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December 18, 2014     N. Warren Town and County News
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December 18, 2014

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Thursday, December 18, 2014 N/Warren Town and County News Page Nine OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Notice of Shedfrs Levy and Sale wxz. cou.Tv =,mF= OmC=. PO OOK == mONO  *ZS* {sin,at1( 1in IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR WARREN COUNTY STATE OF Iowa ) Oke No- (Swe N-) 114"=tiea(1) I ) SS CouttN0 (EQCVG3SIg5 ] WARREN COUNTY ) NOTICE OF LEVY i PLAINTIFF : THE INK OF NEW YORK MELLON OK#, THE BANK OF NEW YORK AS TRUSTEE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CERTIFIC^TEHOLDERS OF THE CWABS INC., ASSET-BACKED CERTIFICATES. SERIES 2004-ECC2 v5 DEFEND/rNT; CANDY M DRONE NK/A CANDICE M. DRONE DEFENDANT: CANDY M DRONE NK/A CANDICE M DRONE SPOUSE OF DEFENDANT: PARTIES IN POSSEION AS n msu el the jgmer4 mnd4m In t ab(m Ndml 011 SSa, im n  Is    m    i o,uMy,  mclatn 4ere(I me sale el #mdli1(l) rSghls, 1ill e. and trrhzmM In R Ez'tatl Pfopeily Io Imllll/ |uOgn',ent THe kz be  Ira: -Lolr 3N BLOCK e ORJOzNAL TOWN PLAT. L/CONA. lOW& AND THE .-1LE-Y LY1NG BETWEEN LOT8 2 AND 3 IN 8LOCK $, ORDINAL TOlq PLAT OI = U:ONA, IOWA ;WARREN COUNTY, IOwA A.'D LOTS 4 AND $ IN BLOCK lB. ORIGINAL TOWN PL.AT OF LACONA, ThD demed progerly wgl I.= ld fx laHZ M public lulJon lot (:lh oe,'y 4nt k)llov,: i mm= I "nmeSm wameasm ..... i 01ZlS,'Z0s5  tO:0 AM Wmmm tom W  Fall On ,v' Tihl,,. ae nOl ii)le,cs Io rammptxxt. Prolly : m ny er Imply mw be ampt GId r ammey prqll m,-.ew zafx: m =f  lw 4r, d Irde mr, mi,-,., if =plplk:ze. S4S.e5632 ( ) PLUS iAT5%o($44.43132fmm0A/18Q014- l4=,. GEWING (319)J2. " ) $1J3 T3 i 1(/10f2014  S Voe 1 J Roberta Friesen's (Lakewood Choir director) 5th grade Honor Choir performed Christmas songs for the OPALS lunch at the Norwalk Public Safety Building Fri- day, Dec. 5. Photos submitted. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Notice of Sheriffs Levy fltcl Silk WARREN  4ERIFFSOFRCE - PO BOX 331, IN0fANOLA, IA St :Z. (118) 16t.1122 IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR WARREN COUNTY STATE OF IOWA ) DeckNO (Sa.o4 --- -7 ) ss c.No  ] WARREN COUNTY ) NOTICE OF LEVY PLAINTIFF: AYViEW LOAN RVlCING LLC A DELAWAR UMITEO LIABILITY COMPANY vs DEFENDANT: DANIEL JACK URYER DEFENDANT : DANIEL, JUUE ANNE DEFENDANT: HUBA,N D AND WIFE DEF; PEOPLES SAVING5 BANK OEFEN: THE CEe GROUP, INC LOT II UNCOUN RIDGE PLAT I, AN OFFICIAL PLAT. |NDIANOI.A, WNKREN COUNTY IOWA see0 e [o4 n eq StrEET 0OUO mWAI: T]he d PoPq4tlr wiJl be oflem4 I' 84de t pulbllk: aLIXI  ldt U]f =m kzlkzw 01r'12015 1 1( 0_00 Nul  Cou";ou Eait t . .*'. 1' sWe r walecz io re4emp.z. P'geny : c m,. 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NOWINGLUDEO NMIDFORNaNG PART OF THE CITY OF INDIANO Wl.l:uE N COU,N'ro IOWA .reel  NORTH SlflH STREET. iNDUOL IOWA Dm dEale 1"m el ,r4b ;k 010du20s5 t000AM W,mn Caumy CWmme Eatt Dr. Jprt Amt Cee  mt .moey 51(32,133.51 PLUS 9 376% 0fSI31.003.61 Imm 09,01r'4t)lo - MEGAN GELLO {953] $3-7(00 $53.5t  83 12:2't4 Bnlm S, Vo OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Notice of Sheriflrs Levy and Sale WARREN OUNTY IERIFF8 OFFICE - PO  337, INOIANOI.A, IA 1(S * IS1(S) li61(.11:L2 IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR WARREN COUNTY STATE OF IOWA ) ) ss WARREN COUNTY ) OorJal No. (SnJo No) [I$(I) I Cou, NO. LEOCVO-.'s.'ms ........ J NOTICE OF LEVY PLAINTIFF: COMMUNITY BANK DEFENDANT: MILLER. AUDREY L DEFENDANT: VEATCH, MICHAEL R DEFENDANT: MILLER VEATCN. LLC DEFENDANT: MICHAEL MILLER AS POUSE OF UDRIY L MILLER DEFENDANT: JUDY VEATCIt AS POUSE OF MICHAEL R VF.ATCH DEFENDANT : PANTIES IN POSSESSION THE SOUTH TEN 00) FEET OF THE NORTH HALF (N 1/'2) OF LOT 11EN (I0} IN BLOCK FOUR (4) JN ),tRT,5 ADOITION 1'0 ' IN1DtA.NOIL. IQNA, AND LOT El.EVeN (I 1) ANO THE  HALF ($t/2) OF LOT TEN (10) IN BLOCK FOUR (4| IN HAWOR llH S ADDI]ION 1to i NOIANOLA. IOWA NOW IDEdRIEED AS: TH OUTH () THIRTY4RVE (3S) FFr OF LOT TEN i (tO) AND ALL OF LOT E.L EV'r..N (11) IN BLOCK FOUR (4) IN HAWORTI.rs ADDITION TO INDIANOLA. IOWA S-et Addmm ]410 S JEFFERSON WAY, INOIANOI.A. IOWA,012:$ Th de,j,.ild pmlRly will be DiSmal ir iikl M pl:lk: ludj( for cMh Dilly i, I(=w L i,,n.,... I "r,m..,s, ]w,e,le I OlttSflZ'gl J 10;00AM ,., Tlu r.We r, ot ,=uteCt IO reempn Prqparl 'lp4N:   m' ptlml may  ilxmmpL Cordad ymx Mli0mey l:,rom to renew specc pn)slos of tJ r =no I.e 8popm nasa if appli $23.50.2:3 ! PLUS 121% r$29.Qs023  Nf'14 = MJC-F.L J CUNN (51S) " "' ISt.7.at :zTa-4z0o I a' I ,, *,'  ,=.,4 (an s. v=, ) OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Notice of Sheriffs Levy end Sale WARREN OUNTY 8HEI=F8 OFFICE IPO BOX 337, IBDIANOI.A, I& 10*:l ($*6) 116t-11:12 IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR WARR#=N COUNTY STATE OF IOWA ) o No. (se No ) LL4-'mm( I ) ] ) SS c=,,t No. [eoo,,o,'m, WARREN COUNTY ) NOTICE OF LEVY PLAINTIFF; THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON FKA TIHE BANK OF NEW YORK AS TRI."TEE FOR THE CERTIFICATEHOLDERS OF THE CWALT. INC.. ALTERNATIVE LOAN TRUBT 2005-,116 MORTGAGE PAS,'3-THROUGH CERTIFICATES SERIES DEFENDANT : KEYSTONE SAVINGS BANK DEFENDANT: YOUNG BRIAN T DEFENDANT: YOUNG. ANNA M As  resul of trm Jmlgmeni en4ere4 in ie ebov 1(erenceKi u;1 cese, am execufon wN isl4ae4 W Ifle court M Ilto SI Mir4 oounly Tim xacuba mdmd ihe mJe d ds) dghbk le. and/nlmlt in R/ml E i Io malds    pmrt Io be zM I=: Tbe de:ribed property wa be ekmd fr =de .* pudbS mjclon f= =mh ly =m iUgow: 01 6,Q915 1O00Nl )Waen Coty Ctze Eel! v' Th-,  not ,-,bje  mdemptba. Ptoper ezempeo erUdn moneyrlxomy may be eJwnpt. C, omaet ur atOMy prornp0y In mmw,,peolk:  of me l.m,v w',d  a, ppm;xi no1, if irabe. i -X,- T ....  '---=---:" "" " "- l $80,B28.74 ) PLUS 6%0f'B,321741fgQgsr,14= ;JANI..LEOIWING (!1. $t/LM n *3304 ..... ':- I ---'=- .............................. -,='-- t