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August 2, 2012     N. Warren Town and County News
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August 2, 2012

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Thursday, August 2, 2012 N/Warren Town and County News Page Fifteen Medicine for the Funny Bone Health Awareness By Dorothy Rosby Dorothy Rosby is a syndicated columnist whose humor column appears in newspapers in 11 Western .... and Midwestern stat( s plus several magazinos. She lives in Rapid City, SD with her husband and son. / Finally... Someone Who Listens! I've started talking to myself. Let me rephrase that. I've start talking to myself MORE. It may be a result of my advanced age. Or perhaps it's sunk in that I'm the only one interested in what I have to say. And I do enjoy conversing with someone of similar background, interests and opinions. Very similar. FinaUy, someone to bounce ideas off who will bounce them back, someone who tells me, "Why yes! What a clever idea! I wish I'd thought of it myself. Oh wait! I did!" Or maybe I talk to myself out of consideration for others. If I unload some of what I want to talk about when I'm alone, I won't be tempted to burden anyone else with it later. It would be like me to be so thought- ful. Whatever the reason, I'm not terribly concerned about my habit yet. I only talk to myself when I'm alone. Or rather, I only talk to myself when I THINK I'm alone. (I was recently heard mumbling as I walked across the parking lot--or so I said.) But I don't yet answer, offer advice, or ask for darification. I mostly chide myself or utter minor complaints: "I should do those dishes," "Stu- pid computer," or "I wish you would stop talking to yourself." I've decided there will be no cause for alarm until I start reprimanding myself for interrupting. In fact, I recommend you take up the habit for the above rea- sons-and because I don't want to be the only one. A word of warning though; prepare yourself to be caught in act. One of the most common places to talk to oneself is in the car. I see other drivers do it all the time, though they may be merely expressing in animated fash- ion their disapproval of fellow motorists--me, for ex- ample. If another driver catches you talking to yourself in the car, look down at the passenger seat, smile and pre- tend you're talking to a very small child, and that you don't have air bags. To make it look more real, you might even pretend to pat the make-believe head and smile broadly at the imaginary upturned face. Caution: Don't get so involved in your little ruse that you forget about the driver in front of you who may brake at any mo- ment. A safer alternative when caught talking to yourself in the car is to liven things up in order to give the im- pression that you aren't talking at all; you're SINGING! Open your mouth wider, snap your fingers (one hand only) and sway back and forth. While singing with the radio is embarrassing, it is more socially acceptable than talking to oneself. At least, I hope it is. It is more shameful to be caught talking to yourself when you're alone in a room, or rather when you thought you were alone in a room. If this happens and the other person says, as they are apt to, "Who were you talking to," you should answer with disgust, "You! You don't see anyone else in here, do you?" If they have any manners, or if there gullible, they will apologize and ask you to repeat yourself since they didn't quite hear what you said. And because you were probably mumbling about something important only to you--or more likely, about them, you will be forced to say, "I forget now. See! You've distracted me." If, on the other hand, it is you who comes upon an- other dear soul talking to herself, the proper thing to do is to answer as though you sincerely believe she was talking to you all along. But speak gentl) so as not to startle me. (Contact drosby@rushmore.com or see www.doroth yrosby:com.) v 00h.Annual NABC" I. 18, 2012 ide Course Start at Noon 18 person best shot $240 per foursome dinner and prizes WARRIOR Be N Athletic Booster Club General Fund .................... iliiiiiiiiiiiliiii ;iiii iii;iiii i i i  i iliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiii: For a f Stacy Rosonke at srosonke@yourcaptive.com Take Care Of Your Health By Taking Care Of Your Mouth (NAPS)--The next time you visit the dentist, give yourself a pat on the back. Taking care of your mouth is vitally important to your overall well-being and may lower your risk for other health problems. For example, periodontal disease has been linked to endocarditis (an infection of the heart lining). Bacteria from plaque can make your gums red and swollen, and bleed when you brush. The bacteria can then enter your bloodstream and infect other parts of the body, including the inner lining of your heart --particularly if you're al- ready athigh risk for a heart condition. Studies have also linked poor oral health to elevated levels of C-reactive protein that can lead to diabetes, stroke, heart disease, osteo- porosis and other inflam- matery diseasesof aging. Keep your oral health on track by brushing twice daily, flong, changing your teoth- brush every three to four months and eatin healthy. Plan visits to your dentist every six months. The experts at Smile Brands Inc. suggest asking your dentist three questions: What Should I Do About That Pain In My...? Ifyou are having any pain, ask about it, Your dentist will be able to point out anything on the surface during a reg- ular cleaning and checkup, but yourll need to speak up if you're feeling something not Ask your dentist for some take-home to-dos. visible. Identifying a concern when it's small can prevent a larger problem in the future, and also keep any potential infections from spreading to other parts of your body. How Is Everything Besides My Teeth? Ask about your gums. Plaque buildup on your teeth can lead to problems like gin- givitis and poriodontitis. You can also ask for an overall exam to look for issues like bone density, grinding your teeth or any lumps that are out of the ordinary. What's My Homework? To keep that clean-teeth feeling after you leave the office, ask your dental pro- fessional for some take-home to-dos. This could be a new brushing technique or a sam- ple you've seen advertised. Such assignments  can help keep your mouth in the best possible shape. , Smile Brands Inc. is the nation's leading provider of business support services to dental groups in the United States with affiliated dental groups operating primarily under one of three brand names: Bright Now/Dental, Castle Dental and Monarch Dental. TM We would just love to print information concerning the birth of your new baby. Please, fill out the information below and send it to us. There is no charge! Parents' Names: Address: City: Phone: (Not for publication.) Name of Newborn: Weight: Length: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Name of Hospital: Baby's Brothers & Sisters & Ages: Grandparents & Their City: Great-Grandparents & Their City: We will list great-great-grandparents if they are still living. Use extra paper, if necessary. Call 981-0406 or return this form to: N/Warren Town and County News P.O. Box 325, Norwalk, IA 50211 J