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December 29, 2016     N. Warren Town and County News
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December 29, 2016

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Page Six N/Warren Town and County News Thursday, December 29, 2016 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION UNABRIDGED MINUTES OFTHE NORWALK CITY COUNCIL MEETING ON 12-15-16 (Minutes to be approved at the January 5, 2017 meeting) Mayor Phillips called the City Council meeting to order at 6: p.m. Present at roll call: Stephanie Riva, Erika Isley and David Lester. (RC = roll carl vote) Absent: Ed Kuhl and Jaki Livingston. Motion by Riva, seconded by Isley to approve the agenda, carried unanimously by voice vote. Motion by Isley, seconded by Lester to approve the minutes of the December 1 = regular city council meeting, carried unanimously by voice vote. Consent included tax abatements; Resolution 1215-16-159 setting date of meet- ing at which it is proposed to approve a development agreement with Road Con- tractors Inc. including annual appropriation tax increment payments in an amount not to exceed $2,800,000. for January 5m 2017; Resolution t 215-16-160 autho- rizing and providing for the issuance of $6,855,000. General Obligation Corpo- rate Purpose Bonds, Series 2017A; authorization to send an officer to the Police Academy and purchase uniforms and equipment, and Technology; receive and tile monthly reports and expenditures. ALL IOWA POOL WINTER PLUG 72.20 BARRACUDA NET SUPPORT 1,899.00 BOUND TREE MEDICINE 2,380.39 BROWNELLS INC SUPPLIES 38.06 CAPITAL SANITARY SUPPLIES 106.38 CAPPEUS ACE HARDWARE 91.19 CARPENTER UNI UNIFORM 944.74 CENTURYLINK TELECOM 77.01 CONFLUENCE SUB AREA 1 686.80 COPQUEST HOLSTERS 191.85 CUMMINS CENT PARTS 1,454.28 DANIELS FILTER FILTER 107.76 DAVIS EQUIP PARTS 1 38.12 DINGES NAME PANELS 346.37 DORSEY WHIT LEGAL FEES 5,500.00 DREXEL TECHN REPAIRS 549.95 EASTERN IOWA TIRE SNOW TIRES 5,945.24 EXCEL MECH BLDG IMPR 31,688.00 FAREWAY SUPPLIES 19.95 FELD FIRE REPAIRS 110.60 FREEDOM TIRE REPAIR 31 202.00 GREGG YOUNG REPAIR 32 57.41 H2 TECHNI EQUIP 331.34 HARVEY'S AUTO ROAD GRADER 884.58 HENDERSON PROD TOOLS 260.70 INDIANOLA FIRE INVOICE 4,340.00 INDOFF INC SUPPLIES 870.04 INST PUBLIC AFFAIR SERVICES 1,993.29 IOWA EMS TRANSPORT 200.00 IOWA PRISON PARTS 154.00 IOWA WINDOW BLDG MAIN 85.00 J~MESOIL '" - FUEL ~, 6,848.67 JEBRO INC ....~- SUPPLIES 60.00 JIM L~UZIER REIMBURSE 165.00 LARUE DIST -'~' ~ ~ ' SUPPLfES 122.43 LAW ENFORCE LABELS 47.00 MENARDS BLDG MAIN 398.12 MENARDS TREE LIGHTS 328.20 MUNICIPAL SUPPLY WATER SUPPLIES 9,575.35 NANCY KUEHL SUPLIES 25.79 NOBLE FORD REPAIR 25 89.95 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION NOTICE OF MEETING FOR APPROVAL OF DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT WITH ROAD CONTRACTORS, INC. AND AUTHORIZATION OF ANNUAL APPROPRIATION TAX INCREMENT PAYMENTS The City Council of the City of Norwalk, Iowa, will meet at the Norwalk City Hall, on January 5, 2017, at 6-00 o'clock p.m., at which time and place proceed- ings will be instituted and action taken to approve a Development Agreement between the City and Road Contractors, Inc. (the "Developer"), in connection with the development of real estate for commemial use and the corresponding construction of public infrastructure improvements, which Agreement provides for certain financial incentives in the form of incremental property tax payments to the Developer in a total amount not exceeding $2,800,000 as authorized by Section 403.9 of the Code of Iowa. The agreement to make incremental property tax payments to the Devel- oper will not be a general obligation of the City, but will be payable solely and only from incremental property tax revenues generated within the Norwalk Ur- ban Renewal Area. Some or all of the payments under the Development Agree- ment may be made subject to annual appropriation by the City Council. At the meeting, the City Council will receive oral or wdtten objections from any resident or property owner of the City. Thereafter, the Council may, at the meeting or at an adjournment thereof, take additional action to approve the De- velopment Agreement or may abandon the proposal. This notice is given by order of the City Council of Norwalk, Iowa, in accor- dance with Section 403.9 of the Code of fowa. Jodi Eddleman City Clerk Giving the Gift of Education this Holiday Season As the year comes to end, faniilies around the state may be celebrating many things: finishing the fall se- mester, our many holidays and the beginning of a new year, just to name a few. During this holiday season, State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald has a simple solu- tion for the gift-giving dilemmas. "This holiday season, invite the spedal people in your life to give one of the most meaningful gifts a child may ever receive," Fitzgerald said. "Education is the gift that lasts, and you can help give your loved ones a brighter future with College Savings Iowa while also giving yourself the gift of a state tax deduction through your contributions." "There are many ways to give the gift of education to your loved ones. You can start a new College Savings Iowa account, contribute to your already existing ac- counts, or contribute to your friends' and families' ac- counts using Ugift," added Fitzgerald. "This easy-to- use service allows participants to invite family and friends to celebrate a child's milestones by contributing to his or her College Savings Iowa account." With Ugift, friends and family can contribute to your College Say- NWTC PUBLICATIONS 253.50 ings Iowa accounts simply by visiting and I~ORTHLAN_D.,i ~.~. PART~ ~,: .. 344.00 . NORWALKCHAMBER- :~'d: EUNCEHON "' 46.00 : using your unique c~de found by logging into your NORW HARDWARE MISC CHARGES 686.03 College Savings Iowa account. With several people NORWALK READ SUPPLIES 4,869.00 making holiday contributions, your child's account NORW SEASONAL 809 ASRWOOD AV 30.00 ONENECK UPGRADE 4,123.32 could get a nice year-end increase. PEEK SALES PW SANDER 259.59 College Savings Iowa lets anyone - parents, grand- PEPSI FD DELIVERY 249.60 PLUMB SUPPLY BLDG IMPR 5,050.00 parents, friends and relatives - contribute towards col- PRAETORIAN DIG EMS 126.00 lege costs on behalf of a child. Iowa taxpayers contrib- PRO HYDRO TESTING TESTING AND REPAIR 2,370.00 QUALITYTRAFFIC TRAFFIC SIGNA 3,750.00 uting to College Savings Iowa can deduct up to $3,188 REGISTER MEDIA PUBLIC HEARINGS 43.05 per account frqm their state taxable income in 2016. To RICH PENTICO REIMBURSE 180.00 take advantage of this tax-savings opportunity, inves- S & P GLOBAL G.O.2017 12,150.00 STETSON BLDG CAULKING 169.55 tors can contribute online at TASER INTL HOLSTERS 68.07 To learn more'about College Savings Iowa and Ugift, TYLER TECH CONTRACT MAINT 18,477.75 USA BLUE BOOK METER WIRE 200.93 call 888-672-9116 or visit VK CORT LANDING 9,765,88 For more information about future events, find Col- WAYNE DENNIS AIR FILTERS 62.56 WOODMAN BLDGIMPR 16,200.00 lege Savings Iowa on Facebook and Twitter Motion by Kuhl, seconded by Riva to approve the consent agenda, passed unani- (@Iowa529Plan). mously, RC. ""E-~-~ ~_...f >'"- "m~~~ 1 Motion by Riva, seconded by Kuhl to approve the service agreement between I J" ~,. ~ "~l'~l~J~"~-'~-"--~'--- " " / the City of Norwalk and Safe Building Compliance, passed unanimously RC. I ~~~ 1/}~)~. , ~~%~/ Motion by Kuhl, seconded by Riva to approve Resolution 1215-16-161 approv- ~"~"~ "~~'-~" ing an amendment to the City of Norwalk 2013 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Chapter, passed 3-1 with Lester voting nay. %1 }ii~I~ ~.:~.:.j~, .[ Motion by Riva, seconded by Isley to approve Resolution 1215-16-162 approv- / ~-.f. / ing amendments to the City of Norwalk 2013 Comprehensive Plan, passed unani-[ ~F-~ "" =~r~';'~ ' " ........ ....... ~* / mously, RC .................................. , Motion by Riva, seconded by Isley to adjourn the meeting at 7:36 p.m. The stegosaurus was s ,large, plant-eating dinosaur that lived about 150 million years ago in what is now Tom Phillips, Mayor the western United States. It had two rows of bony Attest: Jodi Eddleman, City Clerk plates shaped like huge arrowheads sticking out of its back. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Fiecld Yore' July 1,201"/- June 30,304@[ Warren Comst~ E@11 Service ltoa,"d , ] I ,i,," ....... i I ,,.,=,y.,.o,.+o.,+. .... I ,,.=p+m..I =' "''+'='=" =' m'+" '''=+'a+ I mesu~u~]; detail of ~ rer, dptsahd. ~ tes 0n f~ v~h @11 EgT1 ~l~i~l o0aro ~=~mtaty. L;opms or ~'~e ~u~lpplem enm ~ uum t;xr~u~ =:., ,'~,, .. I ................. " .............. .................. , A B C O E F G 14 F.xpe.=mre= ,,E mmed (Uae~leOo~m,~) FYE6-30,,'f@ ~47 FYE~18 Tranlf~ Baia~ BalmlCe ~ T~ ' 0 o [ 0 Oi & 101"/ ... 2~2~/ ....... : 237200 237~e0i 0. le2~4g 143,84g 1~,300J ! E= Ud Am0mtTo Be Ral~d ~y 110,~]~ 01 , 0,000 Nail Your 2017 Financial New Year's Resolutions The New Year has become an opportunity to commit to new goals and rekindle hope. In fact, 40 to 50 percent of New Year's revelers raise a toast to living better, healthier lives. Yet despite their optimism on Jan. 1, the majority end up missing their marks. "Many of us come out of the gate raring to go, but our enthusiasm quickly dies because our goals are too lofty or because we haven't established any sort of plan," said Mike Sullivan, a personal finance consultant for Take Charge America, a national nonprofit credit coun- seling and debt management agency. "You're more likely to stick with your resolutions if you focus on bite-sized goals, build a solid plan to achieve them and celebrate each milestone." Sullivan offers eight tips on making and keeping fi- nancial New Year's resolutions: Review the past year: Start with a review of your current financial state. Did you earn more? Did you save more? Do you owe less? If so, take some time to cel- ebrate. If you didn't, ask for help. Talk with a financial advisor or credit counselor and explain your goals. Make a budget: It's an oldie but a goodie - and it's at the top of every financial to'do list because it works. Take inventory of your income and spending to get a sense of necessary expenses, discretionary funds and potential savings. Putting pen to paper also will open your eyes to any worrisome spending habits and help you make smarter decisions in the future. Automate and simplify: Take advantage of your bank's bill pay feature to automate recurring payments like your mortgage, insurance, cable, t tilities and even savings. In addition to saving you time each month, set- ting up auto payments helps you avoid late fees. Organize your finances: The New Year is a perfect time to get your financial life in order. Establish a pro- cess and system for paying bills, review your credit re- port for accuracy, research financial software, set up auto deposits and shred old documents and receipts. This is also an ideal time to gather and organize your tax infor- mation for 2016. Save for emergencies: If you don't yet have an emer- gency fund, now is the time to build one. Aim to save enough money to cover three to six month's expenses, but break this big goal down into smaller milestones - and celebrate each time you reach one. Pay down debt: This may seem.overwhelming,: es- pecially if you have multiple credit cards, student loans, car loans, etc. Start by tackling the debt with the biggest interest rate, and move down the list from there. If needed, enlist the help of a nonprofit credit counseling or student loan counseling agency for one-on-one guid- ance, an action plan and assistance negotiating witl creditors. Save for retirement: This is critically important to your financial health, but far too few people are focused on saving for their golden years. If you haven't already done so, evaluate employer-sponsored retirement sav- ings plans, or talk to a financial advisor about individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Commit to saving every month - even if it's a small amount - and work to in- crease your contribution over time. Make it a family affair: Don't go it alone! Enlist the help of family and friends to help you stay focused on your financial goals and priorities. You can also aim to teach your kids a new financial lesson each month or create savings goals as family. For more tips on financial resources, credit counsel- ing and student loan repayment, visit Take Charge America. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Send $18 check or money order for a one year subscription to PO Box 325, Norwalk, IA 50211 clip and save Norwalk Schools Phone Directory Central OfficeAdministration 981-0676 High School (Grades 10-12) 981-4201 High School Activities 981-4204 Eastview 8/9 School 981-9655 Middle 6/7 School 981-0435 Lakewood Elementary (Grades 3-5) 981-1850 Oviatt Elementary (Grades PreK-2) 981-1005 Transportation Office (Bus Bam) 981-0016 Food Service/Nutrition Office 981-9876 Building & Grounds Office 981-0917