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July 4, 2019     N. Warren Town and County News
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July 4, 2019

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Thursda ul 4 2 Yr] r 019 N/Warren Town and County News P N. . age 1ne OFFICIAL PUBLICATION IA D " EPT or MINUTES To BE APPROVED AT THE JULY 2ND, 2019 IOWA DOT $300.00 BE IT RESOLVED THAT, upon recommendation of the Assessor's Offic MEETING IOWA PRISON INDUST SIGNS/PARTS $103.44 list of the Business Property Tax Credit Applications for the 28’ a June 13th, 2019 [A SEC OF STATE NOTARY RNWL $7§ggc2>8 pfiygble 2019-2020 are hereby approved, year 18 I IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY R ' ‘ ‘gIBeoWarre? County Board of Supervisors mei Thursday, June 1311‘ 2019, at ISCTA DISTRICT 1 FEE $130.00 BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the disallowed Business Propert Tax C d: DeKogfangrDijgtSchiIll[Esggg WAS Supfwfioricrystal McIntyre, Aaron jAg/IES OIL CO FUEL AIIDIIIzanog/Z'forlIhe year 2018 payable 2019-2020 are hereby dIIsanoweée I . minis ra ive ' A PE I ' a owe '53 0 d ' ' ‘ ' was also present. County Auditor, Traci VanderLinsdséitaApt, Megan Andrew JENKHSI CE SHERIFF 2019 INMATE MED $2,483.00 Carried unanimouvalé applications are on file in the County Auditors office. V as absent. JEO COESUYN ANN DAYCARE SUPP $341 39 RESOLUTION 1910,4(H ALLOW Others also present were: JOHLAS_SZ/i-Jiégcva\/SKI gaggmiés REIM $4,410.00 BE IT RESOLVED THAT), WHERE/51%fifingrgfinigfnfiggépT'éf‘mms Doug Mccasland, 911 Director JOHN DEERE FlNANCIAL SUPPLIES 3 $508.68 upon recommendation or the AsseSsor’s Office a list oi ll, °l= p-emsms’ Sherlii Brian Vos JV TRUCKING LLC $5,351.37 Credit Applications for the ear 2013 bl 2 e am'ly Farm Brian Flynn, Motorola Reps KADlNG pROp gfi‘nm $17,649.54 approved, . y paya e 019 2020 have been hereby Tim Barrentlne, Omnicon Consulting (Via Telephone) Efi-TEK INC SUPPLIESASST firlIaEI'IPrEIroveld applications are on me in the county AUditor’s Office carried , A KODA M ~ I OUS y- ' The followmg busmess was had, tO-wit: I 252301?“ 19.1640) ADMIN BUILDING LAWN USAGE 99 COUNTY BIBLE . . COMMUNITY HALL RNT ' I DISCUSSIOI’I of recommendation from Joint EMC/911 Boa d ' LAWSON BLAIR $79800 BE IT RESOLVED THAT! the warren 00”“ B Communication Proposal. No acfion ‘aken pending Govremrgggrgl‘gignim; LEHS. KENT E. PENALTIES $1,186.87 approves Admin Building lawn area usage gqugmozflfifiilwésfl: heBrebliy response regarding Hooper. TIRE TIRE RECYCLING genadtlggllggrathongventgn June 27th, 2019 through July 3rd 20191r0ym 7'03 LLYN’ S M AY . . . : p.m. arrie unanimousI . ' ' ggslgt‘ggwgb‘ $31; BOMB. AhPPRovfiL To SET HEARING DATE tgfigmgggmgmfis Excfyfigg—SNTL “$3.508 gapiggou 19—164(.l) CIGAR OBACCOINICOTINE VAPOR PERMIT , a pu lc earing e scheduled for June 24 I SUPPLIES RE . 9.0.0 am” In the Board Rqom of the Administration Building 301 N. Br MACHOVSKY' M CLNTASST IMB $664.97 BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereb Indianoia, Iowa. The Public meeting is for the purpose of takIng action on the MAHASKA COMM M0 SRVC approves me CIgarenenwaCCOINICOfine/Vapor Permit for Kum 8‘ GO Mg matter of the authorization of a Loan Agreement and issuance of not to MARMON’ K MAY MLG REIMB ' located at 1453 Cqumy H'ghway 676’ New Virginia Iowa “festive 7'01'19 exceed $10,800,000 General Obligation Capital Loan Notes, for essential MARTENSDALE LIONS HALL RNT 212153-3020 camed unanimOUSIy' I figugiy‘purposps, fthe proceeds of which notes will be used to provide funds MARTIN BROS NTRTN SPF’I—S $6 517:89 BE FIREWORKS PERMIT NATIONAL BALLOON CLASSIC serpliges 30005 S o the acqulsmon of the peace officer and other emergency Ila/SEEN MARIE-TA ROCK $4268.28 approves afirew k AT" me wane? county Board 0' SuPeMsors hereby Carried m,II'Iunlcatlon equment and systems, which constitute the Project. YTRUE VALUE GLOVES $14 99 27 2019 d or permit for the Nanonal Balloon Class"; for sammay’ JUIV unammously. MCINTYRE’ CRYSTAL FEB/MARCH MLG RMBRSMNT/PHN Jewell Shirl“ Shaéligggyé Aggust 2019 at the Memorial Balloon Field, 15335 I l . arrle unanimously. ~ Upon proper motion the meeting was adjourned at 5:14 pm. MED SUPPLIES $1 ICERMITSYAI‘I HfEAmIICK ' . oun ‘ A-rrEST. Traci VanderLinden' AUDITOR MES FABRICATIONS $1,182.56 approves to grant a Fireworks Permit to Rygi Hzagdrgksgpee’r‘gfgrrswhgetgy Crysta, McIntyre, CHNR MIDAMERICAN UTMTIES $200.00 display location being 22905 Buchanan Trail Hanicroi lgwa 'J II 9 MILLER ELECTRIC SRVCS AT LODGE $33105 t“rough July 6th. 2019. Carried unanimously, ’- ' °” “ 4‘“ MMIT BUSINESS CNTRCT BASEHNT $.333gg RESOLUTION 19-164(M) RESCIND RESOLunousm9-153(J)AND#19-153(K) MOFFITTRENCHING TRENCHING FOR LODGE . BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereb OFFICIAL PUBLICATION TOWN PARTS 3523:3351; rescind resolutions #19-153(J) and #19-153(K). Carried, MINUTES TO BE JULY 2ND, 2019 mgngflRGINIA Llofigo SKELEIQTION Egggls-U'goggg-ggéwTS:J:UBLIC HEARING FOR PROPOSED PLANS AMER|CAN MHC 1 T, AND ESTIMATED June 1 a, 2019 NORWALK COMMUNITY ERAEITTFOR SEATING 2 355333? ‘évéiinfi'éscgfi’g #ficfifimn NEW CONSTRUI-gsh COST OF THE . ' i , t . g%%lévflrimtggl$tleiraggrg Sfyssltlallylehalgisrotfiénii Tuestpalktt Jfilned18', 2019_ al NORWALK READYMXED CONCRETE $4.000.00 approve; to set a public 113%":ng $13131??? gégugfinel-sggsahrfireigy; ~ -- , ,aroneoca D roose Ia "' r ' " present. Assistant County Attorney, Dawn Bowman was also prgseniugfum MUDJACKING MIX & BENCH FOOTING fhe‘I/Varrer? c3?£533‘é'§§é‘%"§.ii§"rl“eflf 53:61:53?“ gs‘mted ma! °°SI °I wt:- ltor, TraCI VanderLlnden was absent. The following business was had, to- NORWALK, CITY HR POSITION $5,595.00 RESOLUTION 19-164(O) SET PUBLlc HEARING‘g‘ATEag'Oeg gpgrarélgusiy. ' gEAN PARTS égfigARD RcEcg‘OswENDA'filONS FOR THE WARREN COUNTY JUSUTIICE R, LISA ’ ' NEW UCIIO ‘ PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE COMM 0%RSHZ‘VSYMLG SEPIZVZEtstLeVED TthAT‘, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby CORRECT IONS/ADDITIONS/DELETIONS: pANNIERN FUNERAL ASST $1,900.00 bid results and awgrud rIfcc‘rarIrIllggtflafIIgnosf1011:lI’hfiI/llifilfh30,221 fi'm'fegarding "6m #1(S) (Correction of Spelling) PARKER SIGNS PARK SIGNS 5$70650 new construction. Carried unanimously. ” ty "5"“ cente' , > Item #10-B (Correction of wage amount) AN-‘D KRAPF CLOSING SRVCS/LAWSON $1 ROAD CLOSURE HEARTLAND , RA ' RAMBLE M9113” by Dogg Shun, second by Aaron DeKock to approve 06/04/ PIERCE BROS REPNR REIMB $54.95 BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors h b M, egu ar eetlng Minutes, 06/04/2019 and 06/10/2019 Special Meeting PIERCE, LARRY CLNT RNT ASST $66200 appmves “‘9 request "°"‘ Andy Kyner 10' the teITIPOIary road clo 1931 y lnutes, 06/05/2019 Work Sesswn Minutes, Claims and Consent Agenda. PIONEER COLUMBUS SUMMER CAMP SEE: 621d 190m t’ITveIIUII3 for Heartland Challenge and Iowa ATV Hafggecgamgg I I plONEER QUICK LUBE - l s ace on e o owing dates: Xgrggégasmf T Descnpuon Total Amount FITNEY BOWES GLOBAL %%E‘%EEHGR $10.80 Friday, August 23, 2019 at 3:00 pm. until Saturday August 24 2019 at 1130 ADDICTIONSSREIéIgVERY (1539:1153 pmlT/SSST $170463 ggtéléra Tong. SERVICES $723.35 piméggtrlérdacy, Octjober 5_, 2019 at 3:00 pm. until Sunday, October 6 2019 at $100.00 R ASURER . . . arrle unanimously. ' QEVAN—EafiCéFéRECTIONAL I'LxlgAQSE'rS/IEEISCAL $27527 gggTAMégTER mill/€309 BMgQLS gig-83 gagglténomeiwmrewomnv ROADCLOSURENA'HONAL BALLOON - , I PARTS INC PARTS/FILTER ‘ AGRILAND F8 INC SEED $67 27 PRIEBE JIM S/FUEUSUPPLIES $1 ,967.92 BE IT RESOLVED THAT the W C Al A SERVICES SERVICES $872.67 QUALIW PEST CO CELL pHONE $180.00 ap rov m f . . arren ounty Board of Supewlsors hereby NTRO p as e oIIowmg Tem ore Road Clo ALLENDER BUTZKE ENGINEERS INC $1,786.98 QUILL CORPORATlON L ESSEEDEPSES 38.00 August 4, 2019 during the leatiorrI/al BaIIOOhsCuI'BeSsSICog/EUIIII 24’ 2019 "Wth ‘ GEOTECHWCAL EXPLORATIOgg O :égVFEOAD TEC SADAR CRTFCTN $525.83 1. gave" Street from Hwy 92 on the east end to 150th Avenue on the west , 00.0 AYP ' gfigrEigERPR'SE SIEJPANCE $295838 iESRafLCéE§$LC CLNT ASST $23,233.33 2. :erstegnitreet from the east end of Iowa Street to 150th Avenue on the . INC ' ST TlRE GIST/P CINDY G 3. gfigth Avenue from Hwy 92 on the south end to G36 Hwy on the north I FIJCTR ' . . 383$ng? lCAELELRPHONE $33333 ggflfl-DBERG CONST CO gggERMS $1 05233.1; EEQSEI‘IITSIR‘Kigs OPEN . MBRSMNT ' RMAN PROPERTIES 1 PUBLIC HEARING ROAD BIOTECH XvRAY SERVICES SEUFEHER. PAUL TYLER Etgg'éTEfffiLN $350.00 BETWEEN can 51 AND GRIMES St VACATION 63RD AVE. BOB STOOLS EQUIPMENT - SHNE HAT—[ERY INC $ 80.00 BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren Count Bo rd f BOT—r0 $20839 SERVICES $216 454 14 . , y a 0 Supewlsors hereby RFF’ CHAD WORK CLOTHES $36 84 SHREDDER'THE SHRDDNG , . approves to enter lnto,the public hearing portion of the meeting re ard' gggv'gwigl‘m PHONE STIPEND $13500 380;:8ENTRALIA SERVICES $288 63rd Avenue betwaen Gear Street and Grimes Sosa, $323" I MAY MLG REIMB $83.85 RAL WATER HICKORY HILLS y‘ BRUENING ROCK - $37.45 RESOLUTION 19—1 BURKE, JOSEPH P‘ Sffipefl CRDS $251§é8187 ggfiggééfigpmw RNT $900.00 AVE. BETWEEN GE‘ItIsRcSI-gifilglégIIIchgEsfisme ROAD VACATION 63” BURROWS‘ ERIC PHONE STIPENDS $90.83 STATE HYGlENIC LAB TESTING $135.00 BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors he eb CAPITAL CITY EQPMNT E QUIPMENT . SWAN, PETER L‘ VET CLNT RNT $230.00 approves to close the public hearing portion of the meetin re a d' r y galgHSLLEggbI/IZEN PBLCTNS $23332 RFD-M. DISPOSAL TRASH REMOVAL $ggg88 ofI 63rd Avenue between Gear Street and GrimesgSirgeeI "3.223 M GRANT FOR WATER FILL STN $2 00000 '3 USED CARS LABOR/PARTS °us Y- ' l . 172.97 - CARLISLE. CITY REIMB Eon EMS AND HALL RENT ngx§§$§+élgF IOWA g/IGSYNIIQLSG REIMB $300.05 gagghlmgsrl 167 ROAD VACATION 63RD AVE. BETWEEN GEAR ST. CARREL' DUANE WORK CLOTHES $1$figégo UNITY POINT HEALTHHH QTR INV CRDS $84.00 BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereb 8 WW”) PHONE STIPEND $45.05; UNITYPOINT CLIN‘GOCCUPATIONAL $1,500.00 gpggvzfihrofag vagation of_ 63rd Avenue between Gear Street and Grime; CASEYS GEEIIVSEKAL MAY MLG REIMB $39-70 US BANK EQUIPM DRUG TESTING $42.00 .to waive 2nd a:§3?dsrtea:§wg mg n In" be graded pm” t° mad “cam” and CEDARBROOKE STORIES 400 CLNT GIFT CRDS $4,000.00 US CELLULAR ENT COPIER RENTAL $170.00 ' RESOLUTION 19-168 28E A EEENENTWRBIESINSIY. CENTRAL IOWA DISTH'B gbingDIRIrET ASST $450.00 VANDEKAMP JANELLE WWII/8 $357.77 BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Warren Count 303303;“ . CENTURY LINK M 3 $175.80 VANDERPOOL CONST C REIMB $47.35 approves 28E Agreement with Madison Cofint "Upemszors heIeby CHUMBLEYS AUTO CARE SEES/va $2,667.82 VERIZON W'RELESS PSEHSE DEMO $22,642.03 compliance officer as presented y regarding scalaI semces CINTAS CORP SAFE'TgfifiEMS $1,443.32 WSA- SPPLIéfiDSNR FEES $5,296.22 Carried unanimously. CIRCLE B CASHWAY LMBR/HARD $63.42 w REEVES SUPPLIES $5,145.91 RESOLUTION 19-169 MUNICIPAL ADVISORY SERVICES AGREEMENT CLARKE ELECT UTLT WARE $314.09 WALLACE STEPHEN CELL PHN $906.79 BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board oi s CNM OUTDOOR S $169.79 WALMART’ STPND $45.00 approves municipal adviSory services a r t . upewlsors hereby COFFMAN GLASS EQUIPMENT/SPPLS $192.60 WARREN COUNTY OIL SPLPPLIES $13301 r9599“ IO Proposed Emergency CommurligaIIgr'ln "51::th Dav'dson wnh CR SEFMCES REPAIRS $410.00 WARREN CO TREAS/SVC M AY FUEL $1,608.00 Shop and authorize the Chair to Sign. Carried Uganimggsl econdary Roads CUNNWGHAMREIS CO IES $173.55 WARREN CO TREAS APRIL/M $20,356.49 RESOLUTION 19-170 WARREN COUNTY HISTORIC III/RES D.w_ ZINSER CO ggpfih 20) $9,060.90 WARREN W ATER W ATER égGPSHN $1,423.60 COMMISSION APPOINTMENT ERVAT'ON DANAMERE VILLAGE .CLNTSRE‘QEIISflgT 550$,2gg.(2x5) MAY MLG REIMB $3303 2551/25??? THAT. the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby D . RE p In : mil-STRMBRSMNT $243.00 WESTV'EW APT: $300.00 Carli MiIby 12/31/20 (Term expiration date) DES MOINES REGISTER DELIIIEEUTEEIVNTI-TAIX LISTING $332353 VVIIIISSNMAXINE RFND OF OVRPMT $g§igg Camz'dogxg‘rk 1?,31/20 (Term exmrafion date) DEVAULT, J REIMB 5-2-1-0 EXP I rMARK CELL PHONE 180‘ .m°,','"°“5 Vt gIAiG/IONSAICOWEIRGSING INMATE MED CHGSENSES 8545135533 Z'EGLEB 'NCORPORATED PARTS/FILTERS 386613 353% TOWINSAIEEQUEST FOR IMPROVEMENTS H'STORIC smuc ' URE PARTS $31021 R BE IT RESO , DIS ESOLUTION1$154 A NEW H LVED THAT, the Warren Coun B ' ' Dove/SEERFYRBEENERTS Sggmmo $130.05 BE IT RESOLVED Tr(lA)T, the 3:53 cl 3 - app'qves “eq”es‘.°* “1700-00 "0'" allocaletg zgr‘i'é’gfiuié'éiifliiifu's‘iéer‘ét ECCO MIDWEST ASBSTOS IXETMNT “$732.33 approves Sew hige of Harrison Smith, seasonal/temporary woflgyggngewarzgx ofigsewam“ Of the Palmyra MBlhOdist Episcopal Church, carried . . e ecwe une ,2019 ~ ' -- ‘ P gm, FEE $180.00 benefits. Carried unanmé‘lglfsnyhourly rate of $10.50 and Is not eligible for RESOLUTI N19-172 FUND TRANSFER ELITE K_9 INC K_9 éupé’Nt-7X—91 $167,473.41 RESOLUTION 19-164(B) JOB RECLASSIFIC A110” ENGINEER BE IT RESOLVED THAT, upon recommendation of the Budget Coordinator EMMICK, ELDON PHONE SITPEESND BE IT RESOLVED TI'IAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby thovLIInatrOTQZCBOIISgIIraCIIII TII sépewism hereby apgmves a "anger In thé EXEEWRy/EyfgSER WASH EXEC FLEET ACCT/CAR WSHES $353260 38i§°§§iéfifitigass'I'cai'on '°’ “"1 ”'”' Engineers 0009 Effective July 1. fund. pursuant to Iowa Code 3569232532,? $35,233:?” R°°m and 3”“ FAREWAY #657 WETN SPPLS $269.33 From. Grade 1'6 Step 10 $2804 00 (Salary) 0 er t, A RESOleON19-173 DEPARTMENTAL APPROPRIATIONS FELDHACKER CONTR SPRABNIISBIIIELCSITION $725333 T01 Grade 17 gen 10 $312960 (Salary) Agsisialgtnfo EEpIZvZE 32311133921123 the Wfirren county Board °f SUpeMWS he'eby ' r - . r o . Egggg‘mgflMAN NTRTN SPPLS $54.80 Carried unanimously. Engineer approved for FY20 as reIIchSdingcIrhg 21332133321119 €3333lfii'r‘n‘i‘3?‘ IS helreby FREEDOM FIRST gags $2,150.00 RESOLUTION 191mm) WAGE ADJUSTMENT CONSERVATION RESOLUTION 19'1" ESTABLISH HSCALYEARZOIWWAGEIflgaséXSE FRIENDS OF WARREN CO EXPENSES RE $34.25 BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of S” em h b BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereb G G L AWN CARE & END "2 OF L SITE PREP $353533?) $23176er?an azigpgtfment for Chayton Reif, Seasonal Congewasgrr): wirreIwII’ Eepnrgxefnéiioi-ififigfiggnggasedand adopt this pay matrix for FY 2019/2020 , . we a , . ' rrle unanim . $354.93 hiringft an gxperience'gflgfgc giggdhgxgonfg per hour due to error In gESOLUTION 19—175(A) SALARIES FOR tI1=l¢82yo20 ATTORNEY GAUMER’ DOUG PHONESTIPEND $126.00 RES LUTION 19—1 64(0) JOB RECLASSIFICA'noN éNGmEER E_|T RESOLVED THAT. the following salaries for the Warren County Attcmey‘s ,GLASCOCK P OVERNIT $150.00 BE '1- RESQLVED THAT, me Warren County Board of Su _ h Office employees are hereby approved, effective July 1 2019- GOOD ALIC’E SERV EEXPS $42440 approves job reclassification for Ryan BowIin Second IR erdsors ere-by “9". cm”) (39%) $4,093-76/biweekly 000104-11'00000-10600 GOVCONNECTION pnlNT'CES $170.00 June 17, 2019 as follows: ' a” °a 5' e"e°""e Trim Sehnenimoi $4.001-77/blweekly 000104-110000010000 GnlMES ASPHALT COLD EWNK $353.33 From: Grade 16 Step 10 $2804.00 (Bi-weekly) Iggz’gggrng-figiweokly 0001.04.11W,m GRIMM, PHIL REPLACE FITBIT WATCH/MLG REslMB' To: Grade 17 Step 10 $3054 40 (Bi-weeklyISSI' R°ad Superiniandeni Brianna Shriver (75%) ' ' 0 week” 0001044100 000 ‘0000 205.45 - $ 3,219.81 - 00 000 0000 3236;? MLGrrRVL/MLsrrRNNG $1,531.17 Carried unanimously. R°ad supem‘ende’“ DawnBcwnan (75%) $ 3.449.8013IxSSEI; ago/$1104 11001-000 , 52-1-0 GRANT EXPENSES REIMB RESOLUTION 19—164(E) REMOVAL FROM PAYROLL SECONDARY ROADS 8‘ 68Vdm17miI‘w'm‘1m0m °I HEARTLAND FERTILIZER/S ‘ $1 .00000 WHEREAS, Cory Brown, in the Secondary Roads Department 3 b “n d h‘ Kamryn Thayer $ 2'481'21/biweekw OOOIMI 10000040000 HERBERGER CONST co RD RPRS EED $5090.10 resignation effective June 21, 2019. ' u "“ ° '3 “3'95?! Cwnev $26.65/hour 000154.11moonloooo HIRTA PUBLIC TRANSIT QTRLY FUND $66,119.30 THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT,‘the Warren County Board ofSu ' Jan-“e Mmaws'd $27-29’“°“' 0001045110000010000 HOME DEPOT HARDWARE $8,750.00 accept the resignation of Cory Brown with said effective date and mgfirxlfir: Kat's, swanson $19.50/hour 0001.04-11oo.ooo_10000 HONER, K MAY MLG/SPPLS $48.58 Compensated for any earned vacation specified in the Warren Coun Pa Bus“ w°°d $24‘70/hc'u’ 090104'1100000-10000 HOUSE OF MERCY M AY PYMT $1 12.00 Poiicies.Carried unanimously. ty Some , MaryLynn Keeney $16.40/hour 0001-044 10000040000 HUTCHlNSON. F MLG RMBRSMNT $10,000.00 RESOLUTION 19-164(F) HOMESTEAD TAx CREDIT MILITARY EXEMpnoN Camed unanimously , HYDROKLEAN CLEAN SEWER $3 $233.38 Ekpglégglsmmo TAX CREDIT, DISABLED VETERANS HOMESTEAEI 339$; 'gL'Vggtilg fiLfi'Es. FOR FY2020 AUDITOR HY_ , . , eoowm a inc a ' mug/553 KSSEFIAM SPPLS $58.97 WHEREAS, the State oi Iowa will fund for FY20 3'9 “9'3” appmved- efiectiveJU'Y IIIZDOIYSI re $98 to, the Ammo“ Office TMAGE SOLUTIONS MMBRSHP $2,000.00 1. 100% of the value oi the Homestead Tax'Crodii Km man“ (655% $‘i736-53’biweek'y 000102-901000010000 lNDlANOLA FIRE DEPT figfigfifflgh‘ ‘EVGTSESIEggrghESgEZLogg13 183% oi the Military Exemption Kim Shoeis(69.53% $1 .896.46/biweek|y 000202300000010000 . % oi the Elderly/Disabled Tax Credit (100% Election-3) ,NDMN LA $34.00 4. 100% of the Disabled v t ' ‘ - Shaw" “me” 3 2317/” Gomez-901000010000 .NDOFSNCWN'C'P0L gIlJ-FTIEE SPPLS $2,665.38 BE IT RESOLVED THAT, mil/$23225. 30:31:33: 2? éi‘é'érvisors hereb Tan" “9 s 1956/” mzfla‘mm‘m" (50% “WOW INFINITY WORLDWIDE SUPPLIES $439.44 approves granting property tax credits only in the amounts re'mb d b y ' DWI-02801000040000 (50% adminis‘mk’") ,NFOMAX OFFICE $85.23 State in accordance with Chapter 253 7 and 425 7 20 ' me y the Game“ ""ammws'y‘ INLAND TRUCK PARTS yfiggpmn CHRG figgoo Carried unanimously‘ . ( 19) of the Code of Iowa. FOR FY2020 BOARD OF SUPERVISORS .65 RESOLUTION 19—1 G . . . e o owing sala for the Board 1 ' ' IOWA COMMUNITIES FINAL CNTRBTN $5,630.00 TAX CREDIT APPLIgfié1kéOWEDIDISALLOWED BUSINESS PROPERTY Office Is hereby approved, effective July 1, 019:. o suPemsors Continuedmpnge m