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September 2, 2021     N. Warren Town and County News
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September 2, 2021

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Page Ten City of Norwalk Minutes Continued from page carried unanimously, RC. Motion by Kuhl, seconded by Baker to approve Resolution 21 172 to approve a contract for City Engineer Services with Veenstra Kimm, |nc., carried unanimously, RC. Motion by Kuhl, seconded by Baker to approve Resolution 21 173 approving the use of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds, carried unanimously, RC. Motion by Lester, seconded by Baker to approve Resolution 21174 approving the Nible Subdivision Plat of Survey, carried unanimously, RC. Motion by Kuhl, seconded by Baker to approve Resolution 21175 accepting infrastructure and approving the Final Plat of Brody’s Landing Plat 2, carried unanimously, RC. Consideration of the second reading of an ordinance amending Section 92.12 Water Shortage and Chapter 177 Rates and Fees of the Norwalk Municipal Code Clayton Garrison, 1711 Dorchester Street suggested the City require irrigation systems to submit a backflow check. Wayne Schwartz indicated staff is currently working on this. Motion by Riva, seconded by Kuhl to pass the second reading of an Ordinance amending Section 92.12 Water Shortage and Chapter 177 Rates& Fees of the Nonivalk Municipal Code, carried unanimously, RC. Council Inquires and Staff Updates Motion by Kuhl, seconded by Riva to enter into closed session at 7:55 pm. pursuant to Iowa Code Section 21 .5(1)(j) to discuss the purchase or sale of particular real estate only where premature disclosure could be reasonably expected to increase the price the governmental body would have to pay for that property, carried unanimously, RC. Mayor Phillips asked City Attorney Jim Dougherty if the above was a valid reason to enter into a closed session. Jim Dougherty confirmed it was a valid reason. Motion by Kuhl, seconded by Lester to adjourn closed session at 8:16 pm, carried unanimously, RC. Motion by Kuhl, seconded by Baker to adjourn at 8:16 p.m., carried unanimously, voice vote. Tom Phillips, Mayor Lindsey Offenburger, City Clerk OFFICIAL PUBLICATION NOTICE OF PROPOSED ACTION To INSTITUTE PROCEEDINGS TO ENTER INTO A LOAN AGREEMENT AND TO BORROW MONEY THEREUNDER IN A PRINCIPAL AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $9,500,000 (GENERAL OBLIGATION) The City Council of the City of Norwalk, Iowa (the “City"), will meet on September 16, 2021, at the City Hall, 705 North Avenue, Norwalk, Iowa, at 6:00 o’clock pm, for the purpose of instituting proceedings and taking action on a proposal to enter into a loan agreement (the "Loan Agreement”) and to borrow money thereunder in a principal amount not to exceed $9,500,000 for the purpose of paying certain costs, to that extent, of undertaking the Municipal Fieldhouse and Commons Building Project, an urban renewal project in the Nomalk Urban Renewal Area, authorized by action of the City Council on September 2, 2021. The Loan Agreement is proposed to be entered into pursuant to authority contained in Section 384.24A and Section 384.24.3(q) of the Code of Iowa and will constitute a general obligation of the City. At any time before the date fixed for taking action to enter into the Loan Agreement, a petition may be filed with the City Clerk of the City asking that the question of entering into the Loan Agreement be submitted to the registered voters of the City, pursuant to the provisions of Section 384.26 of the Code of Iowa. If no such petition is filed, at the aforementioned time and place, oral or written objections may be filed or made to the proposal to enter into the Loan Agreement. After receiving objections, the City may determine to enter into the Loan Agreement, in which case, the decision will be final unless appealed to the District Court within fifteen (15) days thereafter. By order of the City Council of the City of Norwalk, Iowa. Lindsey Offenburger City Clerk OFFICIAL PUBLICATION NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NORTHWEST SERVICE AREA TRUNK SEWER EXTENSION NORWALK, IOWA Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the City of Norwalk on the proposed contract documents (plans, specifications, and form of contract) and estimated cost for the Northwest Service Area Trunk Sewer Extension project at its meeting at 6:00 PM. on the 16th day of September, 2021, in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 705 North Avenue, Nonivalk, Iowa. At the hearing, the City will receive and consider any objections made by any interested party, to the Plans and Specifications, proposed Form of Contract, and the Estimate of the Cost for the project. Published by the order of the City of Norwalk, Iowa, on this 2nd day of September, 2021. CITY OF NORWALK, IOWA, By: Lindsey Offenburger Title: City Clerk OFFICIAL PUBLICATION NORWALK COMMUNITY SCHOOLS Special Session August 23, 2021 The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm. Directors Present- David Albrecht, Michelle Kelly, Brian Rausch, and Maribeth Wright. , Directors Absent- Justin Fletcher. The following motions were made, seconded, and approved: Approved the Agenda. Approved the Consent Agenda. Tabled NSEF Licensing Agreement with K12 for New Brand Marks. — Approved First Reading Policy Reviews as Presented with BP603.13R1 and BP603.6 to be Reviewed by Policy Sub Committee before Second Reading on September 27th Meeting. Approved Second Reading of Policy Reviews. Approved going into closed session as provided by Iowa Code Chapter 21.5, Section (1), Subsection (i) of the open meetings law to evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose appointment, hiring, performance, or discharge is being considered when necessary to prevent needless and irreparable injury to that individuals reputation and that individual requests a closed session. The Board came out of Closed Session at 10:20 pm. The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 pm. Official minutes will be available following board approval. Kate Baldwin, Board Secretary N/Warren Town and County News Senate News By State Senator Julian B. Garrett julian.garrett @legis.iowa.gov Iowa Economy Improves Even though Iowa’s unemployment rate went up by 800 Iowans from 4.0% in June to 4.1% in July, the economy actually improved. According to Iowa Workforce Development, there are 1,593,600 Iowans working, an increase of 5,700 compared to June. You may recall that the unemployment rate only counts people looking for work. That is why we can have an increase in the unemployment rate at the same time as we have an increase in employed Iowans. As I have pointed out before, when we have more people looking for work, that is a good thing, especially when we have so many employers looking for people to hire. We need to have people working, . producing things, rather than collecting unem- ployment checks. The labor force participation rate increased from 66.6% to 66.9% in July. This is a better statistic than the unemployment rate for determining how well the economy is doing. You may recall that the national numbers are an unemployment rate of 5.4% and a labor force participation rate of 61.7%. The biggest concern now is the likelihood of increasing inflation if the federal government continues to pump more money into the economy. Unfortunately, there is not a lot we can do to protect ourselves here in Iowa if .we have in- creasing inflation caused by actions at the federal level. As always, please feel free to contact me with your ideas or concerns. Nonivalk Food Pantry hours are 4:30 pm. to 6:30 pm. each Wednesday. The pantry is located at New Life Lutheran Church. Thursday, September 2, 2021- OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Notice of Sheriff's Levy and Sate WIDE I PO BOX 331, mm at 50125! (515) 081-1122 IN THE IWA DESTRICT COURT FOR WARREN COUNTY STATE WA ) No. ism No.) gamut} s ) SS Court No socvusasu ) SPEC“ EXECUTION "AWN! m LLC DIBIA MR. COOPER V5. SHAPE O. REYNOLDS. TRACY REYNOLDS; PWES IN aossessscn; GNETY POINT HEALTH hematite" mammmm«mmmmmwmmmmmam “.mwmmmumsim.m.mminauemmwmmm.m momma: i, OTLWWWONMTLWW.WRENCOUWJOWA WW renewsuwo Ave.th ma 59725 mmmfinmkummmmmasm- WMhmuww.WMWMWWWnWE Mommamqmmwmmmmmwwmmmmmmswm mmfimmmmm OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Notice of Sheriff's Levy and Sale WARREN COUNT? SRERtf-‘fis GFFtCt-E F0 90X 831, tumor», In 5012i 0 (516) 981.1122 1N T88 IOWA DKSTRmT COURT FOR WARREN COUNTY STATEOFIGWA ) DOWNDJSaieNcJW ) 58 Court No, eocvoama WA R COUNTY ) SPECIAL EXECUTION Lemme. 11.6 vs DEBRA I. TONSi FtKJA DEENA BREUKLANDER; CHARLES TONSI; PARTIES IN POSSESSION; UNKNOVW SPOUSE, 1? ANY, OF DEENA L TONISL NKa‘A BEENA BREUXWOER; UNKNOWN SPOUSE , IN ANY 0? CHARLES TONS}; BL? MORTGAGE CORPORARON. STATE OF IOWA. (2513.0 SUPPORT RECOVERY UN“ and CAPTiAL ORE BANK {USA} NA. Asa rasutt ofth rendered in the above referenced court case, an exeurtion was issued by the cwntc the Sheriff of this county. The matter: ordered the sate o! matte) rights. title. and interest in Real Estate Property to satisfy the imigment The in be said is: WTEC N THE cm OF INDIANOU. iOWA LOT 5. BLOCK '2' CABORNE WILLtAMS SUBDMSfON SN THE BOWERY EADDYI'ION TO THE CITY OF ENDEANGLA. EOWA, [N THE SOUTHWEST QUARTER OF THE SOUTHEAST QUARTER OF SECTION E19 Am) THE MORNING-£57 QUARTER OF THE NORTHEAST GUM? HER OF SECTION 30 “TOWNSHIP 78 NORTH, RANGE 23 EWEST. 573‘! PM, SOWA MORE CORRECTLY OESCRIQEQ AS: LOT FIVE (5) BLOCK SEVEN (7). OSBORNE WiLUAMS’ 3mm 3“ THE: BO’WERY ADDiTiON TO THE cm! OF fNDIANQUA. IOWA, [N THE SOUthWEST QUARTER OF THE ESOUTHEAST QWTER (SW 114 SE 114) OF SECTION 19 AND THE NDRTBWEST QUARTER OF THE NORTHEAST QUARTER Emu 116 NE 114) OF 88me 30, TOWNSHIP 75 NORTH, RANGE 23 WEST OF THE 5TH FEM, WARREN COUNT’K, IOWA dewmmmmmwmmpwm auctionforceshonfyasfofim: W2Ammesafieofreaiestatadefendontmsymdmtm pmpefiywithin é-“i’ WW1Wmmmpropenymsybeam»Commywreflcmeywmytommweéficprwistmaim 7 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Notice of Sheriff‘s Levy and 3an W COUNTY Sims OFFICE ‘ P9 BOX 33?. it 80125 - (5153 931—112: N THE iOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR WARREN COUNTY s‘rxnsor ma ) mun, (so: no.)m}1~mn 1* 55 cmmswmm muuflmauml 3 seesmexscunoa “AWN? MORTGAGE LL6- DBA MR. COOPER vs. m0 ARCULANO RENTER“, JR AKA ANTONIO A RENT?“ JR. SPOUSE OF ANTON“) ARCULANO RENTER“. JR AKAANTOMO A. RENTER“, JR, if: ANY, MVWNSE ASSETS It, MC. PPM, LC. , PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOC. LLB, DISCOVER BANK AND PARTIES IN POSSESSION Mcmdemhmmem.ammmmhymwwmgmdm “.mWMMMNWQW,m,aodimthEumtommW.The Mbhm‘m semen? OFTHE W us‘“ 'm or me as m as seen“ “oh 5, TWP—74 Hon" m. was 23 wear or 9.54.. was" CW. fOWA AS W In IRREGUMR em 900x 13, more 2 or n23 we OFFch or i WEN COUNTY RECORDER -----«\-»~\‘i mm 19532 new Avenue. mom wth 5'” mwmflmmmmawicawmwwmymm: 1mm {A 5013 Wzmmmermum.mzmymmmmmwe WW:memprmmbam. ermmmmmmdficmmotm It’s Still Garage Sale season! Utilize our classifieds section to advertise your sale it’s a very economical way to get buyers to your garage!