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July 3, 2014     N. Warren Town and County News
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July 3, 2014

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Thursday, July 3, 2014 N/Warren Town and County News Page Eleven OFFICIAL PUBLICATION MINUTESTO BE APPROVED ATTHE JULY 1,2014 MEETING June 24th, 2014 The Warren County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, June 24th, 2014, at 9:30 a.m. with Supervisors' Doug Shull, Steve Wilson and Dean Yordi present: The following business was had to-wit: PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE CORRECTIONS/ADDITIONS/DELETIONS: Deletion of Agenda Item #3 - Pro- posalfor Construction Services for the G24 Hwy Project SIMPLE MOTION by Dean Yordi, second by Steve Wilson to approve the con- sent agenda and 06/17/2014 Regular Session Minutes. .IOWA CLINIC, THE " ABC ENTERPRISES ACCESS SYSTEMS ADAMS, MADELINE ADV INTEGRATED ADVANTAGE CYCLE AFFINITI GROUP INC AFFORDABLE DRAIN AG ALLIANCE AIA SERVICES LLC AE DAIRY AOSNC LLC APA APPLE VALLEY AUBERT BANKOF AMERICA BASS, TROY W BATES, CHERYL BENDON PLUMBING BRIGGS CORP BURKE, JOSEPH BURROWS, ERIC CABELAS CAMPBELL, SUSAN CARLISLE CITIZEN CARLISLE PARK II CARLISLE, CITY OF CARPENTER CARROLL, DAVID CDW GOVERNMENT CNTRL tA DISTRIB CNTRL IA JUVENILE CENTURYLINK CENTURYLINK COMM CHILDREN/FAMILIES CHUMBLEY'S AUTO CIRCLE B CASHWAY CLARKE CO AUDITOR - CLARKE ELECTRIC CMI INC CNH CAPITAL CNM EQUIPMENT COBURN, RYAN COOK APPRAISAL COOK, TIMOTHY F CR SERVICES CRANSTON, BOBBIER CUMMINGS, MA'I-F DAUGHERTY, JULIE DETAILS PLUS DIAMOND OIL CO DOWNEY TIRE PROS DOWNEY TIRE PROS ED ROEHR SAFETY EDJE TECH INC EICHHOLZ, DOUG .[ELCOCK, TARA M. . ,ELECT ENGINEER EMBARK iT INC EMMICK, ELDON FAREWAY STORES INC FASTENAL COMPANY FAZZl ASSOC FOX/OOD APTS FREEDOM FIRST AID FREEMAN, MONTY G & L CLOTHING GARMIN GAUMER, DOUG GOODWlN TUCKER GRAYBAR GRIMM, PHIL H B LEISEROWITZ HARGIN, CHAD HAWKEYETRUCK HEALTH EDCO HEARTLAND CO-OP HENRY, DWANE HEVVLE'I-I'-PACKARD HITSMAN, WILLIAM HOHANSHELT, S HOME DEPOT HOMMERS HRDWDS HR GREEN INC INMTE MD CHGS X 3 CULVERT REPAIRS CNTRCT OVRG CHG MLG PHN SRVC VHCL MNTNC DSBLD VHCLE STKRS CLEAR SLUDGE SUPPLIES PROMO ITEMS BEVERAGES INSTLLTN/CNFGRTN ANNL DUES TREE REMOVAL TOWING PARTIAL JUNE MTG OFFICE EQUIP REIMB MLG TRAP MNTNC ALLERGIES LBL MLG REIMB PHONE STIPEND APPAREL MLG PBLCTNS APRIl/MAY JUNE RENT ASST JUNE HALL RENT UNIFORMS PHONE STIPEND SHELF/IPAD CO/ER ' JNTRL SUPPLIES CLNT SRVCS PHN CHRGS MTHLY CHGS CLNT SRVC MNTNC/CLNT ASST SUPPLIES/EQUIPMNT MED EXMNR FEES UTILITIES SUPPLIES PARTS EQUIPMNT/REPAIRS EXMNR FEES X2 APPRSL RPT FUEL REIMB SUPPLIES M.LG REIMB WELL PLGGNG MLG/PRKNG SIGNS FUEL LABOR/SUPPLIES REPAIRS PRODUCTS WEBSITE DESIGN / BUSINESS CARDS EQUIP/MLC-JPRKNG LEGAL SERVICES SERVICES ADOBE ACROBAT PHONE STIPEND FOOD FOR INMATES PRGRM SUPPLIES SAFETY EQPMNT MAY DATA RNT CLNT ASST SUPPLIES PRGRM SPPLS UNIFORM SUPPLIES CELL PHN STIPND SERVICES BATFERIES 2014 PH STIPEND EQUIPMENT CELL PHN STIPEND NEW EQUIPMENT EDCTNL MATERIAL HERBICIDES/OATS UNIFORMS . . DCKNG STATION MLG/AIR/LODGING MLG/PHN STIPEND REFRIGERATOR LUMBER SW CONNCTR PYMT HY-VEE ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE SUPPLIES HY-VEE FOOD WELLNESS PRSNI-IN ILLOWA COMM SERVICES " INDY FIRE DEPT SERVICES RECORD-HERALD NEWSPR SUB INDOFF INC. SUPPLIES INFOMAX OFFICE SYSTEMS INC CNTRCT BASE CHRG INTERSTATE BTTRY BA'CIERIES IA CO RECORDERS SERVICES IA DPT PUBLIC HLTH CERT RENEWAL IP PATHWAYS LLC INSTLTN FEES J LAURENZO SPECIALTY TOILET PR'I-FNS/INSTLTN JOHLAS SZALKOWSKI PHN STPND/SPPLS JOHN DEERE SUPPLIES JOHNSON CO MEDICAL EXAMINER WARREN CO RES/EXMNR FEES $2,712.00 $699.00 $1,495.20 $2.35 $182.91 $576.59 $.540.45 $244.08 $150.00 $123.60 $1,500.00 $566.21 $10,722.00 $224.oo $500.00 $285.00 $575.OO $36.53 $50.60 $74.89 $85.20 $197.34 $31.02 $260.91 $84.00 $448.40 $102.00 $378.00 $360.96 $45.00 $104.87 $1,928.30 $1,728.00 $2,327.34 $19.46 $55.32 $3,479.43 $5,017.14 $2,054.5O $166.27 $102.82 $2O5.49 $3,267.87 $393.18 $4,900.00 $6o.t7 $213.47 $42.5O $400.00 $16.75 $160.00 $28,230.21 $373.35 $1,306.16 $2,382.55 $9,110.19 $2,974.44 $633.35 $63.95 $341.00 $31.02 $550.69 $95.38 $45.oo $55o.oo $60.30 $37.72 $211.08 $1,924.75 $3O.0O $231.08 $4,240.64 $93.08 $95.59 $15.00 $41,334.00 $t54.64 $699.85 $610.36 $86.00 $1,591.70 $192.56 $540.35 $240.00 $22,555.16 $1,174.16 $150.00 $152.25 $876.8o $42.oo $831.55 $615.30 $;80.20 ;2,450.22 $60.00 $9,720.00 $2,654.00 $160.73 $2,56o.85 KABEL PAYROLL SRVCS $1,737.65 KADING PROP CLNT RNT ASSIST $550.00 KANSAS CITY CHAPTER OF IAAO REG FEE $450.00 KELTEK INC EQUIPMENT $4,190.14 KINGSLEY, SARAH MLG $75.27 KOCH BROTHERS CNTRCT MTHLY INV $575.30 KONE INC. MAINT COV CHGS $213.60 KREISERS INC SUPPLIES $895.24 LACONA COMM HALL JUNE HALL RENT $378.00 LAWSON, BLAIR RNTL ASST $300.00 LEADING EDGE MENTORING 1/2 STRATEGIC PLAN FACILITATION $2,500.00 M & M SALES CONTRACT CHGS $459.61 MARCO INC CNTRCT BASE CHRG $116.00 MARION CO SHERIFF'S OFFICE MAY 2014WARREN CO INMATE BILL $6,760.00 MARTENSDALE LIONS JUNE HALL RENT $462.00 MARTIN BROTHERS FOOD & PROVISIONS $3,598.38 MC CASLAND, DOUG MISC REIMB $32.00 MCCOY TRUE VALUE SUPPLIES $790.92 MEADOWVILLAGE CLNT RENT ASSIST $139.00 MED-TECH MEDICAL SUPPLIES $79.46 MEDICAP PHARMACY INMATE RX'S $762.52 MENARDS SUPPLIES $157.96 MIDAMERICAN MO UTLTS $773.04 MIDWEST CARD SOFTWARE/INSTLTN $6,502.00 MILLER, JOHN . CLOTHING REIMB $158.56 MILLER, LORI SERVICES $400.00 MISTI KOSMAN JUNE 1-15 CLNNG $6,000.00 MURPHY, TIMOTHY MNTNC AT JAIL $60.00 N/WARREN TOWN ' PBLCTNS $378.87 NEWVIRGINIA LIONS JUNE HALL RENT $378.00 NOBLE FORD VEHICLE MNTNC $211.05 N AMERICAN MHP CLNT RNTL ASST $402.77 NORTHERN UGHTS FOOD & SUPPLIES $2,630.34 NORWALK READY-MIXED coNcRETE SUMMERSETTRAIL REPAIRS $260.75 O'REILLY AUTO PARTS $14.99 OFFICEMA x INC SUPPLIES $268.18 ORCHARD PLACE-MH CLNT ASST $183.22 OVERTON, ROGER ROCK $757.88 PARTNERS IN FAMILY APRIL RMB/ALS PALS $1,000:00 PATTERSON DENTAL SUPPLIES $628.60 PETCO SUPPLIES $265.92 PHILLIPS, AMANDA MLG $85.41 PIERCE BROW; REPAIR MATERIALS $122.00 PITNEY BOWES INC. *MTHLY RNTL CHGS $1,343.00 POINDEXTER LABOR & SUPPLIES $4,347.00 POLK CO TREAS EXMN.R FEES REIMB $2,146.69 PRAIRIE VIEW CLNT ASST $1,837.50 PREMIER PARTS INC PARTS $220.38 PRIEBE, JIM PHN STPND/RGS FEE $33.75 QUALITY PEST PST CNTRL SRVC $30.00 QUALITY PLUMBING SERVICES $80.00 QUALITY SUPER LUBE VHCL MNTNC $115.30 RECORD HERALD PBLCTNS $179.47 RED ROCK MAY MOWING EXP $2,000.00 RESERVE ACCOUNT ' PSTG 5-1 THRU 5-30 $45.93 ROBERTS, LOGAN PHN STPND/UNFRM $157.80 SANOFI PASTEUR INC TUBERSOL $165.90 PROGRAM SUPPLIES $588.82 SCHEEL$ SCHWALM, DANIEL MLG $177.00 SEHNERT, TRACIE - MLG/OVERNITE MLS $284.33 SEIBERT, ANTHONY WELL PLUGGING $375.52  SIRWA WATER/HCKRY HILLS $43.80 SE EMERG EQUIP EQUIPMENT $4,439.60 SO COMPUTER EQUIPMENT $591.65 SOUTHTOWN PARTS & LABOR $218.65. SPENCER PROPERTY CLIENT RNT ASSIST $384.26 STERNQUIST CONST BROKEN CONCRETE $25.20 TED'S USED CARS LABOR & PARTS $3595 q-HOMSON REUTERS MAY 2014 CHARGES $1,708.88 TJARKS, DOUG CLOTHING REIMB $96.41 TOMIN TOWING MAY 2014 CHARGES $1,608.19 TRM DISPOSAL TRASH REMOVAL $89.00 US BANK COPIER RENTAL $126.00 US GLOBAL SAT INC EQUIPMENT $779.85 US POSTAL SERVICE PSTG/BOX RNTL $1,622.13 USDA OFFICE INVESTORS LLC DHS OFFICE SP LSE PMT $2,252.00 VAN DIEST SUPPLY CHEMICALS $15,177.60 VANDERPOOL ROCK $282.00 VERIZON WIRELESS CELL PHN CHRGS $4,154.79 W REEVES CUSTOM CABINET $2,238.00 WAL-MART EQPMNT $445.76 WARNE, CONNIE ANC RNTL REFUND $200.00 WARREN CO HEALTH EQUIPMENT. REIMB $1,135.88 WARREN CO TEAS/LD PHN LD SRVC - $255.17 WARREN CO TREAS FU EL $16,589.35 WARREN CO TREAS PHN SRVC $,900.00 WARREN WATER MTHLY WATER CHGS $39.00 WILSON, MARK PHONE STIPEND $30.00 WILSON, STEVE MLG REIMB $114.00 WlNDSTREAM MTHLY PHONE CHGS $147.43 RESOLUTION 14-B4A BUDGET APPROPRIATION WHEREAS, on June 4, 2013, the Board of Supervisors approved appropriating 90% of tke total bu(get to the various lepartments; NOW, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the remaining 10% unappropriated budget for Nutrition department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014 be appropriated for the amount of $17,438.00. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 14-84B SALARY FOR FY2015 SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT " BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves the following pay increases for the Sheriff's Department, effective July 1, 2014: Randy Spurr $2,754.73/bi-weekly Jeff Tonelli $28.45/hr Tim Cook $27.63/hr Mike Morrison $28.45/hr Rob Fisher $27.53/hr Jon Wilbur $28.25/hr Phil Grimm $27.43/hr EIdon Emmick $28.15/hr Joe Carico $27.33/hr Eric Burrows $28.15/hr Lisa Ohiinger $27.33/hr Jim Van Gundy $27.23/hr Travis Keeney $26.85/hr (May 5, 2015) to $27.23/hr Jeremy Snow $24.78/hr (November 11,2014) to $26.05/hr Kelly Nunez $19.51/hr Deb VanPatten $19.41/hr Kim Sheets $19.41/hr Amy Kemner $24.31/hr Kris Arnold $23.19/hr Christy Gurwell $23.19/hr Steve Garrett $2309/hr Jon Stageman $27.23/hr Julie Steil $22.99/hr StaceyVan Gundy $22.89/hr Chrissy Mathews $22.89/hr Jason Hundertmark $24.78/hr (November 11, 2014) to $26:05/hr Cameron VanZante $21.64/hr (March 18, 2015) to $22.51/hr . Jamie Aiken $21.64/hr (April 1,2015) to $22.51/hr Derek Konra $21.64/hr (April 15, 2015) to $22.51/hr Ross Bauer $20.78/hr (August 26, 2014) to $21.64/hr Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 14-84C WAGE INCREASE HEALTH'SERVICES BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves change in wages for Kate Honer, LBSW, 1 = Five Coordinator-Social Worker, Health Services, effective June 23, 2014 resulting in an increase to Grade 15, Step 2 in the amount of $22.45 per hour due to completion of satisfac- tory 6 month probation. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 14-84D REMOVAL FROM PAYROLL HEALTH SERVICES BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves to remove Janet Landgrebe, HCA, from Health Services payroll effective Juhe 25, 2014 and to pay out any accrued benefit as per the employee policy. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 14--84E PURCHASE NEW PLOWTRUCK BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board ef Supervisors hereby move to approve the purchase of a 2014 I NT Workstar dump/plow truck in the amount of $164,529.00 frQm O'Halloran International. Carded unanimously RESOLUTION 14-84F SALARY ADJUSTMENTS SECONDARYROADS BE IT RESOLVED THAT the following salaries, for the period of July I, 2014 through June 30, 2015, be established for the SeCondary Road Department employees: EMPLOYEE NAME JOB TITLE GR/STP WAGE LNG TOTAL Brown, Cory Rd Superintendent 17/10" $34.60 N/A $34.60 Bowlin, Ryan Asst Rd Supt 16/6" $28.20 N/A $28.20 Apple, Andrew RMT II 8/6 Brangers, Joseph D EOI 8/6 Butler, Randy L EO II 9/6 Cheers, Timothy D EO II 9/6 Coffman, Anthony EO I I 9/6 Enquist, Robert RMT II 8/6 Etcher, Dale E MG II 9/6 George, Tom Q Hauling Foreman 10/6 Gripp, Michael L EOII 9/6 Jones, Jerry Mechanic 10/6 McKenzie, Rusty Sign Foreman 10/6 Pitman, David L Grading Foreman 10/6 Ritchey, Robert R B/C Foreman 10/6 Snyder, Steve L. Shop Foreman 11/6 Songayllo, Paul A EOWeed/Brush 9/6 Squier, David L Mechanic 10/6 Tjarks, Douglas R Shop Service Wkr 10/6 Turner, Ronald L EOII/Weed Comm 9/6 Van Patten, Michael EOII 9/6 Collins, Shawn W MGII 9/6 Horton, Timothy L MGII 9/6 Mason, William S MGII 916 Nervig, Michael J MGII 9/6 Sharp, Terry L MGII 9/6 Spear, Randy W MGII 9/6 Striegel, LerQy F MGII 9/6 Dollison, Dennis A MGII 916 Miller, John D MGtl 9/6 Konrad, Brian DOperations Assistant 17/10" ;20.62 $0.00 $20.62, $20.62 $0.10 $20.72 $22.38. $0.10 $22.48 $22.38 $0.20 $22.56 $22.38 $0.20 $22.58 $20.62 $0.00 $20.62 $22.38 $0.70 $23.08 $23.30 $0.30 $23.60 $22.38 $0.30 $22.68 $23.30 $0.00 $21.94 $23.30 $0.20 $23.50 $23.30. $0.50 $23.80 $23.30 $0.20 $23.50 $25.22 $0.10 $25.32 $22.38 $0.10 $2248 $23.30 $6.20 $23.50 $23.30 $0.30 $23.60 . $22.38. $0.10 $22.46 $22.38 $0.10 $22.48 $22.38 $().20 $22.58 $22.38 $0.30 $22.58 $22.38 $0.60 $22.98 $22.38 $0.10 $22.48 $22.38 $0.20 $22.58 $22.38 $0.20 $22.58 $22.38 $0.20 $22.58 $22.38 $0.10 $22.48. $22.38 $0.10 $22.46 $34.60 N/A $34.60 $3,020.00 $23.83 Holloway, JerryAssistant Co Engineer18/11" $3,020.00 N/A- Thompson, Ashley Office Manager 13/8, $23.83 N/A *County Pay Matrix Carried unanimously : RESOLUTION 14-84G ACCEPT RETIREMENT ASSISTANT COUNTY.AT- TORNEY BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves to accept the retirement/resignation of Karla J. Fultz, Assistant County Attorney, effective July 2, 2014 and to pay out any accrued benefits and to re- move from payroll. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 14-84H SALARIES FOR FY2015 M/H AND CASE MANAGE- MENT BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors Iereby ap- prove the following pay increases for the Mental Health/Case Management De- partment, effective July 1,2014: Amanda Phillips $1,725.42/bi-weekly (Case Management Dept #59) Brenda Daily $1,912.71/bi-weekly (Case Management Dept #59) Marci Kellow $1,730.54/bi-weekly (Case Management Dept #59) JenniferTownsend $1,688.37/hi-weekly (Case Management Dept #59) Sarah Siefken " $1,684.98/bi-weekly (25% Mental Health Dept #60) (75% Case Mngmnt Dept #59) Cheryl Bates $1,570.74/bi-weekly (25% Mental Health Dept #60) (75% Case Mngmnt Dept #59) Mallory Wells $17.42/hr (Mental Health Dept #60) Heather Casteel $16.88/hr (.10% Mental Health Dept #60) (90% Case Management Dept #59) Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 14-841 SALARY FOR FY2015 AUDITOR'S OFFICE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- prove the following pay increases for the Auditor's Department, effective July 1, 2014: Sharon Wiley $38,999.92 (63% Deputy) Kds Foland $18.01/hr Rhonda Green $23.79/hr Tami Jorgensen ;15.54/hr (50% Elections/50% Administration) Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 1.4--85 APPROVE "PROPOSAL TESTING/INSPECTION G24 HWY PROJECT BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- prove the proposal from Team Services forConstruction Testing & Inspection Services for the G24 Hwy Project, Project No. STP-S-C091(90)--5E-91, and authorize the Board Chair and Engineer to sign. Carried urlanimously The next regular meeting will be held onTuesday, July I st, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. Upon proper motion the meeting was adjourned at 9:35 a.m. AI-rEST: AUDITOR, Traci VanclerLinden CHAIR, Doug Shull OFFICIAL PUBLICATION City of Norwalk ORDINANCE NO. 14-1 1 AMENDINGTHE MASTER PLAN AND RULES, REGULATIONS; AND GUIDE- LINES FORTHE LEGACY PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT AS CONTAINED IN ORDINANCE NO. 01-01. Passed by City Council on June 26, 2014. Additional information and a full copy of the ordinance is available for inspection at City Hall, 705 North Avenue, Norwalk, IA 50211 ; 515/981-0228 or on line at http://www.norwalk.iowa.gov/You rGove r n ment.aspx OFFICIAL PUBLICATION MINUTES OFTHE NORWALK CITY COUNCILWOR K SESSION ON 6-20-14 (abridged for publication) Mayor Tom Phillips called the work session at 705 North Avenue to oder at 12:00 P.M. Present at roll call: Enka isley and Jaki Livingston. This was not an official meeting as there was not a quorum present. The agenda topics included presentation and discussion regarding the proposed Southern Ridge Residential Development PUD. Specific conversatiors centered around density, set backs and buffering. Mayor Phillips adjourned the meeting at 1:15 P.M. Tom Phillips, Mayor Jeff Rosien, City Clerk It is said to be impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.