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July 23, 2015     N. Warren Town and County News
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July 23, 2015

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Page Fifteen Thursday, July 23, 2015 N/Warren Town and County News N ' ‘ Stansbury, Teresa R. Net Wa es and Travel $1,502.42 Warren County Agncultural Extens1on D15tr1ct Steve Heabeflin MeefingEExpense $1,088.22 Published Report - Operating Sieve grangleg Science Off} Soar? Iljee fipeélse ,, ory ounty xtension ‘ce on- ee roj ct xpense . Ba] d . 07/01/2014 to 6/30/2015 Susan Edge Program Fee Expense $50.00 Begmmng ance an Receipts Tahra Bedwell Program Fee Expense $135.84 Total. Balance July 1, 2014 $149,795‘74 The Stitch’n Barn Program Fee Expense $30.00 Recelpts‘ _ . Treasurer State of Iowa Payroll Taxes $2,613.00 conmbunons Revenue $103436 Trisha Hommer Program Fee Expense $39.66 Grant Revenue $3 749-60 United State Treasury Payroll Taxes $15,103.92 Interest Revenue 3350-08 USDA Office Investors LLC Facility Expense $18,811.00 Other Revenue $118500 Valene Hautekeete Program Fee Expense $79.90 Other Tax Revenue 553528-09 Valerie Cameron Program Fee Expense $14.78 Program Fee Revenue “8310-49 Vanessa Hautekeete Meeting Expense $25.00 Property Tax Revenue $871218.” Verizon Telecommunications Expense $141.91 Rental Revenue $60000 Warren County 4-H Foundation Program Fee Expense $1,312.00 Resale Revenue $330700 Warren County Agricultural Association Program Fee Expense $60.00 R To“ Revenue 351126190 Warren County Fair Marketing Expense $341.74 $221 Beecélpxtl; Balan e and R cei ts. warren’County Philanthropic Partnersh1p Grant Expense $172.68 c e P- Twister. “93:32-23 - o a 1 ursemen : . A&:R Marketing Postage Expense $2,030.75 Net Balasnce: June 3;, 2015 Affordable Exhibit Displays, Inc. Program Fee Expense $1,296.00 51. ATE OF IOWA _ Coumy AK—SAR-BEN 4-H Stock Show Program Fee Expense $1,356.00 AmaZPH-Com Resale Expense $67-22 1. Amy Tlach, Chalr, and I, Jason DeLay. Treasurer of the Warren County Agricultural Extension Council, Amerlcan Income Llfe Insurance Insurance. Bond Expense $632.00 being duly sworn on oath, state to the best or our knowledge and belief, that the items included In the Andrew Lent Transportation Expense $19.50 foregoing Flnanclal Report are true and correct statement of receipts and expenditures of the Warren ANR Program Services Program Fee Expense $90.00 com“! Mdflmflfll Emmi”! Fund- Barb Mentzer Program Fee Expense $374.68 Beau 8: Chriétine Freeman Program Fee Expense $20.00 Belmont Peppers Program Fee Expense $65.00 Beth Clark Program Fee Expense $40.00 Blake Chittenden Non-Fee Proj Act Expense $2.75 Brenton Center Video Program Fee Expense $93.00 Caitlyn Ryan Transportation Expense 3226.80 Card Services Bank Charges, Fees, Interest Expense $28.88 Career Builders Advertising Expense $419.00 Carlisle Chamber of Commerce Memberships, Dues Expense $125.00 Carlisle Citizen Advertising Expense 5174.62 Carol Richmond Program Fee Expense $50.00 Casie Dittrner Program Fee Expense $25.00 CenturyLink Telecommunications Expense $3154.46 Charles Ertzinger Transportation Expense $12.79 Cori Stanley Program Fee Expense $165.45 CPR Central Program Fee Expense $560.00 ' Dallas County Extension Benefits Expense $8,460.92 money Tlps For Your conege-Bound _ Dave Barry Program Fee Expense $40.00 (NAPS)—.Before you mov,e use credlt Wisely and live Deluxe Supplies Expense $153.29 your child into a dorm, if: s ynthln abudget Smart spend- Discount School Supply Program Fee Expense 5201.81 Important to ha‘ie a dlscus' 113g doesn t mean hamlg to DLH Gran Program Fee Expense 584277 s10n about financial matters give up their somal lives. Earlene Gintner Program Fee Expense $50.00 .and your emu?” regard" Enwurage them_t° be Imag‘ Engraved Program Fee Expense $417.50 mg the use of credit and gen— mauve: Rents Video and get Fareway Stores Inc. Program Fee Expense $180.81 era} .money Flanagemenfi fnends to bung Mk5 and First Advantage Background Checks Expense $348.00 ,, glachs' T$:;?v‘$nta§::: Ga Denniston Pro ram Fee Ex ense 50.00 “Men's—.3 ' amp leg“ Gold’sberry Giraffix Program Fee Exgense $340.00 to St?“ independence Off on gzrrfieHan learn around to colnpare I”?qu on Hanna Bedwell Program Fee Expense $25.00 the nght foo? manage money_ books or baslc necessnfes’ Heidi Folkestad Program Fee Expense $50.00 The fouowmg concepts can —— Help Them Reta“: Henry, Megan E. Net Wages and Travel $712.89 be .3 m,ad map for mt axld “An Expense The“. I‘lentlty Hy_vee Meeting Expense $361.72 child in establishing 501“! ml ursement Plan The FI‘C that as Imaging Technologies Supplies Expense $3,762.74 finantnal Brilctlces- , Rather than a mfmfl‘ly or many as_9,mflh?l‘ Amencans In The Bag Meeting Expense $346.30 Mamtamrng A Credit weekly allowance, introduce have their identity stolen each Indianola Chamber of Commerce Memberships, Dues Expense $50.00 :23? s Emportant an amen? reimbursement yourgmd Indianola Park Friends Program Fee Expense $500.00 . alntaullng A GPA syStem‘ n ‘t .18 Way? you We become Indianola Record Herald Memberships, Dues Expense $14.50 Dlscuss.the 9f epgage your Chlld discus- the Victim Of ldenhty then or Iowa 4_H Endowment Pmng Fee Expense $509.00 good credit and hovy this. is 310113 as you estabhsh expec- fraudcan be a lengthy, costly Iowa Assoc. of County Ext. Councils Benefits Expense $140.00 mtegrffl to your Chfld S ablhty tatlons’ .enc9urage ongomg and time-com prweFS' Iowa Department of Inspection & Appeals Insurance, Bond Expense $155.00 acmeve film goals (rent- CPmmuplcatmn aboutfinan- Here are some dos and Iowa Public Employee Retirement System Retirement Plan $10,267.63 .a first “We”, sfim' gal deusmns and “.3qu for‘ to help Protect. W“? Chfld Iowa State Fair Program Fee Expense $45.00 1mg m gmfessmn’ 311mg .3 m.a1 exPense makmg before zil'ngnStfrand and magma: Iowa State University Program, Shared Support, Materials, )' dvmg a heal ymedlt reunbursement' . . ogil d . Equipment Expense $27,521.78 score an an accurate credit Encourage Savrngp With . re receipts and IVESCO Resale Expense $310.29 report are mlth to estab- A Little Incentive financial documents. Jeff Macomber Program Fee Expense $576.00 hshmg good credlt, suggests Encourage your child to 0 .Protect personal rufm’v. Jessica Ackerson Program Fee Expense 5300.00 Loretta Abrams,’ from HSBC open a savmgs account and manor) (date of birth, driver 3 Jessica Montana Program Fee Expense $50.00 North Amenca 5 Consumer establish a regular savmgs, license number, Soc1al Jimmy Jaws Other Expense $43.00 department. Help your pattern by agreeing to Securlty Number, account Joe Stadacher Program Fee Expense $24.00 Child remember: an or a pomon lithe saungs nubers’ passwfn‘ds)‘ Joseph M. Haman Supplies Expense 5135.00 leastPlan to pig'afigor‘at above :3. certain threshold ' Conducttihoppmg onRouse Programe $6016 immpiif‘élibmsonifi' “meaning 101 “801??” s‘ ' Judith Kirby Program Fee Expense $50.00 Kee b8] be] 50 ( -th at t) financial matters . Judy Denniston Program Fee Expense $50.00 p «ances 9W- a- s ety n? - ~ Julie Baker Program Fee Expense $23 38 percent of available credit hm- Partner With your ch11d_1n in public or on cell phones. Julie Miller Program Fee Expense $50.00 itsf3gpelrfent ls even fitter). thgynmcml “Lanna I th 13:3: $313 , ' on open cre 1 ac- on con- 11 rs on e o Ezfiianhfcacflg Leammg Company Egg: 5:: Sfffig cormts that aren’t needed (hav- siderations such as branch or credit cards. Kim 313eLay y Program Fee Exgeme “7'10 glegdiiéoo m remts fo)r locglons,_numbef*: of 3%, ' Mhml Mmp‘gfienw from . ' can a score . cos , semces, an p - your ome x. Egkgzkfizi‘liamg Materlals 11:28:: 11:2: 3:139“?— Ssg: Request a report at not can provide As Abrams explains, the ~ 8 Pense $ ' www.mualcmdltreport.com oversight by including your- college years can be a great Luca? county EXtenSlon. Program Fee Expense 5715-00 and make sure the informa- selfas a joint account holder. opportunity for parents to Madlfion county Exfensmn Program Fee Expense $240030 tion on it is accurate. Most banks encourage online introduce effective and busi- fiafilss“); Cfgnhty 1107111917 grogr gee Expense 5230-00 Helping your child choose banking. and have interactive case-appropriate systems for an} ee 99 S uPl" 95 "Pense 3‘ 9-84 (and use properly) the right Sites to manage or transfer budgeting, savmg and accu- hfizrl: ty ISU E t grant Exgensg credit card and build good funds, set electronic limits mulating wealth. M. n n X 911510“ “)ng 99 XPense credit habits are vital to suc- and avoid overdrafi fees. ifiifi’ffifl‘ifiifi? $3333 “33%mfiffflg' Teac§n%%“:d§’{§;d‘“ MCCOY True Value Postage Expense $1737 Student From An Students should learn to Melissa Heeren Program Fee Expense 5275.00 Michael White Meeting Expense $1773.94 Michelle Bradley Program Fee Expense $63.96 Miller, Kaylee M. Net Wages and Travel $1507.81 N/Warren Town 8: County News Advertising Expense $16940 National 4-H Council Program Fee Expense $1339.53 Norwalk Chamber of Commerce Memberships, Dues Expense 5135.00 Norwalk Main Street Montessori & Middle School Program Fee Expense $500.00 Office Machines Facility Expense 5302.69 Palmer, Andrea M. Net Wages and Travel $35 661.58 Pat Hicks Program Fee Expense $32.47 Paula Ross Program Fee Expense $50.00 Pekin Insurance Insurance, Bond Ex ense $324.00 People’s Bank Bank Charges, Fees,pInterest Expense $63.60 The weekly Reader has Pierson, Kathryn G. Net Wages and Travel $26,741.78 :rrfigtlfy prey":th the Polk County Extension Non-Fee Proj Act Expense $2,678.30 “5 preg'deknhal elec- Quill Facility Expense $949.85 . . . . . . Th ‘9 I'"? . ac t° 1956' Register Media Advertising Expense $89085 Roy Jacuzzi, who ls credlted with lnventlng and mar— M t: I:idev svon channel Richard Scheme, Program Fee Expense $389.00 ketmg the first Integrated whlrlpool bath in 1968, rcd‘i’ t :0": has 00m“)! sarlym Heston program pee Expense $4372 came from a famlly of inventors who are credlted grzsisefifl 1' e “3‘00"”? 0' Secretary of State Advertising Expense $3090 with inventions in both aviation and agriculture, the man a eb'ecmns s'me Soder Apiaries Program Fee Expense $187.50 including an agricultural pump. casting izqssesgan broad-