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December 9, 2010     N. Warren Town and County News
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December 9, 2010

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P.age Six N/Warren Town and County News Thursday, December 9, 2010 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Board Minutes to be approved at the December 7, 2010 Meeting November i6, 2010 The Warren County Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday November 16, 2010 at 9:33 a.m. with all members present. The following business was had to-wit: SIMPLE MOTION by Marvin Grace, seconded by Doug Shull to approve the agenda with 1 addition. Carded unanimously. SIMPLE MOTION by Marvin Grace, second by Doug Shull to approve the min- utes for October 29 and November 9, 2010. Carded unanimously. SIMPLE MOTION by Marvin Grace, second by Doug Shull to approve the claims and fringes as presented. Carried unanimously. WARREN COUNTY CLAIMS REGISTER REPORT November 16, 2010 21st Century Rehab Pc A+ Communications & Security Aardsma, Paul Abbe Center For Community Cars Adams, Madeline Advanced Integrated Technologi Agan, Carol Agdland Fs Inc Aldrich, Janell Allen, Sharon AUiant Energy American Business Phones Anedcan Legion Post 165 Amos, Thelma Anderson Erickson Dairy Anderson, Mary B Archibold, Sandi Amold, Brian Aubert Towing/Tim Nelson Baber, Margaret Ball, Norma Bankers Leasing Company Bass, Troy W Beatty, Linda Becker, Karen Beeler, Kandy Bell, Billie M Benedict Home, Annie's House Bob's Tools Boettcher, Connie Boll, Dawn Bolsem, Douglas Borst, Michael S Bowlin, Emmalee Bowlsby Lawson, Betty Bowman, Dawn M Boyer, Martha L Brick Gentry P.C. Broadlawns Medical Cntr Brown, Carolyn L Brown, Lise Brummer, Sharon L Brunia, Edith Bunce, Janet Burchett, Mary Dawn Burke, Joseph P. Cables Plus Cain, James P. Cain, Mary A. Calhoun-Bums & Assoc Inc Candee, Donna Candee, Roger Capital Sanitary Supply Co Inc Capstone Behavioral Cardiac Science Corp. Carlisle Foods Carlisle, City Of Carson, Julianne Cassady Pharmacy Cassady, Victoria Catron, Debbie C da Foundation Cdw Government Inc. Cedar Rapids, City Of Central la Property, Dennis Park Central Iowa Fasteners Chemsearch Children & Families Of Iowa Chumbley & Jones Oil Co Client Services Multiple Quarterly Monitoring Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec Client Services Pssft & Ftm Oct 2010 Exp Re Ld Service Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec Fuel Family Assistance Svcs General Elec Hrs And Mileage Services Install Jack 3 Dss Keys Progra Hall Rent/General Elec General Elec Hrs And Mileage October 2010 Milk General Elec Hrs And Mileage Hrs Worked/General Elec MIg Reimb/General Elec/Suppl Jumpstart Tow And Storage General Election Hrs & Mileage General Election Hre & Mileage Lease And Maintenance Fee Mlg Reimb/General Elec Hrs Worked/General Elec Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec Well Plugging General Elec Hrs And Mileage Client Services 1 Months Rent Tools Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec Cppo]Amedccrps Svcs Nov Hre & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec Oct Counseling/Pssfp Nov Mileage Reimbursement July & August 2010 Expense R Client Svcs General Etec Hrs And Mileage Services Reimb Medical Client Services Multi Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec General Eleption Hrs & Mileage General Election Hrs & Mileage Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec MIg/Meal Reimb/General Elec General Election Hrs & Mileage MIg/Meals/Supplies Reimb Supplies General Elec Hrs And Mileage Hrs Worked/Gen Elec Prof Svcs/May - Oct 2010 General Election Hrs General Election Hrs & Mileage Supplies Client Medical Services Pediatric Electrodes-DefibrilG3 Supplies Client Servi/Oct2010HallRent October 2010 MIg Reimb Client Rx General Election Hrs October 2010 MIg Reimb Brochures Hand Outs Parts Bus Pass AptsClientServiNovRentPartial Supplies Supplies Multiple Client Svcs Multiple. Client Serv Fuel/Serv Circle B Cashway511761-511919-512043-512028-512149-51263 Cisco Webex Uc Oct 2010-Oct 2011 Web Host Clarke Electric Cooperative in Client Set Electric/StLiteRpr Cnh Capital Parts Cnm Outdoor Equipment SpoolLine-ServWork/FUter/AcFoam Conley, Pat Conlin Properties Construction By Cambron LIc Continuing Ed & Professional Conway, Donna Copy Plus Cortum, Melvin Cr Services Crane, Joanna Croat, Kenneth Croat, Linda A. Culbertson, Shirley Culligan Water Condition Dallas County Care Facility Daugherty, Julie Davey, Robert Davitt, Ruth E Dawson, Patricia De Cook, Pauline De Goey, Junella Dell Marketing L.P. Delury, Grag General Elec Hrs And Mileage Fam Asst Prog/Rental Assist Office Bldg Interior Renov Regis Fee/Matt Thomas General Election Hrs & Mileage Boxes/Ups/Spls/200B rochu re General Election Hrs Supplies Matron Duties General Election Hrs & Mileage General Election Hrs & Mileage Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec .November 2010 Auto Rental Client Servi5ClientsOct2010 Wellness Reward Hrs Worked/Gen Elec General Elec Hrs General Elec Hrs And Mileage Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec General Election Hrs & Mileage Computer Network Card/Srg Prtctr/Svcs Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec Des Moines Cold Storage Co. Food Storage Des Moines Register, The DeputyAd8imesRun/MiscAd Despenas, Judy October 2010 MIg Reimb Devault, Jodene Oct MIg Reimb/Bags/D2021 ImmunTech Diamond Mowers .Inc Parts Dierking, Kristi Mileage Reimbursement Dittmer, Dena MIg Remb/General Elec Dm Child & Adolescent Guidance Client Services Multiple DmFairviewParlersllnact)-Dutton Client Services-Rent Dollison, Joyce M Dolph, Marvel E. Downey Tire Service Dubois, Marcel Dyslin. John W Eastern .Iowa Tire Edwards Graphic Arts Inc Eftink, Cheryl Electronic Engineering Emb&rk It Inc Enr:.Jed Erb Carolyn Eye lwBall Community Mental H Fai;i ,ks, Chris Faf- Life Center General Elec Hrs And Mileage General Election Hrs & Mileage Tires/Supplies General Election Hrs & Mileage Client Set Prorated Oct Rent Tires Three Rivers Journal Fall 2010Priny General Election Hrs & Mileage Micrn/Radio/4 Line Rental Supplies Invoices Name,Plate Strips And Holders Hrs Worked/Gen Elec Multiple Client Services October 2010 MIg Reimb General Election Hall Rental Fareway Stores Inc Client Svcs/Meal Sites/Food/Tkts/Fruit 1,543.56 Farm Plan 532789-541181-546896-548445-551670-55379 Parts 800.08 Fastenal Company Supplies Multiple Invoices 77.04 Filter Care Of Nebraska Motor Vehicle Parts 239.65 Fish, Lisa October 2010 MIg Reimb 141.57 Foland, Kris MIg Reimb/General Elec 15.20 Foley, Larry General Election Hrs & Mileage 160.95 Folkestad, Robert K Supplies Reimb 7.20 Food Bank Of Iowa Food Supplies/Acct 01172/Acct 01039 183.80 Forinash, Bemadine General Election Hrs & Mileage 161.28 Freedom First Aid & Safety LIc Supplies/First Aid 129.55 Friends Of Warren Co Conserv Postage Deposit 311.21 Ge Capital 4809605-001 InstallmentPay 1,125.00 Gebhart, Robert S Matrons Lunch 9.09 Gehringer, Jolene Certified Mail Reimbursement 6.32 Genesis Development Client Service Multiple Client 4,514.47 Gesaman, Kay General Elec Hrs And Mileage 144.53 5,840.00 Gfp Investments LIc Client Services Rent 500.00 475.31 Gideon, Theresa Hrs Worked/Gen EJec 130.50 141.70 Glascock, Polly Wellness Reward 25.00 2,649.42 Glick, Susan Hrs Worked/Gen Elec 130.50 969.73 Goering, Linda General Election Hrs & Mileage 163.62 412.76 Goode, Lisle Hrs Worked/General Elec 123.25 144.32 Goodhue Realty Client Services Nov Rent 860.00 23,553.12 Goodwill Industries Client Services 337.02 500.00 Gorham, Marylin General Elec Hrs 58.00 175.03 Graham, Gloria General Election Hrs & Mileage 143.73 20.77 Grimes Asphalt & PavingMaint & Repairs/Kirkwood St/Asphalt P 92,845.74 231.00 Groth, Bonnie Sept & Oct 2010 Mrg Reimb 32.00 50.00 Grx Holdings LIc Multiple Client Rx 8,991.13 163.03 Hall, Don Client Services 50.00 1,403.75 Hall, Martin Client Services Nov Rent 500.00 148.43 Hankins, Duane Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec 136.17 116.00 Hansen, Sarah MIg Reimb/General Elec 9.60 218.76 Hargin, Chad Oct Nov Cell Stipend 30.00 180.00 Harris, Julie MIg/Supplies/Isac Lodging Reimb 350.37 162.93 Hartford Mobile Home Park Client Services Lot Rent 201.77 167.40 Hawkeye Food Dist4641484-4647499-4653352-4659287/Food/Sp 8,440.59 117.23 Hendrix, Joyce Hrs Worked/General Ilec 123.25 9.60 Henry M. Adkins & Son Inc Election Supplies 22.90 130.50 Henry, Allen E. Hrs Worked/General Elec 61.63 140.32 Herberger Const Company Proj # L-K1801f--73-91 9,928.14 300.00 Hervey, Lora Jean General Elec Hrs/Mileage Meals Reimb 308.13 144.48 Hildreth, Connie MIg & Overnite Meals Reimb 167.19 430.00 Hill, Lola Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec 76.50 7.99 Home Depot Credit Services Supplies 95.70 130.88 Hope Haven Inc Client Services Multiple 1,588.76 472.38 Hopkins & Huebner Pc Prof Svcs Thru Oct 31,2010 2,299.00 68.45 Hotsy Bldg Repair & Maint 1,100.98 1,260.12 Howell, Clyta General Election Hrs & Mileage 130.05 132.8.0 Hr-Onesource Arbitration Hearing Charges 4,216.50 794.95 Hunerdosse, Donna General Elec Hrs And Mileage 138.50 529.39 Hunter, Harry Hrs Worked/Gen Elec 130.50 149.33 Hutchison, Peg MIg Reimb/General Elec 11.20 1,288.50 Hy-Vee Accounts ReceivablClient Svcs-Diapers/Dept Supplies/Rxs 234.97 3,117.50 Hygienic Laboratory - Accounts Water Analyses 9.00 143.73 la Dept Human Serv/Habilitat Client ServicesMultiplelnvoices 662.87 144.48 Ids Supplies 115.86 160.50 Ikon Office Solutions Maintenance Agreements/Rent 603.46 157.75 IIIowa Communications 10 Station InstalI-Cabling-lntercom/Hdwr 5,016.00 64.87 Imaging Technologies Mthly Chgs 117.00 138.50 Imperial Supplies LIc Parts 969.36 1,563.04 Imwca Install 5/Work Comp Pram 10-11 22,985.00 31.46 Indianola Church Of Christ Hall Rent/General Election 50.00 146.13 Indianola Municipal Utilities Client Svcs Utilities 1,866.06 112.38 Indianola, City Of Nov Elec/Client Srvcs/Mthly Svcs 9,723.62 2,859.95 Indoff Inc. Supplies 1,527.08 130.50 Integrity Works International Year End Report E-Support 300:00 140.90 Interstate Communications ' 911/Dbase 103.80 .343.67 Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Rifle Instructor School 275.00 418.50 Iowa Prison Industries Supplies 907.50 63.56 Iowa Secretary Of State Election Supplies 140.00 83.03 Iowa Telecom Radio Line Fire/Law Radio Frq/Mihly Chrgs 891.43 451.99 iowa Treasurer Of State Rpt Year 2011/Unclaimed Prop 100.48 190.17 Iowa Water Management Corp Mthly Contracted Water Svc 210.00 14.61 Isac Fall Conf/Mahala Cox/Isac Meeting Reg 260.00 119.63 James Oil Company LIc Diesel 18,444.80 260.87 Jensen, Shelly October 2010 MIg Reimb 144.18 10.50 Jo's Hallmark Supplies/Calendar/Labels 108.90 23.50 Jobes, Stacy October 2010 MIg Reimb 134.51 24.00 Jones, Jo General Elec Hrs 58.00 400.00 Kading, Rick Client Services Nov Rent 1,075.00 48.23 Kalbus Computer & Graphics Letterhead Redesign Updates & Edit 146.25 99.90 Kaster, Joyce A General Elec Hrs And Mileage 161.59 96.82 Kean, Marlene General Elec Hrs And Mileage 187.68 324.49 Keep Iowa Beautiful Oct 2010 Prf Svcs/lllegal Dump Surv Prg 2,397.37 1,194.58 Kimball Midwest Parts 225.12 468.00 Kirby, Stephen M. Hrs Worked/Gen Elec 130.50 568.00 Kiya Koala Humane Society Dec 2010 Mthly Co Contribution 3,666.67 16.59 Knosby, Ruth A. General Elec Hrs And Mileage 189.59 175.45 Koch Brothers Toner Cartridge 91.10 148.53 Kone Inc. Nov 2010 Maint Coverage 309.03 200.00 Konrad, Charlotte Hrs Worked/Gen Elec 130.50 44,401.00 Konrad, Ruth Hrs Worked/Gen Election 132.32 225.00 Kovacevich, Mary Oct & Nov 2010 Svcs/Pssfp 951.88 156.15 Kreidler, Mick General Election Hrs & Mileage 134.45 602.70 L & M Cleaning Cleaning Services. 425.00 64.50 Lacona Community Hall October Hall Rent 378.00 100.06 Lane, Flora MIg Reimb/Gen Elec 58.00 50.75 Lane, Lewis Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec .71.20 183.45 Lankford, Curtis General Elec Hours 119.63 144.53 Lanman, Robert General Elec Hrs And Mileage 144.53 132.50 " Lathrop, Judith K Hrs-MIg Reimb/Gen Elec 181.58 20.00 Lawler, Carole Hrs & MIg Reimb/General Election 169.62 8,413.40 Leeper, Shirley General Elec Hrs 79.75 25.00 Lentz, Madlyn General Elec Hrs 79.75 32.63 Lepley, Kristy October 2010 MIg Reimb 256.46 79.75 Lester, Marianne General Election Hrs & Mileage 160.58 174.98 Unn County Community Services Client Services 122.83 94.63 Lions Hall General Election Hall Rental 50.00 140.50 Loyd, A.K. Well Plugging 800.00 1,289.54 M & M Sales Company Contract Payment 195-01 124.82 148.95 Mahaska Communication Group Voip Phone Svc Internet 2,834.95 76.47 Mahr, Linda Hrs & MIg Reimb/General Elec 119.20 1,352.38 Maltby, Jim General Etec Hrs 101.50 103.20 Marriott Hotels & Resorts 2 NightStay/C Hildreth/J Bunce 488.32 176.00 Marshall Medical Systems & Equ Supplies 153.25 1,410.93 Martens, Angela October 2010 MIg Reimb 257.54 48.00 Martensdale Lions Club October 2010 Halt Rent 462.00 7.60 Martin Marietta Aggregat Rock 24,123.85 1,030.40 Mary Greeley Medical Center Court Ordered Client Service 2,715.00 820.00 Mccoy Sanitation Corp Oct Sanitation Pickup 80.75 181.00 Mccoy True Value 0442-0491-0688-0734-0746-0884-0923-1149 545.17 140.90 Mckee, Aileen Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec 63.60 1,293.50 Mead, Nancy General Elec Hrs And Mileage 148.10 140.90 " Medicap Pharmacy Client Services Rx 84.01 580.00 Medicap Pharmacy Ltc Client Rx 1,204.98 1,865.47 Medora Church Ladies Aid General Election Hall Rental 50,00 2,280.18 Merck Sharp & Dohme Cor Supplies 297.77 162.98 Mercy - Indianola Jefferson ClientServicelmmediateMedNeeds 122.00 77.95 Metz, Rosanna General Elec Hrs And Mileage 192.20 1,145.(J0 Midamerican Energy rvl nthlySvcM ultipleLocations 3,386.22 67.50 Midwest Wheel Parts 537.10 54.38 Miller Electric ervices 800.00 t 14,378.59 Miller, Bobette October 2010 M,g Reimb 95.85 112.86 Milliman, Barbara K Gen Elec Hrs And Mileage 140.13 50.00 MilJiman, Bill G Gen Elec Hrs And Mileage 140.13 Mile Manor Inc Mineart, Elizabeth Mineart, Ernest David Miner, Bonnie Mitchell, Judy Miw Inc Monroe, John Morris, Darlene Moser, Susan M Mt Calvary Lutheran Church Mt Zion Church Multi-Housing Partners li Lp Murphy, Jolene Client Services Rent General Election Hrs General Election Hrs Hrs Worked/Gen Elec October 2010 MIg Reimb Client Services Hrs Worked/General Elec MIg Reimb/General Elec MIg Reimb-Eiections & It Election Hall Rental Hall Rent/General Elec Client Services Rent October 2010 MIg Reimb Napa Auto Parts Parts Supplies Nash Well Co 11/2010-11/2011 Maintenance Agreement Nash, A Jean His & MIg Reimb Nena 2011 Membership Dues New Horizons Computer LeMming Regis Fee/S Moser New Virginia Lions CJub October HaU Rent New Virginia, City Of N.V.-St Const Money/July-Sept '10' Newegg.Com, Acct Rec Inv 1003101649893131-1003101 64892362 Night Shift LIc Oct 2010 Cleaning Services Nord, Linda Hrs & MIg Reirpb/Gen Elec North Warren Town & County New Publications Norton, Margaret S Gen Election Hrs & Mileage Norwalk, City Of Client Services Utilities O'halloran International Inc Parts O'mara, Thomas D. Automotive Repair O'neal, Barbara F Gen Election Hrs & Mileage O'reilly Automotive Inc Parts Occupational Health Centers/Sw Services Officemax Inc Onsite Information Destruction Palmer, Patricia Partnership For Progress Inc Perry, Joyce Perry, Stan Petco Animal Supplies Inc Phillips, Amanda Phillips, Colleen E Phillips, Donald Pierce Bros Repair Polk Co Treasurer Polley, Lee Postmaster Powerplan Praxair Distribution Inc Principal Wellness Co Quality Pest Control Supplies Shred Hrs Worked/General Elec Oct 2010 Hrs Worked/General Elec Gen Election Hrs & Mileage Feeder Rats Mileage Reimbursement Gen Elec Hrs And Mileage Gen Elec Hrs And Mileage Supplies Per 28e Agreement-143 Food Pkgs Gen Elec Hrs And Mileage Postage For Brm Account Parts Cylinders Online Resources Svcs To C.H.-Admn BIdg-Temple Quill Corporation 9096927-9066203-9041855-8924104-8725099 Qwest Radio Ckt-Law/Fire/Svcs-Adm-Ch-Dss Adm R & R Business Products Ltd 2500 Envelopes Rashky, Marge Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec Ready 2 Mix Concrete Cement Record Herald & Indianola Trib, The Publications Red Rock Area Comm. Action Pro ClientSvcsTrans-7/10tol0/10 Reed, Helen Reserve Account Rexco Equipment Inc Reynolds Feed Service Richardson, Deb Robbins, David Paul Rodgers, Cindy Rodgers, Linda J Rodgers, Marjorie Rodgers, Ruth Roth, MarUyn Gen Election Hrs & Mileage Pstg Used 9-30-10 Thru 10-31-10 Parts/Cylinder Bird Seed General Elec Hrs General Elec Hrs October 2010 MIg Reimb General Elec Hrs Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec General Elec Hrs Gen Elec Hrs And Mileage 260.00 63.44 116.00 132,33 171.50 896.28 36.25 2.40 57.60 50,00 50.00 393.00 171.77 2,045.72 300.00 146.72 130.00 520.00 378.00 2,650.19 426.94 254.00 149.33 471.99 143.73 93.18 1,057.99 677.80 178.82 40.77 289.00 701.06 48.00 174.75 1,611.69 166.75 149.00 59.33 78.80 144.08 144.08 90.00 715.00 149.28 500.00 3,376.07 279.25 169,29 82.00 632.08 4,760.44 120.00 140.17 7,586.25 1,801.56 20,691.07 125.25 9,666.22 634.82 86.25 130.50 137.75 126.77 137.75 82.10 137.75 1 44.53 Roth, Rachel . General Elec Hours ........ 119.63 Routh, Catherine : Gnection Hrs & Mileage    ' i 16'5.38 Routh, non R General Election Hrs 126.88 Rupp, Jim Hrs Worked Reimb/Gen Elec 36.25 Rupp, Katherine MIg Reimb/Gen Elec/Regis Fee Reimb 214.40 Sallenback, Carol Gen Elec Hrs And Mileage 120.43 Sanofi Pasteur Inc Medical Supplies 5,270.29 Sapp, Sandra Hrs & MIg Reimb/GenElec 131.60 Sarmento, Regina Oct&Nov Expenses Reimb 485.57 Sawyers, Cathy General Elec Hrs 137.75 Schildberg Const Co Rock 258.41 Schlenker, Charlotte Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec 184.58 Schreiber, Cynde L Gen Election Hrs & Mileage 135.25 Schurman, Leora MIg Reimb/General Elec 17.60 Schurman, Marilyn Gen Elec Hrs And Mileage 225.00 Shenk, Penelope Gen Elec Hrs And Mileage 168.95 Shetteriy-Spence, Margie Gen Elec Hrs And Mileage 155.75 Sievers, Clyde Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec 164.90 Sign-Up Ltd Materials/Signs 199.77 Simpson, Joan M General Elec His 137.75 Sinn, Norma Hrs Worked/Gen Election 76.13 Sirwa Rural Water 31.50 Sivertsen, Molly Wellness Coach Svcs 522.50 Smilemakers Medical Supplies 292.60 Smith, Ann MIg&H rsWorkReimb/GenEiec 158.13 Smith, Jacqueline M Gen Election Hrs And Mileage 14975 Smithhart, Sandra J Gen Election Hrs & Millge= 143.73 ,South Central la Landfill Agen Construction Debrts :::  * 45.00 South Central Youth & Warren Co Outreach Svc ,Oct, 338.64 Southern Computer Fiber Converter Yards/Handset ld 154.68 Sparks, Pat Gen Elec Hrs And Milea0e  192.35 Spear, Eva Jeanne Hrs/MIg Reimb/Gen El ,oLt#.,/ 187.64 Spear, Kay MIg Reimb/General Etw  12.00 Spence, Verle L Gen Election Hrs And  155.75 Spencer Property Mgmt LIc Client Serv/Rent/Water 691.19 Spindustry Technical Training Ccna Prep/Jeff O'brien- 1,995.00 Sprayer Specialties Inc Parts . 139.12 Spdnt Solutions Inc Mthly Cell Chgs-515-745-9138 99.98 St Johns Church General Election Hall Rental, 50.00 St Marys American Legion General Election Hall Rental :- 50.00 St Thomas Aquinas Church Election Hall Rental 50.00 Staples Advantage Supplies 290.25 Stew Hansen Chrysler Dodge Jee Service 532.26 Still, Dee Aug 20t0 Daycare Svcs 314.00 Stitzell Electric Supply Co Supplies 371.00 Storey Kenworthy Supp-28eAgreement MarionCo 1,210.33 Stroud, Julie Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen El'ec 129.60 Subbert, Sue Gen Election Hrs And Mileage 143.73 Taylor Industries Inc Materials 33.78 Taylor, Deborah Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec 146.32 Thompson, Ashley Deductible For Phone Reimb 50.00 Thompson, Kim October 2010 MIg Reimb 152.82 Truck Equip Inc Filter 53.30 Turner, Pat Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec 91.43 Tutt, James S. Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Election 166.70 Unified Contracting Services 849.58 Us Cellular Phone Services 1,477.55 Van Gundy, Stacy Mileage Reimbursement 11.20 Van Raden, Teresa Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec 163.40 Van Ryswyk, Ashley Jane Matron Duties 29.00 Van Ryswyk, Deloris Hrs & MIg Reimb/Gen Elec 120.00 Vandekamp Janelle October 2010 MIg Reimb 144.14 Vander Haag's Inc Parts 1,523.25 Vanderlinden Automotive Maintenance 72.3(; Vanderlinden, Traci Supplies Reimb 12.72 Vanderpool Construction Inc Roadstone 55.00 Verizon Wireless Wireless Svc/3 Cell/1 Card 212.56 Vetter, Angelic Hrs & MIg ReimbGen Elec 124.00 Concluded p.ll