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July 31, 2014     N. Warren Town and County News
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July 31, 2014

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Page Twelve N/Warren Town and County News Thursday, July 31, 2014 WARREN COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Concluded from p. 6 Chapter 45 Floodplain Management Ordinance and waiving 2 d and 3  Read- ings. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 14-99 CLOSE PUBLIC HEARING AMENDMENTSTO CHAP- TER 45 FLOODPLAIN MANAGEMENT ORDINANCE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves to close the public hearing portion of the meeting regarding Amendments to Chapter 45 Floodplain Management Ordinance and waiving 2 nd and 3  Read- ings. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 14-100 APPROVE AMENDMENTSTO CHAPTER 45 FLOOD- PLAIN MANAGEMENT ORDINANCE BE IT RESOLVED THAT,. the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- prove amendments to Chapter 45 Floodplain Management Ordinance and waiv- ing 2 nd and 3 " Readings. Carried unanimously SIMPLE MOTION by Dean Yordi, seconded by Steve Wilson, to'receive and file reports as follows: A) Recorder's B) General Assistance C) Veteran Affairs D) Humane Society Supervisors' Doug Shull, Dean Yordi and Steve Wilson gave reports of their pre- vious week's activities. RESOLUTION 14-101 OPEN PUBLIC HEARING SALE OF COUNTY OWNED REAL ESTATE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Warren County Beard of Supervisors hereby en- ters into the public hearing portion of the meeting rgarding sale of interest in. county owned real estate. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 14-102 CLOSE PUBLIC HEARING SALE OF COUNTY OWNED REAL ESTATE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves to close the public hearing portion of the meeting regarding sale of inter- est in county owned real estate. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 14-103 APPROVE SALE.OF COUNTY'S INTEREST IN CER- TAIN REAL ESTATE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, Warren County, by the Warren County Board of Super- visors, sellconvey Warren County's interest in the following legally described real estate located in Warren County, Iowa: The South of the West Y2 of the East-West alley within Block Nine (9), East Indianola Addition, Indianola, Iowa, to Danlee Corporation for $497.89 plus publication costs and authorizing the Board Chairperson to sign appropriate documents to effectuate the salecon- veyance. Carried unanimously The next regular meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. Upon proper motion the meeting was recessed at 10:05 a.m. Reconvene at 10:30 a.m. RESOLUTION 14-104 CONVENE CLOSED SESSION BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves to convene closed session according to Iowa Code 21.5 (1)(a). 'To re- view or discuss records which are required or authorized by state or federal law to be kept confidential or to be kept confidential as a condition for that govern- mental body's possession or continued receipt of federal funds." Carried unani- mously" Reconvene at 11:33 a.m. RESOLUTION 14-105 GENERAL ASSISTANCE APPEAL CHAPTER 21 CODE OF IOWA BE IT RESOLVED THAT. the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves to pay $575.00 directly to mortgage cempany for Consumer #6328. Shull- Aye Wilson-Nay Yordi-Aye Upon proper motion the meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m. AI-rEST: Traci VanderLinden, AUDITOR Doug Shull, CHAIR OFFICIAL PUBLICATION- WARREN COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT Description: One Silver Apple I-POD with sbft plastic cover and ear phones. Recovered from Stoney Creek Inn, 5291 Stoney Creek Pt, Johnston. Owner should contact the Warren County Sheriff's Office 515-961-1122. Case #: 2012-1107. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION WARREN COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT "Two longhorn steer, one brown, pn black and white, each -600 Ibs" found at 3009 ,%?.3 Hwy, Carlisle, 06-30-14; owner should contact the sheriff's office 515-961-1122 case # i-2014-0395" Mike Mordsor Detective Sergeant, Office of Warren County Sheriff, Fax: 515-961-1025, Phone: 515-961-1122, PO Box 337, 115 N Howard. indianola, IA 50125. Did You Know? (NAPS)--Ambius, www.ambius.com, a leading provider of interior land- scapin solutions, recently became a Planet Posi- tive--certilied business due to a ,commitment to reduc- ing its environmental effect. This gained it an interna- tional environmental mark that recognizes a company's commitment to creating a better way of living. Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete refuge:in-the- bag product blends 95 per= cent trait-protected seed for broad-spectrum above and below ground insect control with 5 percent refuge (non-Bt) seed in each bag. For more infor mation, visit www.genuity. com. The 4-H Study of Po- sitive Youth Develop: ment---conducted by Tufts University--found that 4, H'ers, thrive through the healthy living education and experienees they re- ceive through 4-H pro- gramming. Visit www.4- h.org/revolution for more information. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Norwalk Community School District Salaries FY2014 ABBOTT, RfEBECCA ACTON, JENNIFER ADAMS, ALLISON ADAMS, JENNIFER ADAMS, SARAH ALDRIDGE, AMY ALLEN, MNDA ALLIMAN, LEAH ANDERSEN, DEAN ANDERSON, JACQUE ANDERSON, JILL ANDREWS, STEPHEN ANTHONY, REBECCA ARNOLD, PAULA ARONIS, ONAH ASJES, LINDA ASKELSON, THERESA ATHERTON, CHERI AUGSPURGER, MARK AUGUST, KELS EY BAHR, JAMES BALDWIN, CATHERINE BALDWIN, JUSTINE BARNHILL, DALE BASS, KELLI BENCKER, SARAH BENSON, EVA BERGAN, SAMUEL BERKENPAS LASHELL BEVING, CHRISTIE BIEN-AIME, LEGRAND BISHOP, JACOB BLAKE, MICHEL'E BLANCHARD, DEBRA BOCKHOLT, MICHAEL BOHALL, VICKY BOHROFEN, MONTE BOLES, KEVIN BOWN, TERESA" BOYD, LORI BRAUNE, JUDE BRINCKS, JULIET BROCKETT, CARL BROWDER, ALYSON BROWN, JANNA BUCKTON, BARBARA BUCK'rON, KATELYN BUNCH, GILBERT BURKEN, DENISE BURROW, RACHEL BUSSANMAS, LINDA BYARS, BROOK BYERS, LAURA CALL, TRACY CAMPBELL, AMY CAMPBELL, CHARITY CAMPBELL, COLBY CANBY, LISA CARPENTER, MELANIE CARUTHERS, JIMI CASTENSON, RENEE CHASE, KATHRYN CHASE, SARAH CHITTENDEN, SONYA CHRISTOWSKI, JOSEPH CIPOLLA, LAURA CLARK, JANA CLARKWlLT, KORRI COLE, LEAH COLEMAN, SARA COLLINS, BRETT COMBS, PATRICIA CONLIN, AKASHA COOK, ALEJANDRO COOK, JAMES COOK, ZACK COONS, LAURA COOPER, NATALEE CRADY, MARK CRICK, AMY DAMMEI ER," KO RY DAU, NICHOLAS DAMIDSON, TERESA DAVIS, KELLEY DAVIS, MARTHA DAWSON, KARl - DINNEN, BRANDI DIRKS, JANET DONALD-TALBOT, TINA DOWNS, BRIAN DOWNS, LYNDA DRIFTMIER, CLINTON DUFFY, DIANA DUKES, LAURA DYE, SHELLY EAKINS, CARLA EDDY, BERTHA EDWARDS, DIANE EGGERT, ANDREW EGGLESTON, NICHOLE ELK'IN, CATHIE ELLIOTT, ELIZABETH ELSE, BRITTNEY ENDERLIN, GWENDOLYN ENDERLIN, MARSHALL ENGLE, DALE ESPINOZA, VIOLET EVANS, AARON EVANS, EARL FAIRFAX, DEBRA FARRELL, LORI FAUST, JOHN IAZIO JR, JOSEPH 1,278.75 3,394.00 43,786.20 3,540.80 67,976.00 48,778.45 14,682.88 59,662.62 15,470.85 15,603.99 107,844.00 60,800.40 26,979.62 15,981.37 14,256.04 6,443.04 4,653.09 38,283.77 53,788.98 40,703.25 8,688.97 124,369.00 2,019.14 120,292.26 40,709.12 55.00 5,479.26 180.00 58,418.90 54,868.87 1,800.00 22,462.00 14,360.10 58,514.40 513.00 - 3,622.78 354.75 66,764.96 11,562.57 757.05 57,755.72 48,134.84 10,195.60 1,265.00 45,446.14 67,011.23 1,026.00 2,374.60 5,660.40 47,511.17 25,476.59 28,670.60 48,088.84 59,369.21 4,285.00 -" 59,333.72 915.00 9,126.38 16,570.82 11,904.84 1,800.00 43,421.36 1 I0.00 55,460.93 39,126.58 67,313.53 41,949.47 63,412.08 40,724.14 66,845.23 48,413.16 41,323.33 12,910.97 1,302.00 56225.56 252.00 5,786.51 59.68 1,003.25 50,036.18 2,982.50 978.13 51,023.11 ,, 13,545.00 75,545t..42 49,601.21 48,150.18 56,997.48 935.00 55,886.72 63,669.88 40,944.69 '* 36,157.44 17,868.54 6,591.90 37,140.00 56.81 46,545.59 40,376.75 110.00 13,020.37 48,694.85 40,382.65 29,082.25 77,559.23 605.00 26,550.12 51,487.53 -15,729.24 29,700.35 12,868.82 3,080.00 5,115.00 FISHER, ERIK FISHER, JODI FOLEY, ANNA FORD, JORDAN FORD, KYLE FORD, PATRICIA FORGET, RICKY FOX, MADISON FRANTUM, MARLA FRATZKE, MARCY FREDERICK, DEANNA FRIESEN, ROBERTA FRYE, ARLIS FRYE, MELINDA FRYER, RITA GAGE, AMY GARCIA, MICHAEL GARDNER, GREGORY GAVIN, JAMES GAVIN, LINDA GAVIN, MICHAEL GEHRINGER, GABRIELLE GEISLER, KRISTEN GEORGE, JILL GEORGE, KAYLA GEURINK, ROBERT GEYER, KARLA GEYER, TIMOTHY GILLETTE, DEANNE GINKENS, KIMBERLY GOHEEN; KARIE GOLDSMITH, CORY GOMEZ DE VILLASENOR, GRICELDA GOODE, JACQU ELINE GOODRICH, ANNA GOODSELL, TERRY GRABE, JEFFREY GRABER, CARRIE GRAHAM, JULIE GRANT, SARAH GREINER, LAURA GRIES DAWN GRIESHOP, ELIZABETH HAIGH SCALLON, MELANIE HALL, DEBORAH HANDY, ELIZABETH HANKE, MELANIE HANNA, ROGER HANSON, ABBY HANSON, NANCY HARDER, MATTHEW HARDY, CARROLL HARKIN, MARTIN HARLOW-VOGT, MARGARET HARM, RYAN HARPER, DINA HARRISON, JOHN HARTMAN JUSTIN HASS, AMANDA HECKART, JULIE HEGLAND, MONICA HELM, ROB HELTMAN, JEFFREY HENDERSON DONALD HENNING, RACHEL HENSLEY, PENNY HERRICK, SUE HIGGINS. ERIN HILDRETH, AGNES HILL, ABIGAIL HILL, TERESA HILLESHIEM, KYLIE HILLMER, CRISTINA HILTON, KRISTIN HIRSCH, NICHOLAS HOCH, AANNA HODGE, RENAE HOFF, JULIE HOFFMAN, EMILY HOLMAN, W CARTER HORN, AMY HOSKINS, KATHERINE HOUSLEY, ANGELA HOWARD, RICHARD HOYT, CHERI HUEN, KENNETH HUFF, ROGER HUFF, SARAH HUGHES, BRYAN HUNTER, NICOLE USE, JOY HUSS, JAMES INNIS, JOSEPHINE IRLMEIER, JODIE JACKSON, GREGORY JACKSON, ROBERT JACOBS, BRITTANY JACOBS, DONNA JACOBS, JOANNE JASS, STEPHANIE JEFFRIES, THERESA JENKS, JEFFERY JENSEN, JANET JENSEN, MATTHEW JOHNSON, BRANDI JOHNSON, LAURA JONES, KARA JORGENSEN, BRENDA JUERGENS, MARY JUHL, LAURA KAIN, CATHERINE KALINA, BRADLEY KARG, AMY KEAN, PATRICK KESSLER, MARY KHOUNLO, JIMMY 5,087.64 50,970.98 37,472.86 288.00 42,214.86 15,050.85 4,492.63 5,285.08 81,830.00 42,771.36 13,364.83 50,596.80 15,220.80 6,940.45 51.80 85,930.00 1,896.25 59,909.08 880.00 49,957.80 55,967.69 42,494.71 49,583.70 2,401.00 38,694.36 3,102.00 39,709.48 96,739.50 16,874.09 67,839.23 1,489.92 50,041.97 28,617.80 11,507.33 9,971.69 12,257.03 55,744.84 '48,707.12 2; 145.20 55.00 2,610.11 44,822.48 10,317.20 62,367.62 18,065.63 45,778.54 14,103.61 887.50 46,461.90 49,147.55 935.00 69,834.01 3,686.21 64,987.T7 11,859.55 110.00 1,159.00 58,844.26 12,245.28 825.00 67,235.99 2,365.00 63,292.87 825.00 1,910.00 22,076.19 32,415.90 14,336.50 58,636.24 45,207.42 12,498.49 10,600.37 660.00 3,102.00 14,604.95 440.00 49,895.57 51,413.53 42,095.86 67,997.42 10,593.72 40,376.41 41,527.40 3,870.00 7,830.66 76,987.23 15,929.49 42,755.71 43,347.92 55,871.22 7,281.40 28,862.82 66,987.10 49,886.35 1,057.41 44,698.70 6,649.26 12,820.44 935.00 2,098.00 3:818.91 43, 771.30 74,730.18 3,394.00 165.00 27,923.71 41,353.28 51,527.57 2,840.10 63,106.49 37,698.86 330.00 70,946.00 275.00 28,895.17 47,305.00 Concluded p. 15