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December 5, 2013     N. Warren Town and County News
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December 5, 2013

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Thursday, December 5, 2013 N/Warren Town and Count3r, News Page Nine OFFICIAL PUBLICATION MINUTES TO BE APPROVE AT THE DECEMBER 3 ", 2013 MEETING NOVEMBER 19, 2013 Warren County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, November 19th, 2013, at 9:30 a.m. with Supervisors Doug Shun, Steve Wilson and Dean Yordi present. The following business was had to-wit: SIMPLE MOTION by Dean Yordi, second Steve Wilson by to approve the con- sent agenda, 11/5/2013 Regular Session Minutes and claims. WARREN COUNTY CLAIMS REGISTER REPORT November 19, 2013 21ST CENTURY REHAB CLNT ASS]" $1,820.80 911 ETC INC MONTHLY FEE $100.00 A+ COMM & SECURITY SERVICES $210.00 ACCESS SYSTEMS MTHLY CHGS PER AGRMNT $218.40 ADAMS, MADELINE MLG & EXPENSES REIMB $239.29 ADVANCED INTEGRATED NOVEMBER 2013 LD PH CHGS $661.92 AED BRANDS LLC CARDIAC PADS $2,526.30 AGRILAND FS INC FUEL/MULCH/SEEDING $85,264.47 AHLERS & COONEY PC SERVICESTHRU 10/29/13 $1,219.34 ALLIED OIL & TIRE CO TIRES $13,732.00 AMERICAN LEGION 165 HALL RENT/CITY ELECTION $50.00 AMERICAN LEGION 716 HALL RENT/CITY ELECTION $50.00 ANDERSON ERICKSON INMATE EXP/MO EXPS $269.61 ARAMARK UNIFORM UNIFORM SVC $399.14 ARNOLD, BRIAN MLG REIMB $41.50 AUBERT TOWING VEHICLE MNTNC $39.88 BANKERS LEASIIG CO MTHLY CNTRCT BASE RATE $119.88 BART'S MOBILE TIRE SUPPLIES $599.63 BARTON SOLVENTS INC CHEMICALS $3,228.80 BATES, CHERYL OCT/NOV MLG REIMB $268.06 BAUGHMAN, NANCY HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $108.75 BECKER, KAREN HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $116.38 BEDWELL, GLEN WELL PLUGGING X 2 $1,250.00 BELL, BILLIE M HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $106.63 BOB BARKER COMPANY SUPPLIES $374.91 BOB'S CUSTOM TROPH SERVICES $327.00 BOB'S TOOLS TOOLS $15.99 BORST COUNSELING SERVICES $345.00 BOWLSBY LAWSON, BETFY AUGUST & SEPT EXPENSES REIMB $325.15 BROWN, CAROLYN L HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $108.13 BRUCE, PAMELA OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $141.00 BRUENING ROCK ROCK/SAND/SALT $22,413.49 CABLES PLUS CABLES $1,161.64 CAIN, JAMES P. ELECTION HRS/MLG RMBRS $153.63 CAIN, MARY A. HRS WORKED CITY ELEC $50.75 CALHOUN-BURNS SERVICES $1,727.50 CARD CENTER GFOATRAINING/SUPPLIES $1,496.24 CARLISLE, CITYOF OCTOBER 2013 HALL RENT $414.00 CARLSON, ANGELA OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $23.40 CARPENTER UNIFORM UNIFORMS $506.35 CARSON, JULIANNE OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $343.55 CASTEEL, HEATHER OVERNIGHT MLG/MEALS $175.82 CASUAL RAGS UNIFORMS $123.30 CATRON, DEBBIE OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $296.35 CDW GOVERNMENT INC. DOCKING STATION $161.06 CENTURYLINK MTHLY PH SVC $2,781.90 CENTURYLINK QCC MTHLY CHGS $2526 CHIEF SUPPLY CORP SUPPLIES $1,300.00 CHUMBLEY'S AUTO CARE LABOR/PARTS/CLNT ASST $683.14 CIRCLE B CASHWAY SUPPLIES $3,713.93 CLARKE ELECTRIC COOP UTILITIES $188.34 CMI INC MOUTHPIECE $55.44 CNM OUTDOOR EQUIP EQUIPMENT $342.27 COBURN, RYAN MED EXMNR FEES $779.81 COFFMAN GLASS LABOR $201.00 COMM OF CHRIST HALL RENT CITY ELECTION $50.00 CONNEY SAFETY PROD SUPPLIES $198.42 CONSOLIDATED ELECT SUPPLIES $645.66 COOK, DEBBIE MATRON SRVCS $43.50 COPY PLUS ENVELOPES $81.05 COUNTRY VIEW EST SEPT WK SVCS OUT OF CO $192.00 CR SERVICES MO EXP $2,507.63 CRISWELL, JOHN W MLG & LODGING REIMB $489.32 CROOKES, JEAN MLG REIMB $32.00 CULBERTSON, JOHN M HRSWORKED/CITY ELECT $108.75 CULBERTSON, SHIRLEY HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $108.75 DAILY, BRENDA MLG REIMB $6123 DAVITT, RUTH E HRS/MLG REIMB-CITY ELEC $109.75 DAWSON, PATRICIA HRS/MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $92.50 DE COOK, PAULINE HRS & MLG/CITY ELEC $34.00 DE GOEY, JUNELLA HRS & MLG/CITY ELECTION $69.98 DELL MARKETING L.P. TONER $195.69 DESENBERG, BARB HRSWORKED CITY ELECTION $67.00 DESPENAS, JUDY MLG REIMB $124.00 DEVAULT, JODENE OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $58.45 DHS CASE MGMT UNIT CLIENT SVCS $301.91 DIAMOND LIFE HEALTH OCTOBER 2013 SERVICES $3,409.38 DIEHL, TED NOV CLIENT RENT ASST $550.00 DLT SOLUTIONS LLC SFTWRE SBSCRPTN RENEW $693.53 DOWNEY TIRE SERVICE SERVICES $889.04 EFTINK, CHERYL HRS/MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $73.50 ELECTRIC COMPANY, THE SERVICE AGREEMENT FEE $264.00 ELLIOTF, LYSLE HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $108.75 EMBARK IT INC PRNTNG $48.60 ESLICK, CAMI CLIENT SVCS/MH1151 $150.00 EXPERTS EXCHANGE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION $99.95 FAIRBANKS, CHRIS OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $176.40 FAMILY LIFE CENTER HALL RENT/CITY ELECTION $50.00 FAREWAY STORES INC SUPPLIES $342.31 FASTENAL COMPANY SUPPLIES $59.22 FILTER CARE NEBRASKA FILTER CLEANING $43.90 FOLKESTAD, HEIDI HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $129.00 FOOD BANK OF IOWA SUPPLIES $167.64 FOXWOOD APARTMENTS NOV CLIENT RENT ASST $425.00 FRANK DUNN CO PATCH $410.00 FRASER TRANS SERVICES/DOS $449.00 FREEDOM FIRST AID MEDICAL SUPPLIES $163.35 G & D ELECTRIC INC VHCL MNTNC $228.95 GENESIS DEVELOPMENT OCTOBER 2013 CLIENT CHGS$1,582.67 GOERING, LINDA HRS/MLG REIMB/CITY ELECT $68.06 GRAHAM, GLORIA HRS WORKED/CITY ELEC $108.75 GRAINGER UTLTY CART $214.00 H B LEISEROWITZ CO REPAIRS $418.75 HARVEST CHURCH HALL RENT/CITY ELECTION $100.00 HF-.LTHCARE FIRST SUPPLIES $89.00 HEARTLAND CO-OP WINTER WHEAT $48.58 HELDENBRAND, C OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $100.00 HENRY, DWANE LYNN SERVICES $288.16 HERBERGER CONST CO BROS(89)-VOUCHER #1 $153,305.09 HOPKINS & HUEBNER PC PROF SVCS OCT 31,2013 $741.00 HOUCKTRANSIT SERVICES $900.50 HOUSE OF MERCY OCTOBER 2013 SERVICES $10,000.00 HOWELL, CLYTA HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $76.50 HR GREEN INC SWCONNECTOR PYMNT#14 $17,651.11 HUGHES, LARRY L NOV CLNT RNT ASST $600.00 HUSKY SPRING PARTS $623.98 HY-VEE ACCOUNTS MAY CHRGS $59.98 HYDRO-KLEAN LLC STORM SEWER/WARREN DR .$4,249.50 IND' ANOLA PARK NOV CLNT RNT $166.00 IN[ ANOLA, CITY OF MO UTILITIES $11,730.14 IN. ,OFF INC. SUPPLIES $277.40 INFOMAX OFFICE MTHLY CHGS $347.52 INTERSTATE COMM MTHLY CHGS $165.14 IOWA CO ATTORNEYS FALL CONF REGIS FEES $650.00 IA DEPT TRANS AIRMETER BILLING $64.00 IA OFFICE/STATE MED EXM AUTOPSY FEES X 4 $7,390.00 IOWA PLAINS SIGNING INC TRAFFIC/STREET SIGNS $432.00 IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES SERVICES $2,580.05 IOWA STATE ASSOCIATION FALL SCHOOL REGIS FEE $150.00 IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY ENG CONF REG/MORRISSEY $600.00 IA WORKFORCE DEVEL ELEVATOR PERMIT INSPECT $125.00 JACKSON TOWNSHIP/S'E MARYS TRNG GRNT EMS $250.00 JENSEN, SHELLY OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $146.75 JESS' LOCK & KEY SERVICE $63.45 JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL SUPPLIES $578.48 JOHNSON, DAN MLG REIMB $120.00 KADING PROPERTIES PRTL NOV CLNT RNT $550.00 KARR TUCKPOINTING LLC SERVICES $36,715.00 KEAN, MARLENE HRS/MLG/CITY ELECTION $53.25 KEENEY, MARY LYNN HRS/MLG/CITY ELECTION $128.38 KEENEY, SUSAN SUPPLIES & MLG REIMB $48.50 KING, RENA K. HRS/MLG/CITY ELECTION $35.99 KINGSLEY, SARAH OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $58.89 KIYA KODA HUMANE DEC 2013 CO CONT $4,166.67 KNOXVILLE RESIDENTIAL OCTOBER2013CUENTCHGS $1,390.66 KOCH BROTHERS SUPPLIES $84.53 KONE INC. MAINT COV $208.00 KREISERS INC TST KITS $640.10 KRISS PREMIUM MO CNTRCT EXP $150.00 LACONA COMM HALL OCTOBER HALL RENT $414.00 LANDGREBE, JANET OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMS $309.05 LATHROP, JUDITH K HRS WORKED CITY ELECTION $108.75 LAW OFFICE ALEX CRABB CLIENT CHGS $150.00 LINDSAY, HEATHER HRS/MLG/CITY ELECTION $73.25 LOGAN CONTRACTORS PARTS $6,025.85 M & M SALES COMPANY LEASE CNTRCT CHRG $233.41 MACKIE, CURTIS S. HRSWORKED CITY ELECTION $112.38 MAESTRE, CATHERINE OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $31.50 MAHASKA COMMGROUP INTERNET & VOIP CHGS $2,767.91 MAHR, CAROL J. HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $70.13 MAHR, LINDA HRS/MLG/CITY ELECTION $71.25 MARION CO SHERIFF'S MO INMATE EXP $15,560.00 MARRIOI-F HOTELS MOTEL STAY X 3 $792.96 MARTENS, AMY OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $14.10 MARTENSDALE LIONS CLUB OCTOBER HALL RENT $506.00 MARTIN BROS DIST SUPPLIES $10,043.80 MATT PARROTT ELECT/OFFICE SPPLS $1,062.85 MATURA WlC PROGRAM CLNC RNT $357.50 MCCOY TRUE VALUE , SUPPLIES/ACCT 3300 $123.84 MCPHERSON, SHARON K. HRS/MLC-dCITY ELECTION $90.38 MEAD, NANCY HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $76.50 MEADOW VILLAGE APTS OCT CLNT RNT $83.00 MED ASSURE WASTE RMVL $47.69 MEDICAL PRODUCTS MEDS $311.18 MEDICAP PHARMACY LTC MO CLNT MEDS $4,347.58 MENARDS - DES MOINES SUPPLIES $84.33 MERCY ER PHYSICIANS MO CLNT EXP $316.00 MERCY PROFESSIONAL CLNT MED EXP $216.00 MID COUNTRY MACHINERY PARTS $191.24 MIDAMERICAN ENERGY MO UTILITIES $507.68 MILLER, BOBE'I-rE MLG REIMB $41.60 MITCHELL, JUDY OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $2.10.25 MORRISSEY SURVEYING INTERIM SVC $4,590.00 N/WARREN TOWN & CO PBLCTNS $755.47 NASH WELL CO ANNUAL MNTNC AGRMNT $300.00 NL=W VIRGINIA LIONS CLUB HALL RENT/CITY ELECTION $489.00 NICHOLS EQUIPMENT LLC EQUIPMENT RENTAL $1,106.50 NICKELL, CINDA MLG REIMB $32.00 NOBLE FORD-MERCURY PARTS $125.36 NORTHERN UGHTS FOOD INMATE SUPPUES $1,683.18 NORTHLAND PRODUCTS LUBRICANTS $149.95 NORTON, MARGARET S HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $108.75 NORWALK READY-MIXED CONCRETE $1,260.00 O'NEAI-, BARBARA F HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $88.06 O'REILLY AUTOMOTIVE PARTS $98.11 OFFICEMAX INC TONER $299.52 ON-SITE INFORMATION SERVICES $46.00 PALMER, PATRICIA HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $112.38 PENICK, CONNIE HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $115.88 PERU QUARRY INC ROCK $3,295.53 PETERSEN CT REPORTERS DEPOSITIONS/FECR027458 $209.00 PETERSON CONTRACTORS RC(91) NIXON-VOUCHER #1 $135,755.45 PIERCE BROS REPAIR STEEL $180.00 PIERCE, LARRY NOV CLNT RNT $525.00 PIERCE, LISA NOV CLNT RNT $575.00 PLS INVESTMENTS INC NOV PRTL CLNT RNT $500.00 POLK COUNTY TREASURER FOOD PKGS/DETENT SVCS $11,313.99 POLLEY, LEE HRS/MLG/CITY ELECTION $108.49 POSTMASTER 2 ROLLS .46 STAMPS $92.00 PRAIRIE VIEW MGMNT SEPT 2013 CLIENT CHGS $1,848.30 PREMIER PARTS INC PARTS/MULTIPLE INVOICES $153.79 PROF COURT REPORTERS DEPOSITIONS/TRNS EXP $389.50 PULLEN, CARL W HRSWORKED CITY ELECTION $108.75 PULLEN, NORMA HRS WORKED CITY ELECTION $108.75 QUALITY PEST CONTROL MO SRVCS $60.00 QUALITY PLUMBING/HTNG DRYER/WATERHEATER $843.00 QUALITY SUPER LUBE VHCL MNTNC $51.75 QUILL CORPORATION SUPPLIES $607.28 RECORD HERALD PUBLICATIONS $3,234.94 REED, HELEN HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $75.00 RESERVE ACCOUNT PREPAY POSTAGE $1,000.00 RICOH USA INC SEPT/OCT CONTRACT CHGS $352.67 RODGERS, CINDY OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $261.70 RODGERS, LINDA J HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $105.13 RODGERS, RUTH HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $105.13 ROUTH, KATIE HRS & MLG CITY ELEC REIMB $127.38 RUNYAN, JACCI HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $108.75 SCHAEFER, JANET HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $79.00 SCHEELS SUPPLIES $110.00 SCHMIDT, MARK HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $108.75 SCHREIBER, CYNDE L HRS WORKED CITY ELECT $112.38 SCHURMAN, MARILYN HRS/MLG/CITY ELECTION $116.50 SCHWALM, DANIEL B. OVERNITE SEMINAR EXP $930.98 SEEHUSEN, HARRIET HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $108.75 SELLARS, JONATHAN ARCHAEOLOGICAL SRVC $950.00 SHEETS, JUDITH HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $47.13 SHELTON, JANICE CASE/SCRN PRTCTR/MLG $102.04 SHETTERLY-SPENCE, M HRS MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $123.75 SIRWA WATER/HICKORY HILLS $66.00 SMITH, ANN HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $125.13 SMITH, MISSY SUPPLIES REIMB $188.78 SMOTHERS PROPERTIES NOV CLIENT RENT ASST $500.00 SORG, LINDA HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $108.75 SPENCE, VERLE L HRS/MLG/CITY ELECT $123.75 SPENCER PROP MGMT LLC OCT/NOV CLNT RNT * $888.55 ST JOHNS CHURCH HALL RENT CITY ELECTION $100.00 STAPLES ADVANTAGE SUPPLIES $74.94 STATE HYGIENIC LAB SERVICES $82.50 STATE TREAS OFFICE DASJBUSINESS CARDS $28.00 STOREY KENWORTHY SUPPLIES $17.13 SUBBER'F, SUE HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $108.75 SUNFIELD MHP OCT CLNT RNT $274.79 TASK TRAY PRODUCTS PRODUCTS $308.65 TEAM RESTORATION CLIENT SERVICES $460.50 THOMPSON, ASHLEY CONF MEALS $21.54 THOMPSON, KIM OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $254.75 THOMSON REUTERS MO EXP $1,717.88 TIRE INDUSTRY ASSOC TIA RECERTIFICATION $75.00 TOMES, RHONDA OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $6920 TREAS STATE OF IOWA CLIENT SERVICES $8,896.08 TRM DISPOSAL MO SRVC $101.00 TURNER, PAT HRS WORKED/CITY ELEC $29.00 US BANK EQUIP FINANCE CONTRACT COPIER PAYMENT $123.00 US CELLULAR MO CHRGS $438.58 VANCE BROTHERS INC MATTING BRIDGE REPAIRS $130.31 VANDEKAMP, JANELLE OCTOBER 2013 MLG REIMB $222.65 VANDER HAAG'S INC PARTS $830.71 VANDERLINDEN, TRACI MLG REIMB $43.50 VANDERPOOL CONST SUPPLIES $1,545.00 VERIZON WIRELESS SEPT AND OCT CHGS $311.50 WACHT, JOYCE HRS/MLG/CITY ELECTION $53.25 WADLE, JEAN E HRS/MLG/CITY ELECTION $110.75 WADLE, PATRICIA M. HRS/MLG/CITY ELECTION $73.50 WAL-MART SUPPLIES $247.96 WARREN COUNTY OIL OIL, LUBRICANTS $1,848.40 WARREN CO TREAS/LD LD PHONE CHRG $28.34 WARREN CO TREAS/SVC OCT FUEL $37,295.73 WARREN CO TREASURER NOV HLTH INS WELLNESS $3,920.00 WARREN LODGE #53 HALL RENT/CITY ELECTION $90.00 WARREN WATER DIST SERVICES $21.00 WATSON & RYAN PLC PROF SERVICES $2,067.12 WELLS, MALLORY MLG REIMB $71.00 WESTSIDE MUFFLER PARTS $15.61 WILEY, STEVE MLG & HRS REIMB $36.31 WILLIS, E RUTH HRS WORKED/CITY ELECT $108.75 WILSON, MARK FUEL REIMB $18.51 WlNDSTREAM IOWA MTHLY CHGS $479.34 WINGSPAN LLC AI'S PALS SUPPLIES $11,412.25 WOODS MOTEL & RV PARK CLNT RNT ASST $400.00 XEROX CORPORATION OCT2013 CHGS/SUPPLIES $379.34 YOUTH EMERGENCY SVCS YOUTH DET EXCESS BILL $2,705.70 ZEP SALES & SERVICE SUPPLIES $164.09 ZIMMERLINE, SHIRLEY HRS & MLG REIMB/CITY ELEC $127.50 ZUMWALT, RONALD P. HRS WORKED CITY ELECTION $108.75 RESOLUTION 13-242 OPEN PUBLIC HEARING BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Warren County Board of Supervisors hereby en- ters into the public hearing portion of the meeting. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13-243 CLOSE PUBLIC HEARING BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the public hearing regarding the Proposal toenter into a Development Agreement with Fareway Stores, Inc. and City of Carlisle is hereby closed. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13 - 244 RESOLUTION APPROVING AND AUTHORIZING EXECUTION OF A DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT BY AND BETWEEN THE COUNTY OF WARREN, PAREWAY STORES, INC. AND CITY OF CARLISLE WHEREAS, the County has received a proposal from Faraway Stores, Inc. (the "Developer") and the City of Carlisle (the "City"), in the form of a proposed Devel- opment Agreement (the "Agreement") by and between the City, the County, and the Developer, pursuant to which, among other things, the Developer would agree to construct certain Minimum Improvements as defined and legally described in the Agreement and consisting of the construction of an approximately 18,000 square foot grocery store building, together with all related site improvements, as outlined in the proposed Development Agreement; and WHEREAS, the property on which the Minimum Improvements will be built is located within the Carlisle Urban Renewal Area #3 (the "Area") which is covered by the Cadisle Urban Renewal Area #3 Plan (the "Plan"), which upon approval by the City, said Plan will be filed in the office of the Recorder of Warren County; and WHEREAS, it is desirable that properties within the Area be redeveloped as part of the overall redevelopment area covered by said Plan; and WHEREAS, the Agreement proposes that the City will make up to twenty (20) consecutive annual payments of Tax Increments to Developer, the cumulative total for all such payments not to exceed the lesser of $1,800,000, or the amount accrued under the formula outlined in the proposed Development Agreement, under the terms and following satisfaction of the conditions set forth in the Agree- ment;, and WHEREAS, the Agreement further obligates the Developer to enter into a Mini- mum Assessment Agreement with the City setting the minimum actual value of the Minimum Improvements for tax purposes at not less than $1,800,000; and WHEREAS, the Agreement also proposes that the County will make a $300,000 grant to Developer, and that the County will make a $145,000 loan to the City which will be secured by an Urban Renewal Revenue Note that the City will then grant to Developer; and WHEREAS, one of the obligations of Developer relates to employment retention and/or creation; and WHEREAS, Iowa Code Chapters 15A and 403 authonze counties to make loans and grants for economic development in furtherance of the objectives of an ur- ban renewal project and to appropriate such funds and make such expenditures as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of said Chapters, and to levy taxes and assessments for such purposes; and WHEREAS, the Board has determined that the Agreement is in the best inter- ests of the County and the residents thereof and that the performance by the County of its obligations thereunder is a public undertaking and purpose and in furtherance of the Plan and the Urban Renewal Law and, further, that the Agree- ment and the County's performance thereunder is in furtherance of appropriate economic development activities and objectives of the County within the mean- ing of Chapters 15A and 403 of the Iowa Code taking into account any or all of the factors set forth in Chapter 15A, to wit: a. Businesses that add diversity to or generate new opportunities for the Iowa economy should be favored over those that do not. b. Development policies in the dispensing of the funds should attract, retain, or expand businesses that produce exports or import substitutes or which gen- erate tourism-related activities. c. Development policies in the dispensing or use of the funds should be targeted toward businesses that generate public gains and benefits, which gains and benefits are warranted in comparison to the amount of the funds dispensed. d. Development policies in dispensing the funds should not be used to at- tract a business presently located within the state to relocate to another portion of the state unless the business is considering in good faith to relocate outside the state or unless the relocation is related to an expansion which will generate significant new job creation. Jobs created as a result of other jobs in similar Iowa businesses being displaced shall not be considered direct jobs for the purpose of dispensing funds; and WHEREAS, pursuant to notice published as required by law, this Board has held a public meeting and hearing upon the proposal to approve and authorize execution of the Agreement and has considered the extent of objections re- ceived from residents or property owners as to said proposed Agreement; and, accordingly the following action is now considered to be in the best interests of the County and residents thereof. NOWTHEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, BYTHE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF THE COUNTY OF WARREN IN THE STATE OF IOWA: Section 1. That the performance by the County of its obligations under the Agree- ment, including but not limited to making of loans and grants to the Developer in connection with the development of the Development Property under the terms set forth in the Agreement, be and is hereby declared to be a public undertaking and purpose and in furtherance of the Plan and the Urban Renewal Law and, further, that the Agreement and the County's performance thereunder is in fur- therance of appropriate economic development activities and objectives of the County within the meaning of Chapters 15A and 403 Of the Iowa Code, taking into account the factors set forth therein. Section 2. That the form and content of the Agreement, the provisions of which are incorporated herein by reference, be and the same hereby are in all respects authorized, approved and confirmed, and the Chairperson and the County Audi- tor be and they hereby are authorized, empowered and directed to execute, attest, seal and deliver the Agreement for and on behalf of the County in sub- stantially the form and content now before this meeting, but with such changes, modifications, additions or deletions therein as shall be approved by such offic- ers, and that from and after the execution and delivery of the Agreement, the Chairperson and the County Auditor are hereby authorized, empowered and directed to do all such acts and things and to execute all such documents as may be necessary to carry out and comply with the provisions of the Agreement as executed. Carried unanimously RESOLUTION 13-245A SET A PUBLIC HEARING TO APPROVE A LOAN AGREEMENT FOR ROAD CONSTRUCTIONTO AID IN ECONOMIC DEVEL- Concluded p. 11