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October 13, 2011     N. Warren Town and County News
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October 13, 2011

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Thursday, October 13, 2011 N/Warren Town and County News Page Eleven OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Minutes to be approved at the October 18 Board Meeting October 4, 2011 The Warren County Board of Supervisors met on lesday, October 4, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. with all three Supervisors present. The following business was had to-wit: All in attendance recited the Pledge of Allegiance. SIMPLE MOTION by Steve Wilson seconded by Dean Yordi to approve claims and fnnges and the consent agenda, September 20,2011 Regular Meeting Min- utes, and two September 13 Special Meeting Minutes. WARREN COUNTY CLAIMS REGISTER REPORT October 4, 2011 ACCESS SYSTEMS LEASING ADAM& MADEUNE AFFORDABLE DRAIN SERVICE AJ'S SEFMCE AU.IANTY  LEC.-dON POST 168 ANDERSON, MARY B AOSNC LLC APEA 14Y ON AGING N=N3_D, BRVXN M NELSON B/EFL MARGAFET BALL NOfMA BAR1-S MOBILEnRE SEFMCE BOB  COMRANY INC BOESTOOLS BOLTON & HAY INC BORSTNG SEFMCES LLC BOWUN, ETvIVtAt.EE BFOAEX_AWNS MEDICAL CNTR BROWN, YN L BROWN, [ARWIN  JOSEPH P. CAB FS PLUS SUSANM CAPrlAL  SUPPLY O0"INC  UNITED MET]-EX)IST crTYOF  FLOWERS & GIFTS CASTEEL I-EATHER CASLJ/  CCMS CEDAR RN:'IDS, CfTY OF CENTRAL IOWA  APA Q3N-n=IAL IOWA FASI"BqERS CENTURYUNK AuDrroR CHR'HN OAKS kNC Q-RST1Nq OPP CBYTER CHUMBLEY & JONES OILCO CITY  E,N, dK  ELECTPdC ZXgPB:t#glVE IN O31VM..N]YSERVICES BYLLC COPPOLA IVE3OONVlt.LE  Q3UN11=VEW ESIRES INC JOHNM 13NIEL  DANIELS RLTB:I SEFMCE INC. DEO00K PtU.IE DELL LI. SEFMCES SEPT2011 EXPENSES SERVlCE & CH. VItH SVC R45 HWYG76 OFC RENT/JULY-SEPI,ELEC PRSELEC LnNG SVCS CLIENTSVCS MLG & PSTG RFJMB VEH SVC/REPAIR HRS & MLG FE]k, BSO-EX3L B.EC HRSELEC ]1RE BALANCE JAIL SUPPUES SUPPUES4NV 58225 & 58465 SUPPUES SEPT 2011 EXPENSES MtLEAGE 9/6 - 9t27 CUENTSVCS HRS & MLG RBMB/SCHOOL ELEC LEAGCUENT SEPT2011 MLG RBMB SUPPUES MLG RBMB SUPPLIES Pd3NTAL FEE ELEC UTILmES MIt.EAGE 9/22 WOF APPAREL  SERVED/AUG CUENT BUS PASSOCT PE-GIS FEF__E-G HUTCHISON SUPPLIES n'ERkET-IONE SVC FY12 FFEE;r3TA]IJkSS USER FEES CUENTSVCS CUENTSVCS CUENT RJB.NAN FUB. I.CWM PMT FOR Si3rBvlBER 2011 MLG RBIVlB CUB, ffUT1LmES COMMSVCS CHANGEOFI3ERBI_L FEES CUENT CUENT CLENTRX RLTERS HRS & MI.G I:ElVB93-EX3L R Rq. SIATE DERIQ4G, KFiS ........... +.,..,14,Em4PgPI6 ...... DM CI-ILD&GUIt3N'E SVCS 2011 EXU('-ERIY LAW RRM 00,NN&,.t,,EI"LEA B:MIC B.BBHELE B.ECTRICAL NG & ITIIC BqC-,B.E,N, RUTH A ESRI - ENVIROI SY  (X3MVI.JklflY MEN1-AL H  KATHY F1DIARINC FOI_ K FOLJRINC FRASER LLC  ROBB:n'S n-ERESA NOLIES  FltN_TY  ACRES C.-,N:I3EN c1n19 GRXI.LC HALL M/rrIN HN4[:E,aVI.LACYE SARt H A m__.-:-:-:-:-:-:-, C H  ) HARM/V GAI  I-IOLE HCCENIB HAWKEYE LEGAL SERVICES INC  M.ADKIqS & SONINC NTSMAN,WI_LWM HOBART SERVICE HOWELL Ct.Y Ht.WTB  t-n.JNll=D& 3JlW PEG HY-VEE ,aCCOUNTS ,N]_E IA D(tcrr I-MAN SEI=M/B'qHNC IA DEFT  SERWHABIUTR" IA DEPT HUMAN SEFIV/ICF--M IA DEPT HUMAN SERV/IDWV IIDN OFFICE SOLLn'EtS ILLOWA IMAGETEKINC IM31ANOLA, crrYOF INDOFFINC INFOMAX OFFICE SYSTEMS INC INTER ACT  SAFETY IOWA Y ASSOC. IOWA HOIvE BASED SERVICES J & B POLE BUILDINC-.- LLC JAMES OIL LL.C ,EFFEFEON PLAZA JVALEPaE L JOHN DEEFE F1NANQ/ KAD4NG ES , C_,AROL KEENS, MAR LYNN KELLOV, MAFE;I E3NRAD, RUTH EDV MARY RYAN LAKESHORE II',E)IANOtA LLC LEE, BFtEP, E]A KAY /83OF1NEY FEES HRS&MLGB_EC Q..B, JTRIff ITS'YMR3SILM RB3B(J.I.E &JB=F HRS WRE)B.B0 REPAIR LAFTOP MLG & ROOM FEES PE]VB ARC CLBql-SVCS ME=AC-E/B.E;IkESS CARDS RBSSLE OF LOSTCK # 401313 JULY2011CUENTSVCS EXMNR SVCSX 2 RBMBFUEL MA'rRON HRS I-RSWORIDELB3 CUENTFET CUENTS .3 14 FECAL PRICE OK'ns. CUENTS RX/AUG CUENTRENT SVCS REISSUE OFCK# 151013 CELL  EXPENSE RENT CUB SEFME.LMX)40-/3 ELECTKN SERVICES CARE SERV1CES HRS& MLG  ELEC HRSB_EC HRS&MLG  EI.EC VEH SVC MLG RE]MB MTPLCLNT FD CUENTSVCS @CUENTSV( @CLIENT SVCS @CUENTSVCS COPIER MAINT AGPdtEMENT MAINTENANCE PROFSVCS CLIENTS UTILITIESX5 CORER ES EQUIP CON]RAC'T 911R-E)kE FEPLACE FEGIS FF.E MAHALA & DOUG CUENTSVCS POLE BUILDING GASOHOL RENT10/15-11/14 CUENTRENT SUPPUES CUENTRENT HRS & MLG REIrvlB/SCFEX ELEC ELECTION MLG RE]MB MILEAGE 9/2 - 9t26 HRS& ML.G  ELEC SEPT FTM & PSSFP EXPENSES MLGRBMB CUENTRBNr MATRON HRS/MEAL L CONTRACrOF SUPPLY INC REPAIRS & MAINT LORENZEN, HB..EN . HF&MLG B..EC M & M SALES COMPANY MT H LY CI- E.-,-,-,-,-,-=-JAT T Y O OPI E R 312_50 769.0B 100.00 206 4393 800.00 10&75 1,13125 156.75 5&74 15&68 12&73 72.5O 44.00 58755 25687 50.80 1,046.02 162_45 1,600.15 106.98 2430 177.06 6132O 4365 1,G35.80 50.00 563.81 5&00 25.11 79.92 88e30 24.00 150 89.01 2,5.04 2,150 89.85 1,704.44 72.01 1,278.13 18.72 216.13 25.OO 14,106.00 125.00 1,7gP_00 2250 5123 6"78.4O 1900 143.99 17.92 981.B7 96.OO 11850 5OOO 4OO.OO 79.75 1,137.69 201.65 197.04 22,876.64 19,07825 65.98 297.78 48.8O 1,446.15 465.75 25.E2 14.50 76.13 421.00 9-.00 4,4,50.130 9,720.52 350.00 1,108.60 4.20 15.00 450.00 4,371.00 50.00 1,116.40 27.11 177.00 76.10 116.00 77.00 36,96 13.95 11,660.45 869.64 37,88O.52 61 ,(]29.55 92,742.8O 90.00 51230 115.00 1,037.14 R'69 385O 4,960.00 105.00 3,464.83 7,996.00 522O73O 42.486O 500.00 1,704.12 500.00 73.85 36.9O 2O621 72.96 1,849.36 115.20 4O8.64 65.39 649.6O 9953 108,5B RREDB:rI" MCCOY'TFIJE VALUE MF_NAtCY MEADE, NANC t MEDICAP  MERCY MEIZR0SI  EERGY MNJ DFCT UC RN, PAM NAPA AUTO PARTS NASH, AJEAN NKHOLS CONTROLS & SUPR2 "C B_SE SHAWNNA NOBLE FORDMEROJRY NOF UNDA OOLNWNBN NORIOMRETS OBRIEN, JI=F HEALCErrERSSW OFFICIVIAX INC PHIl I IP&AMANDA RERCE LARRY PITNEY BONES INC.* R3UOO SHERIFPSOFFICE R3LK  rvlB31CAL EXAMINER QUILL PEAO2 MIX RBHEL RBNEWEGY LLC FSERVE AO33UNT ROSy JANETD RoLmKE SCHOOL SCHREB% CYNDE L MRLYN SECURITY EQUIRvENT INC SIEC ES PETna=IYSB MmE SMgmB MOLLY SMITH, JACOJBJNE M RBSSLEOFCK# 156468 SUPRJES HRS&MLG REIVB HRS& MLG ELEC CUBRX CtB4TMa39X 12027R4VCR CLNT LmL/COUNTY BLDG LrnL ANrlMRUS FOR 3YEARS ENR SVCS OODUBS-142-13G12 WPB3LADES HRS & MLGI] ELEC SUPPUES MILEAGE 8rJ0 - 9/26 VEH RERR HRS & MLG REIMEYSCI-K3OL ELEC &REScLLmQN HRSB.BC MLG REIMB UG& 1Si3VCES SUPPLIES MILEAGE 9/14 - 9t23 CUENTPNT MAIUNG SYSTEM RENTAL SERVICECASE #1008 MH SIMC_S X 3 INVOICES SUPPLIES/3 HRS&MLG ELEC TURBINE PFI3GRESS PMT PSTG USED 1THRU 8-31-11 CUENTRENT HRS& MLG RBvlBSQ-130_ ELEC HF&MLG B_BC EYOJECOSTS HRSELEC I-FIS&MLGB_EC SVC  1(1-12_/31 PRODUCTS I-RS&IVLG RBVBSO4CX B_EC SERVES I-RS& rvlLG RBV6SCHOC B_EC HRSELEC SOUrHNWAREROJ 2k3]B EXIBgNN_ HARD DRM SDU1HWEt IOWA PLANKING  SV( SPE-(2$LEI SUPR3RT SVCS INC SPENCER PROPERTY MC4v LLC STPAFISH ST JOHNS CHURCH STAPLES ADVANTAG S1REDB=B4D STTfZI3d_ B_ECTRIC SUPPLY CO STRAW MARI_YN suesB,sue SWBtNEY COURT REPORTING TEDS USeD CARS THOMA&MATT TOMN& TONNS JENNFER TRANS IOWA LC TRUF  UBRARY TLrn: JAMES& USCB_LULAR US POSTAL SERVE (PSTCY4=HO THOMAS& CtJENTSVCS QJENT FENT/2 "FBFORSCI-13OLB_E ROOMB.EC SUPPtJES CB:BqSEI:UNDGOB.E SERVICES HRSELEC HRSB_EC DEC/gONWV8851 VEH RERM sUPPUEs RBMB VEH WTOW/STOR IVlE=,aGE 9q -9Q6 CuB#rPRSI:=ElCN ROOMB_EC HRSELEC SEFMCES PSTG USE) 6"3 - 9/20 DEATH X31NV vc EQuE Sa=MCES V  - - 7THLYWEBCRGS VB:II2ON WIRELESS CHGS V,JNOEL HRSELEC WAPd:IB OO MH43D (X)IVlvl SVC IVIGMr SVCS  COUNTY HE.AI3H SB:MCES CUENT SVCSt2 WAll  LONG DIST WAFI:IB COUNTY LONG DIST CAI..LS/AUG 355.00 1,609.81 76.10 74.,30 42.65 To20 1,844.40 2,871.30 2(68 2,175OO 826OO 1&08 86.00 15626 175.95 886.57 10E73 3O125 1(]513 1620 3O,5O 21&97 76.95 5O0.00 925.08 33.36 1,743.00 288.77 13,328.14 74.75 5O,000.00 1.68 380.08 12575 100 186.00 108.75 117,50 965 .72.60 132.13 3575O 123.13 165.13 3O428 3100 1214.52 63325 5OOO 50.00 57. 2g&80 723O 105.13 99.45 15.78 5423 &77&94 44.10 144.40 20.00 116.00 1 ,E23.00 750.70 586.00 660.00 35.00 365.C0 72.50 854.84 200.00 1.40 149.99 WAP, RENCOUNTYr AUG2011FL.& 394.68  COUNTYTRF_ .N.2011 BASIC PH CHGS 762.50 WASTE OF IOWA TP, ASH AL 60,78 WE]NMAK JIM HRS ELEC 116.00 WEI_LNESS COUNC OF KWA FEF_S 95o.oo WF_ST PAYMBXE CIITB:I LIG:a011 CHARGES 2,241.76 WICKL=', BRt",,[ CLIENTRENT 55O.OO WI DE:4:K3SAL INC SEPT2011 CHGS 205,00 WILUS, E RUTH HRSELEC 105.13 WILSON, STEVE MLG REIMB 6030 WINDR_QNER RN: APTS CUENT RENT 340.00 W1NDSTFE/M  TELE UIkE,,R/EXO 68P_01  IOWA.COMM INC MTI-Y CHC.S@ 11/[3ATAB/SE 316.04 )31(  AUG 2011 CHARGES 29422 K3RDI, DEA C EXPENSE & MLG F3MB 52.55 ZEP MAM.FACRJFNG CO SUPPLIES 631.73 ZlVI SHIPL[=Y HRS & MLG  B..EC 122.00 ZUlVlW, RONAt.D R HRSELEC 116.00 RESOLUTION 11-198A APPROVE 6 MONTH REVIEW BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- Bridge A-3434 10 TON B-2137 8 TON E-1577 15TON E-3276 23 TON F-0704 20 TON " G-0530 10 TON G-1309 15TON G-3478 18 TON J-0890 20 TON J-2702 21 TON P-3473 6 TON Carried Unanimously proves the satisfactory six month review for Dawn Brown RN in Health Services, changing Grade 14, Step 2 to Grade 14, Step 3, with pay rate of $20.88 per hour effective October 1,2011. Carried Unanimously RESOLUTION 11-198B APPROVE 8 MONTH REVIEW BE IT RESOLVED THAT[the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves the satisfactory six month review of Ruth A. Engelbart, Victim-Witness Coordinator in the County Attorney's Office resulting in pay being $1514.45 bi- weekly effective September 21,2011. Carried Unanimously RESOLUTION 11-198C APPROVE COUN'r'. ATTORNEY'S OFFICE NEW HIRE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves to hire Bobbier Ann Cranston as an Assistant County Attorney as exempt Regular Full-Time, eligible for vacation, sick time, and insurance at the rate of $62,000.00 per year, effective October 6, 2011. Carried Unanimously RESOLUTION 11-198D MENTAL HEALTH/S0BSTANCE ABUSE TREAT- MENT COSTS BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby re- quires that dual diagnosis treatment costs will be paid :5% from Substance Abuse and 75% lrem Mental Health for services incurred beginning July 1,2011. Carried Unanimously RESOLUTION 11-199 AGREEMENTS FOR REDISTRICTING BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves the memorandum of agreement between the City of Norwalk and Warren County, the City of Des MoiRes and Warren County, and the City of West Des Moines and Warren County regarding redistricting creating joint precincts. Car- ried Unanimously RESOLUTION 11-200 BRIDGE POSTINGS Whereas, the Engineer has reviewed and rated certain bridges in the County and because of bridge conditions recommends certain bridges be Posted with a new rating: BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves that the following Bridges be posted at the new listed rating Old Rating New Rating 6 TON 3TON IOTON 15TON 12TON 6 TON 10TON 15TON 15TON 19TON CLOSE BRIDGE RESOLUTION 11-201 APPROVE REDISTRICTING ORDINANCE 48.01 BE I T RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby ap- proves the Redistricting Plan for Warren County as presented. The Redistricting Ordinance 48.01 is available for viewing in the Auditor's Office. Carried Unani- mously The Supervisors gave reports of their previous week's activities. The Assiatant County Attorney gave the County Attorney's Reports. The next regular meeting will be held onTuesday, October 18,2011 at 9:30 a.m. Upon proper motion the meeting was adjourned at 10:03 a.m. ATTEST: AUDITOR, Traci VanderLinden CHAIR, Doug Shull m+'+,+++,+ ++,+.+..+ ,+,: m+.+ ........... In-Floor ~ Geothermal Heating "Insured & Certified" (515) 989-0106 "SALES - SERVICE ~ REPLACEMENT BATHROOM REMODEL GARRETT Concluded from p.6 will and be selected by the principal. The teacher would'revert to the Career teacher level if removed. Additional money could be earned with advanced OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF SHERIFF'S LEVY AND SALE Iowa District Coud } SS COURT CASE # EQCV031842 WARREN COUNTY NOTICE STATE OF IOWA WARREN COUNTY BANK OF AIERICA NA PLAINTIFF X Special Execution VS RICHARD K SCHRADER; FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA DEFENDANT (Judgment Debtor) As a result of the judgment rendered in the above referenced court case, an exacution was issued by the court to the Shadff of this county. The execution ordered the sal0 of defendant(s) X REAL ESTATE to satisfy the judgment. The property to be sold is X descdbed below: Lot 15 in ASHTON PARK PLAT 2, an Official Plat, now included in and forming a part 0 t tha City of Indianola, Warren County, Iowa. (Locally known as: 301 N 16th Street, Indlanola, Iowa) The described property will be offered for sale at public auction for cash only as follows: Date of Sale Time of Sale Place of Sale Novamber 10, 201t 10:00 AM Warren Co Courthouse, East Doors, Indianola, Iowa X This sala not subject to redemption. X Property exemption: Cartain money or property may be exempt. Contact your attorney promptly to review specific provisions of the law and the appropriate notice, if acceptable. Judament Amount Costs Accruirlg Costs Interest 6.5% Attom@y $152,244.88 PENDING PENDING from 8-1-2009 Benjamin Hopkins $22,530.16 1350 NW 138th St., Ste 100 Clive, IA 50325-8308 (515) 222-9400 Date: October 4, 2011 Sheriff; JAMES W. LEE, WARREN COUNTY, IOWA degrees in the subject mat- ter, national board certifica- tion, hard to fill subjects and teaching in high poverty schools. The plan proposes a se- ries of tests for students as they go through the system to be sure they are making reasonable progress. Schools would be ranked om "ex- ceptional" to "persistently low-achieving." Student support for teachers, gradu- ation rates and parent saris- faction would also be used to grade schoolS. Social pro- motion would be ended. I do not have room lere to discuss the plan in great detail. I will be thinking about the proposals and listening to the opinions of others as we proceed. I am concerned about the cost and I have questions about some of the other provi- sions. I wonder if the plan takes too much time out of the classroom for the Men- for and Master Teachers. As always, feel free to contact me with your ideas or concerns, at julian. garrett@legis.state.ia.us or 515-281-3221.