SUPPLIES AHLERS & COONEY, PC LEGAL SERVICES ALLEN, MARV OFFICIATING AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES SUPPLIES ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY CO DAIRY PRODUCTS ANDERSON, JILL REIMBURSEMENT ASBO INTERNATIONAL SERVICES ASTS CORPORATION DRUG TESTING AUDIO VIDEO ELECTRONICS SERVICES AUDITOR, STATE OF IOWA AUDITING SERVICES BARNES, MICHAEL OFFICIATING BATCHER, SCOTT OFFICIATING BEHRENS, GARY OFFICIATING BERGUM, PETER OFFICIATING BERVEN, JODI OFFICIATING BLICK ART MATERIALS SUPPLIES BOB'S CUSTOM TROPHIES INC SUPPLIES BOONE GLASS COMPANY NEW 2/3 BLDG - BID PKG 08-1 BUHROW, LUKE STEVEN OFFICIATING CAPITAL SANITARY SUPPLY CO INC SUPPLIES CAPPEUS ACE HARDWARE SUPPLIES CASEY'S BUSINESS MASTERCARD SUPPLIES CENGAGE LEARNING SUPPLIES CENTURYLINK TELEPHONE CERAMIC SHOP, THE SUPPLIES CHAMPION TEAMWEAR AR SUPPLIES CIVITATE, CHRISTOPHER OFFICIATING CLAIMAID FEES CLARK GLASS INC MS,q-IS RENOVATIONS - BID Total 144,105.50 69,960.94 568.05 476.50 600.00 5,268.18 5,386.11 41.55 230.00 60.00 6,576.89 850.00 150.00 100.00 100.00 60.00 100.00 160,03 93.50 10,991.50 100.00 6,825.21 266.33 142.03 50.00 1,552.15 224.81 1,680.00 100.00 3,334.00 PKG 8-1 5,700.00 CLARK, DANIEL OFFICIATING 200.00 CORE STRUCTURAL SERVICES, LLC CONSTRUCTION 44,950.20 CORNWELL, ALISON REIMBURSEMENT 44.80 CRAYONS 2 PENCILS SVPP EXPENSE REIMB 5,419.33 CRICK SOFTWARE SOFTWARE 520.00 CUMMINS CENTRAL POWER LLC REPAIR 625.00 DALLAS CENTER-GRIMES CSD FEES 100.00 DANIELS FILTER SERVICE SERVICES 4,504.13 DAUBITZ, JACK REIMBURSEMENT 75.96 DDVI INC MS/HS RENOVATIONS - BID PKG 6-1 119,156.88 DEAF SERVICES UNLIMITEDSERVICES 1,800.00 DECKER SPORTING GOODS SUPPLIES 930.00 DEMCO SUPPLIES 509.98 DES MOINES AREA COMMUNITY COLL EDUCATION DES MOINES STAMP MANUFACTURING SUPPLIES DEUTMEYER, ELIZABETH SERVICES DEVELOPMENT OF CONSTRUCTION 4,963.00 81.55 225.00 MS/HS RENOVATIONS - BP 2-1 26,600.00 DEVRIES ELECTRIC CONST SERVICES 238,918.35 DOUGHERTY, RODNEY OFFICIATING 180.00 DOWNEY TIRE SERVICE SERVICE 103.20 DRAKE UNIVERSITY PSEO TUITION 1,750.00 DUAX SNOW REMOVAL SERVICES 1,935.00 EARTHGRAINS BAKING COMPANIES FOOD 1,288.63 ELAN CARDMEMBER SERVICES MISCELLANEOUS 217.10 ELAN CARDMEMBER SERVICESCREDIT CARD 2,706.30 EPCO LTD, INC SUPPLIES 4,707.00 ERIC ARMIN INC SUPPLIES 96.95 EXCEL MECHANICAL COMPANY INC HVAC SERVICES 4,836.70 FAREWAY STORES SUPPLIES 317.64 FAZlO, KATHY REFUND 220.00 FELLOWSHIP COMMUNITY CHURCH SVPP EXPENSE REIMB 12,936.50 FLINN SCIENTIFIC INC SUPPLIES 138.83 FOGLESONG, JULIE OFFICIATING 150.00 FOLEY, ANNA REIMBURSEMENT 100.99 FORREST & ASSOCIATE CONSTRUCTION 28,403.10 FRKARCHiTECTS-ENGINEERS, PC ARCHITECT SERVICES 143,666.11 FRONTLINE TECHNOLOGIES GROUP SOFTWARE 1,780.00 GENESIS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES 2,166.21 GILTNER, JAQUELINE SERVICES 225.00 GRAINGER SUPPLIES 302.04 GRAPHIC EDGE, INC SUPPLIES 2,198.39 GRUBB, MICHAEL REIMBURSEMENT 216.84 HANSON SERVICES SERVICES 2,725.00 METRO RENTAL EQUIP RENTAL 600.00 MID AMERICAN ENERGY ELECTRICAL SERVICE 50,289.15 MIDWEST AUTOMATIC FIRE SPRINKLER NEW 2/3 BLDG - BID PKG 15-1 26,220.00 MIDWEST COMPUTER PRODUCTS/NC LBRARY SUPPLIES 104,576.00 MISTRE'I-FA, JOHN FFICIATING 60.00 MOSAIC FAMILY COUNSELING CENTER S=-RVICES 367.50 MUJIC, HARIS O=FICIATING 100.00 MURILLO, MARGO R'IMBURSEMENT 238.35 NATL ASSN FOR GIFTED CHILDRIN DIES/FEES 119.00 NEESSEN, ERIC RIMBURSEMENT 32.00 NOLTE, CORNMAN & JOHNSON P, FJANCIAL AUDIT SERVICES 7,260.00 N WARRENFOWN & ~ NEWS SRVICE 445.78 NORWALK CSD CASH-HS P,T'rY CASH 115.86 NORWALK CSD NUTRITION FUN[; R.IMBURSEMENT 135.00 NORWALK READY-MIX CONCRETI INC SlPPLIES 200.50 NORWALK SHOP, THE SERVICES 592.00 NORWALK, CITY OF WATER/SEWER SERVICE 8,392.10 O'KEEFE ELEVATOR COMPANY, IbC SERVICES 560.34 O'REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC MSC PARTS 9.92 OFFICE DEPOT SIIPPLIES 412.19 OLESON BUCKTON, BARBARA REIMBURSEMENT 26.21 OMANOVIC, ESAD OFFICIATING 100.00 OUT OF BOX PROOUCTIONS, LLC SERVICES 2,000.00 PAC-VAN, INC RENTAL 160.00 PAGE, WAYNE SERVICES 150.00 PE II LLC SUPPLIES 1,707.00 PERC SOURCE SUPPLIES 48.99 PERMA-BOUND SUPPLIES 124.48 PHILLIPS FLOORS INC NEW 2/3 BLDG - BID PKG 9-4 & 11-2 36,687.10 PLUMB SUPPLY COMPANY SUPPLIES 124.15 PORTO, PETER OFFICIATING 100.00 PREFERRED PEST CONTROL SERVICES 400.00 R. H. GRABAU CONSTRUCTION, IRC NEW 2/3 BLDG- BID PKG 6-1 123,994.36 RABBI'I-r, PAT OFFICIATING 100.00 RALLY APPRAISAL, LLC SERVICES 2,000.00 RANKIN COMMUNICATION SYSTE~IS INC PHONE SYSTEM SERVICES 939.15 RATIGAN, JODY RIIMBURSEMENT 57.02 REALLY GOOD STUFF INC SLPPLIES 119.01 REVTRAK WEBSTORE FEES 1,977.85 RIEMAN MUSIC SUPPLIES 1,488.23 RIVERS, GREG REIMBURSEMENT 142.31 RWERSIDE TECHNOLOGIES INC SUPPLIES 1,147.00 SCHILL, JEFFREY OFFICIATING 150.00 SCHIRO, DAWN REIMBURSEMENT 100.40 SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIRS - 08 BOOKS 1,695.44 SCHOLASTIC INC CLASSROOM SUPPLIES 100.28 SCHOOL HEALTH CORPORATION SLPPLIES 300.39 SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC SLPPLIES 118.66 SCIBA EI~TRY FEES 648.00 SECURITY LOCKSMITHS SLPPLIES 4.10 SERENDIPITY PRESCHOOL S PP EXPENSE REIMB 9,691.89 SHINDIGZ SLPPLIES 352.98 SIOUX CITY CSD TUITION 1,571.64 SMITH'S SEWER SERVICE INC CONSTRUCTION 122.65 SOFTIC, MUNIZ OFFICIATING 100.00 SPIESS, JOSEPH OFFICIATING 100.00 STORY ~ COMPANY CONST MGMT SERVICES 148,298.70 STREET SMARTS LLC SUMMIT FIRE PROTECTION DRIVER ED INST SERVICES 2,372.50 MS/HS RENOVATIONS - BID PKG 15-1 8,541.68 HARVEY'S AUTOMOTIVE & MACH INC PARTS 1,036.97WEST DES MOINES CSD NUTRITIEN HAU RDIC, ALMIR OFFICIATING 100.00 SU)PLIES HEARTLAND AEA 11 SERVICES 247.55 WESTSIDE APPLIANCE SU)PLIES HILSABECK SCHACHT INC NEW 2/3 BLDG - BID PKG 9-1 29,024.87WESTVOLD, KIRK SECURITY HODZIC, MURIZ OFFICIATING 100.00 WEX BANK FUEL HOGLUND BUS & TRUCK CO SUPPLIES 63.75 WILSON LANGUAGE TRAINING COIP HUDL SUPPLIES 400.00 SUPPLIES 51,413.18 HY VEE STORES SUPPLIES 405.37 WILSON RESTAURANT SUPPLY EQJlPMENT 9,081.37 IHSADA REGISTRATIONS 27.50 WOOD ROOFING SEWICES 34,866.63 ILAJlASL SUPPLIES 44.00 WOODMAN CONTROLS SEIVICES 2,121.00 IN3"ERSTATEALLBAT-FERYCENTER SUPPLIES 51.40 WOODWARD-GRANGER CSD TUFION 4 065.12 IOWA ASSN OF SCHOOL BOARDS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 325.00 2,131,094.03 IOWA ASSN SCHOOL BUS OFFICIAL REGISTRATION 178.00 OFFICIAL PIBLICATION IOWA COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK SERVICES 1,324.67 NORWALK COMMJNITY SCHOOLS Special ~ession IOWA DEPT OF HUMAN SERVICES MEDICAID 37,152.03 April 2, 2019 IOWA DIVISION OF LABOR SERVICES SERVICES 640.00 The meeting was called to order at 6:0 p.m. IOWA HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSN Directors Present- David Albrecht Justin Fletcher, Rick Kaul, Dana SERVICES 20,047.65Schuemann, and Maribeth Wright. IOWA HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC ASSOC The following motions were made, seonded, and approved: DUES 620.00 Approved the Agenda. IOWA INFINITE CAMPUS USER BOARD Approved the Open Enrollment Fequests. DUES/FEES 200.00 Approved the Personnel Report. IOWA NET HIGH ACADEMY ED PROGRAMMING 6,731.00 * Approved Second Reading of th, Certified Handbook 2019-2020. IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES SUPPLIES 206.00 Approved Second Reading of th* Confidential Handbook 2019-2020. IOWA SCHOOL NURSE ORGANIZATION Approved Teacher Quality-Leaning Sciences International Summer REGISTRATION 95.00 Professional Learning Agreemert. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY REG FEES 165.00 ApprovedTentativeApprovalof2)19Graduates. IOWA WORKFORCE DEVELOPM ENT Approved NCSD Portrait of a Leaner and New NCSD Mission Statement. UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS 504.00 Approved Secondary RenovationCR-038R2, CR-042, CR-044, Change IOWAWORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Order #1-Bid Pkg 3-1 & 5-1, Cl'~nge Order #1-Bid Pkg 4-1, Change SERVICES 300.00 Order #1-Bid Pkg 6-1, Change Crier #1-Bid Pkg 16-1. JOHNSON, ANGI REFUND 67.50 Approved 2019-2020 Organizatioal Chart. JUICEBOX INTERACTIVE SERVICES 690.00 Approved SIAC and Board Meeting Dates for 2019-2020. JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF CENTRAL IA Approved going into closed sess)n as provided by Iowa Code Chapter SUPPLIES 4,532.50 21.5, Section (1), Subsection (a)f~r purpose to review or discuss records JW PEPPER & SON INC SUPPLIES 306.58 which are required or authorized by state or federal law to be kept KANOST, MELISSA REIMBU RSEMENT 210.38 confidential or to be kept confidenial as a condition for that governmental KARIMI, SAEED OFFICIATING 100.00 body's possession or continued P, ceipt o1 federal funds. KECK FOOD DISTRIBUTION SUPPLIES 679.76 The board came out of Closed Session at 9:26 p.m. KESSLER, MARY ANNE REIMBURSEMENT 53.92 Approved Recommendation 2019-2020 Employee Compensation KOCHNEFF, ERIC OFFICIATING 60.00 Increase for Administrators, Student Advocates, and Professional & KRUCK P & H CO, INC NEW 2/3 BLDG - BP 15-2 183,166.65Confidential Secretaries as amended. KUPRESANIN, VLADIMIR OFFICIATING 100.00 The meeting was adjourned at 9:34 p.m. L.A. FULTON & SONS, INC MS/HS RENOVATIONS - BP 15-2 Official minutes will be available following board approval. 131,108.55 Kate Baldwin, Board Secretary LASER RESOURCES EQUIP MAINTENANCE SERVICE 2,933.59 LEARNING POST, THE SUPPLIES 77.12 LIPOVAC, ZACHARY REIMBURSEMENT 487.40 LOFFREDO FRESH PRODUCE CO INC FOOD 2,173.62 LOGO SPORTSWEAR SUPPLIES 1,614.68 LOPEZ, JESUS OFFICIATING 100.00 MACIEJEWSKI, ALEXANDER OFFICIATING 100.00 MAGEE, DUANE REIMBURSEMENT 63.74 MAHER BROTHERS TRANSFER & STORAGE SERVICES 1,200.00 MARTIN BROS DISTRIBUTING CO INC NUTR FOOD 24,963.06 MENARDS-CLIVE SUPPLIES 112.92 MENARDS-DES MOINES SUPPLIES 539.69 METIER, JEROMY OFFICIATING 100.00 SYNCHRONY BANK/AMAZON SLPPLiES 150.90 TATE, CRYSTAL OFICIATING 100.00 TAYLOR, SHEILA REMBURSEMENT 36.75 TEACHER CREATED RESOURCES SLPPLIES 45.95 TEACHERS SYNERGY LLC SLPPLIES 56.49 TEAM GOLF GEAR SLPPLIES 1,078.80 THELEN, ROBERT OFICIATING 80.00 THOMAS BUS SALES OF IOWA INC EEUIPMENT/SUPPLIES 1,173.47 TRIMARK SLPPLIES 44,115.78 ULINE SLPPLIES 257.96 UNITYPOINT AT HOME SEWICES 94.00 UNITYPOINT HEALTH ATC SERVICES 2,580.00 VAN PELT PAINTING, INC SERVICES 42,750.00 VANFLEET, LINDSEY REIMBURSEMENT 528.84 WADDELL, TODD OFFICIATING 150.00 WARD, KIM REIMBURSEMENT 350.00 WAS-fE MANAGEMENT OF iOWA SEqVICES 2,534.95 WEBER, CHRISTOPHER OFICIAL 80.00 130.00 20.53 140.00 128.06 Have a news item for the paper? Send it to us by email at news@norwalk newspaper.com Extra copies of the Norwalk paper can be purchased at Casey's, Kum & Go, Git-N- Go, and Fareway. Events at Norwalk Easter Public Library 1051 NorthAvenue 515-981-0217 *No storytimes in May, as we prepare for Summer Read "A Universe of Stories'I!* Monday, May 20 A Novel Year Book Club, 6:30 p.m. Tonight is our program related to this month's title, Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. Prior registration at the library is necessary. Wednesday, May 22 Early Out Wednesdays, 2:30-3:30 p.m. Drop-in activities every Wednesday if there is school in Norwalk. No registration required; best for elementary-age children but all ages are welcome! On the 4th Wednesday of the month, it's Make! Make art projects with a variety of materials, including paint, button maker, and shrinky dink materials. Each time we will have different projects to work on. INEIGHBORHOOD NOTESI University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, KY, is proud to congratulate Abbigail Livingston of Norwalk on her graduation. Livingston completed a Bachelor of Arts in Biology during the 2018-2019 academic year. The honor roll lists for Graceland University's 2019 spring term have been announced. Students with a perfect 4.0 grade point average are named to the president's list. Graceland commends the students who have devoted their efforts and talents to their academic success! Local students to receive this honor include Alison Laneelotti of Cumming. Lancelotti was also recognized in the Graceland University Art Department Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition as the Les Wight Mixed Media Award winner for "Homage to Hans Christenson," and an honorable mention for the Van Biber Award for "In the Name of Order." Looking to Upgrade your Business or Workplace to L.E.D.s? Call for a free estimate EcoLogix LED Lighting Solutions Frank Thomas (515)313-8757 Fthomas@EcoLogix.biz $$$$$$$$$ SPECIAL SPRING SAVINGS WINDOW/SIDING/DOOR DECK/PORCH ENCLOSURE IOWA LUMBER & CONSTRUCTION 104 1st Street West Des Moines, IA 255-1200 $ $ $ $ CALL NOW $ $ $ $